Everyone wants to own a beautiful kitchen, always to feel comfortable when you step into the kitchen to prepare meals for your family—no need to spend a lot of money. Just a few tips below, you can organize your kitchen neatly.

Label the spice jars

This is a small but effective job. This way, to make your cooking faster, you do not have to flip each bottle to check if the correct seasoning is needed or not. Besides, you can also help your guests come to your house by mistaking the spice jars when they roll their hands into the kitchen to cook with you.

Arrange the spoon and chopsticks scientifically.

Spoons and chopsticks are essential items for meals and cooking, but they can make your kitchen messier. Putting them all in one basket is not the right way. Sort them by size and use them for easy finding.


For knives, you need to get into the habit of rinsing them off after each use, but if you don’t have time to wash them, you can soak them in water to avoid smells and dirt. Also, after each use, you need to hang the knife to ensure safety.

Improved storage of pots and pans

Pots and pans are items that can take up a lot of space in your kitchen. Therefore, you need to arrange them neatly. It would be best if you designed for yourself the compartments for pots and pans for easy storage and use.

Improved lighting

Of course, a kitchen filled with light will make you feel more comfortable than a dark kitchen. You should not arrange the kitchen in an airtight place in the house. The kitchen needs a window, providing a lot of light, and circulating the air and smell of food in the kitchen to avoid suffocation.

Equipped with a fire extinguisher

This is a job that homemakers often ignore but is extremely important. The kitchen is home to appliances that cause fires, such as gas stoves, so it is still possible to have a fire.

Add decorations

You also need to pay attention to add more eye-catching decorations for the kitchen. There are many ways to make the kitchen more beautiful, such as changing a new tablecloth, adding a vase of flowers in the middle of the dining table, adding a wall clock, or painting the kitchen cabinet.

The neat and clean kitchen arrangement makes the kitchen comfortable and easy to cook with. Please share more methods to organize the kitchen in a scientific way for everyone to know.