5 Best Smart Thermostat for Alexa: Adjust Temperature With Your Devices

Best Smart Thermostat for Alexa

A good thermostat can make your life easier in terms of managing temperature. Thermostats are available everywhere. However, few functions differentiate a top product from the traditional ones. In this manner, the most crucial one is the presence of Alexa. With that, not only you will save energy but working will be more fun.

We have found the best 5 smart thermostats for Alexa. So, without wasting any more time let’s get into it.

1.  Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat:

Best Emerson Sensi WiFi Smart Thermostat for Alexa

 Buy: Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi at $108.12

The Emerson Sensi thermostat works with Alexa, that’s one major factor why we choose this product. But, besides that The Sensi also provides several other benefits too. In that, the thermostat protects privacy by saving energy. It saves about 23% on HVAC energy. Besides the look of it, the unit easily gets installed.

You can manage all of the tasks from your phone or use Alexa for thermostat management. Moreover, the product is Energy Star Certified and is available only for $107.25.

2.  Amazon Smart Thermostat:

Best Amazon Smart Thermostat for Alexa

 Buy: Amazon Smart Thermostat at $129.98

The Amazon Smart Thermostat is compatible with Alexa, hence using the unit is more fun than usual. Besides the supreme performance, the Thermostat also reduces energy usage as compared to the traditional thermostat. Moreover, you can track HVAC energy consumption from the Alexa App. In this regard, other operations such as managing temperature are included too.

So, whether you are going somewhere, just tell Alexa, and she will take care of everything. Moreover, the Amazon Smart Thermostat doesn’t cost that much and is available only for $129.98.

3.  Honeywell Home Thermostat:

Best Honeywell Home Thermostat for Alexa

 Buy: Honeywell Home at $129.0

The Honeywell thermostat templates are changeable, so you can use a color that matches your decor. Also, the programming options are adjustable too. Unlike the typical thermostats, the screen is quite spacious making it easier to work. Meanwhile, the touchpad doesn’t lag or stuck while working.

You can utilize the thermostat by delivering commands to Alexa, and checking reports of monthly energy consumption on your phone. So, if you think Honeywell Home Thermostat is the right unit to consider, it will only cost you $!29.00.


4.  Google Nest Learning Thermostat:

Best Google Nest Learning Thermostat for Alexa

 Buy: Google Nest Learning at $239.0

Although the Google Nest learning Thermostat is quite expensive and comes with a price tag of $239.00. But, it’s worth every single dollar you are investing in. In the Google Next thermostat, you don’t need to do any programming. With Auto-schedule the most suitable pattern will be made for you. Also, when you are outside the house the thermostat will not work in such an environment.

Moreover, the Google Nest thermostat quickly gets installed within 30 minutes. Most importantly, you can adjust the temperature from anywhere with the aid of your phone, tablet, and other devices.


5.  Ecobee Smart Thermostat:

Best Ecobee Smart Thermostat for Alexa

 Buy: Ecobee Smart Thermostat at $159.0

The last option we have on the list is by the Ecobee store. Also, if you want to save some money, then Ecobee is the best option to consider. As it saves 23% annually on cooling and heating costs. Also, the Ecobee smart thermostat works with Alexa and other apps. Moreover, you can manage the advanced control from your iOS and Android devices.

The Ecobee smart thermostat stops working when the window or door is left open. At the same time, the interface of the Ecobee thermostat is quite easy to work with. The Ecobee Smart thermostat costs $159.00.


Final Thoughts:

The thermostat is a basic utensil in every household. However, you can use the thermostat more efficiently by using it with Alexa. That’s why for your assistance we came up with those options that are compatible with the Alexa App. All the options we suggested are among the top competitors and deliver robust working performance. Moreover, few options are less pricey, in case you are looking for a budget-friendly option.

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