Fruits can be described according to Britannica as the fleshy or dry ripened ovary of a flowering plant enclosing the seed of seeds. Fruits should be important in our daily diet. They contain vitamins and minerals that help keep us healthy. Some also help to protect us from diseases. This article is not about telling you the nutritional benefit of fruits but to give you our top picks for the best blender for frozen fruits. So, let’s get to that!

It is also important to know fruits are low in fat, salt and sugar, and they are a good source of dietary fiber. They reduce obesity and maintain our weight and also help in lowering our cholesterol and blood pressure.

Many people really think frozen fruits lack the same nutritional value as of fresh fruits. I’ll tell you this straight even if it may hurt you that it’s simply not true. The truth is fruits that are picked and frozen actually retain more of their vitamins, minerals and chemical content than fresh fruits. It is also shown that the nutritional value of frozen fruits such as strawberries, spinach, peas, carrot and broccoli are the same as those of fresh fruits.

What are the benefits of blenders

High-performance blenders are the most sought for in the market right now. But, some people are left in the dark as into why people are going for high-performance blenders. So, we’ll be discussing some benefits of high-performance blenders.

Trust me, there are various benefits of high-performance blenders, but I would like to highlight a few out of the numerous benefits.

  1. They are compact: One of the reasons people go for the high-performance blender Is because they are compact, making them occupy lesser spaces in the kitchen.
  2. They make blending easy: All because of the inbuilt technology, they make blending easy. A high-performance blender makes it very easy to blend because of the programmable controls and inbuilt timers which most come with.
  3. They are good at crushing frozen foods and ice: I know this will surely want to make you get a high-performance blender for those who like margaritas. Because of how the high-performance blender is built, it has the ability to crush ice and frozen fruits. It comes with quality blades, powerful motors and powerful engines.
  4. They are multipurpose: Most high-performance blenders are multipurpose. Some can do the work of a food processor and a juicer. That actually is what people see before they go get a high-performance blender. Instead of spending your money on a food processor and a juicer, you can actually get it in a high-performance blender, which is cheaper than getting the 3 in your kitchen.

I hope you now see why people go for high-performance blenders and I also hope you’re not in the dark anymore.

Our top picks for the best blender for frozen fruits 

Finally, we are here! We’ll be looking at the best blender for frozen fruits you can get in the market that can crush frozen foods with the best features and also at a very affordable price

1. Ninja mega kitchen system BL770

Ninja mega kitchen system BL770


This is a three in one type of blender. Most people want equipment that can be versatile and do multiple works in one system. The ninja mega kitchen system is a high power blender, a good food processor and a normal type of blender. 

It comes with a 2Hp/1500watts power, a pulse feature, 720Z pitcher, a 640Z bowl, 240Z bowl, a 16oz cup, 3speeds(dough, blend and crush), crushing blades(For our ice ), a chopping blade, a dough blade and also a 1year warranty which is pretty nice I guess. I really recommend this because it’s one of the best blenders for frozen fruits.

  • It is not complicated and easy to use
  • The blender uses total crushing technology that makes the product smooth and perfectly enriched.
  • The blender base is made of rubber-suctioned feet that prevent the blender from moving when in use.
  • The blades of these the crushing technology that makes the end product smooth and perfectly crushed
  • It also comes with the safety function, i.e., if the jar is not properly locked on the base, it won’t start blending.
  • It comes with a mess-free feature that prevents anything inside the blender from spilling.
  • The blender base is actually really big and heavy due to the 1500watts of motor embedded in it.
  • The food processor in the blender is actually really big
  • The features in the blender are actually much, which sometimes will get you confused.


2. Vitamix E310 explorian blender

Vitamix E310 explorian blender


Vitamix is like the blenders Mercedes. In reality, many culinary schools make use of Vitamix products, both small and big. There’s no doubt they’ve made excellent stuff over the years, and the Vitamix e310 certainly paved the way for them to keep that credibility going forward. 

Although this alternative is slightly more suited for family kitchens than it is for cafes, the performance still places a major premium. You get ten-speed settings, a pulse feature, steel blades of aircraft quality, and a self-cleaning mode that will help you with cleaning when the smoothie is made finished. Actually, this is one of the most affordable choices of Vitamix you can get in the market, but it’s still considerably higher expensive than many of the blenders you’ll find in the store. 

We also find that when it comes to cutting up thick ingredients, the engine fails a little bit more than most Vitamix blenders, but don’t get me wrong, it can still actually crush those frozen fruits but not as smooth as other heavyweight Vitamix blenders. But also note it is still one of the best blenders for frozen fruits. This blender gives you an impressive variety of speed settings. You can do stuff with the Vitamix e310 with a vast range that other blenders are simply not capable of. On the other side, the Vitamix even protects you if you want to pip hot soup. The blades create enough friction. 

At the highest speed to heat cold ingredients to produce chowder in a single jar. Apart from the speed changes with this blender, you also get a pulse mode. Pulse properties are definitely very common to most blenders, but this mode has been left out in other Vitamix versions.

  • Ten-speed feature
  • It has the pulse feature
  • Self-cleaning mode
  • It’s pricey
  • It’s noisy 



3. Breville BBL620 fresh and furious blender

Breville BBL620 fresh and furious blender


Fresh & Furious Blender Breville BBL620 is the world’s most amazing smoothie mixer and also one of the best blenders for frozen fruit. The latest version overwhelmed the giants of blenders within a few years. It is the revised version of BBL605XL. Because of its innovations and other innovative features, BBL 605 was so popular for ten years. 

This blender gave bigger players like Blendtec and other tough competition. It has brought new boost and sales to the highest number in performance, power output and mixing capacity. It has some fantastic features such as the self-clean feature, LCD display, heavy-duty blades, which are good for crushing frozen fruits. Also it`s very quiet and efficient; it comes with five-speed programs, a 1100w motor, which is pretty powerful for a blender, it has a BOA free plastic and a 50oz liquid capacity, which is large. 

The machine has been well built. You can see the outside of BBL620 is with a very solid die-cast metal frame. It has a 1100watts engine and a plastic base clear of BPA. This can be done for dishwashing without melting or anything being harmful. The warranty card will be the weakest hand. Breville maintains the machine for longer than a year and provides a limited speed guarantee.

  • Very sleek design
  • High-quality blades which help in crushing frozen foods
  • Very easy to clean
  • BPA plastic
  • Breakproof container 
  • It’s costly
  • It has a short warranty life span



4. Vitamix A3500 ascent series smart blender

Vitamix A3500 ascent series smart blender


The Vitamix A3500 ascent series is the best series I can say the Vitamix has ever produced. It has one of the top exciting features anyone can dream of in a blender. Yes, we can say Vitamix produces one of the best blenders, but I can body say this is the best of blenders Vitamix has produced. 

This series was just launched into the market and for customers to purchase it, they made sure they use one of the best technology, innovations and designs. Some of the most exciting features in the Vitamix A3500 series include a pulse feature, a very large 64oz jar, five pre-programmed settings, mighty stainless steel blades that can crush anything including ice, a very powerful motor. It also comes with a built-in programmable timer. The controls are touch screen. It also comes with mind-blowing built-in wireless technology, a dishwasher safe, a 10-year warranty, an automatic size detection system, and ten variable speeds. 

Wow! Imagine all these features in just one blender. Now you believe that this is the best Vitamix blender series. With the power of both the motor and the blades, you can say it is one of the best blender for frozen fruits too. Apart from the technological features, the A3500 Ascent series comes with a sleek design such as the transparent jar and also the way the base of the blender looks will surely make you fall in love with the series.

  • It has a really powerful motor and blades
  • It has a pulse feature
  • 10-year warranty
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It comes with state of the art built-in wireless technology.
  • It comes with only one jar
  • It is very costly



5. Ninja professional countertop blender 1000watt (BL610) 



The ninja professional countertop blender is one of the most powerful blenders in the market. With its design, the ninja professional countertop blender is compatible and can fit into any kitchen cabinet. The ninja professional countertop blender is one of the most purchased blenders in the market because of its affordability and also the features that come with it. 

Some of the exciting features included the 1000w engine that can crush anything and also cut and mix anything that comes it’s way. Apart from its powerful engine, it also comes with crushing technology that can crush ice or any frozen fruits. It comes with a very large 72oz jar; its plastic is designed in such a way that it is BPA free. It’s dishwasher safe and has very powerful blades that can cut and crush anything that comes its way, and it comes with 3speeds, a pulse feature, and a 1-year warranty. It also comes with a safety feature( it flashes a green light of the jar is not properly fixed on the base and the blender wouldn’t start blending because of that). 

Imagine getting all these amazing features at a very and price. Because of its features and price, this blender has gotten a lot of positive customers review and I will also recommend this blender because i it’s one of the best b blenders for frozen fruits in the market. The only highlight of the ninja professional countertop blender is the noise it produces while blending. Aside from that, it is one of the best blenders you can get for your kitchen.

  • It comes with a dishwasher safe
  • Has high power motor and blades sufficient for crushing your frozen fruits
  • It comes with the complete crushing technology feature
  • It’s budget-friendly
  • It’s noisy


6. Magic bullet blender

Magic bullet blender


Perhaps the most common personal blender in the world will be the Magic Bullet blender. This is a topic of endless newsletters. They all enjoy the quality and the ease of using it. The Magic Bullet is the one who began the trend in the Bullet blenders. The Magic Bullet is the ideal solution if you want to smooth up quickly and easily in the morning before work. For all kinds of cooking applications, the Magic Bullet can be used. 

You can cut onions and garlic with the cross blade without thinking about tears or smelly hands. Also you can cut fresh herbs to make food like a skilled chef. You could also make a tasty frosty smoothie with enough fresh and frozen fruit and vegetables. It’s a smart way to add variety to your diet without spending a fortune. Talking of frozen products, the Magic Bullet also renders a medium frozen margarita. Only add the ice, liquor, and other ingredients, and you’ll enjoy delicious frozen cocktails in no time. 

Only the single blade, i.e., the cross blade, is in the basic 11-piece package. For regular tasks such as the processing of smoothies and chopping products, the cross blade is used. It is also used for purification, meat processing, ice crushing and frozen fruits. A 4-piece stainless steel blade is the cross blade. The 15-piece package contains a further flat blade that is a straight blade used for cutting dry ingredients. Coffee beans, nuts and dried fruit are all included. This can also be used for whipping foods like butter or cream. Two stainless steel pads are included in the flat blade.

  • It’s small and compact
  • Great for baby foods
  • It’s very easy to clean
  • It leaks
  • It has a burning smell



7. Nutribullet pro blender

Nutribullet pro blender


The NutriBullet Pro is one of the high-speed 900-watt blenders that has a high-performance, patented steel pad that pulverizes any food type! I mean any food type. The Nutribullet Pro 900 is more flashy and strong than the original Nutribullet but is not as bubbling as the Nutribullet RX or the Nutribullet Balance. The strong blender has a 1.2 hp engine with a power of 900 watts. This powerful engine provides you with 30% more power than the original NutriBullet Pro. 

The blending mechanism is enabled by pressing the cup as it is in the power base and does not have specific speeds or settings. This helps you to monitor the length of the mixture and pulse. Nevertheless, this model has several issues. Construction materials are not like the previous ones. It doesn’t work very smoothly too. Although it blends, the device bounces on the counter and is so noisy that you may consider leaving during the course of its operation. The foundation disengages as it blends, allowing it to leak. 

There are small plastic tabs to store drinking clothes when your drink is made. Such tabs break down very easily and make it difficult to use the lids.

  • It has a very strong motor for crushing frozen foods
  • It has powerful stainless steel blades
  • It’s budget-friendly
  • It’s compact and sturdy
  • It’s very loud
  • The base unscrews while in use
  • It’s not good for hot foods.



8. Blendtec original total classic with 4 side jar blender

Blendtec original total classic with 4 side jar blender


 This is one of the most common types of blenders in the market. It was actually famous for the incident with Vitamix when Vitamix actually infringed on its patent right and was asked to pay $2400000. yeah, it was that big. But back to why we are here, the blender total classic comes with amazing features that enable it to perform very efficiently. Some of the features include programmable cycles. 

The blender has six buttons that make it easy to use and less complicated for the user. With just those 6buttons, it makes the blender very easy to use. Also, the design allows for commercial purposes. It allows the blender to be able to blend anything for a very long time; it also has a pulse of 10-speeds, which gives speed to the blending process. Its jar has four sides, which are right and also ventilated, the blades are made of steel and also blunt, which actually helps in crushing of ice. 

The blades aren’t sharp, so it’s away to clean and also, the blades first cut the ice or ingredients. It actually beats it, which makes the end product smooth.

  • It can grind very hard ingredients smoothly
  • Can crush ice easily
  • It comes with a built-in timer
  • Can be reprogrammed
  • It comes with a few buttons, which makes it easy to use
  • Also comes with an 8-year warranty
  • It produced a lot of noise
  • It can’t be used for chopping because of its speed
  • It’s very expensive



9. Cleanblend commercial blender

Cleanblend commercial blender


The cleanblend blender is one of the best blenders you can get at a cheaper rate. The cleanblend commercial blender can be compared with the best of Vitamix blender. This blender can be tagged as a heavyweight blender because of its motor engine and blades. It comes with a 3Hp motor and a 1800watts blender. Imagine getting this for half the price of what you’re supposed to get it. 

This blender was tested in the Ellen show to prove its strength and they put a phone inside the cleanblend blender and it actually crushed the phone. You see why I call it a heavyweight blender! 

It comes with amazing features such as a powerful engine and motor, 8 powerful blades, a BPA free plastic, a 64oz jar, a 5-year warranty, a pulse function, 3speeds and also a dishwasher safe. This can be tagged as one of the best blenders for frozen fruits.

  • It’s has a very strong motor and engine
  • 8steel blades, which are ideal for blending and crushing
  • Dishwasher safe
  • It has a pulse function
  • It is very quiet
  • It is costly



Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q1: Can you put frozen fruits in blenders

A1: It depends on the features of the blender. Not all blenders have an advanced feature of blending frozen fruits

Q2: Can a 300watt blender crush ice

A2: Not all 300watt blender can crush ice apart from the engine. The blender is also dependent on the power of the motor and it’s blade.

Q3: Is it better to drink a smoothie or eat the fruit

A3: Anyone can be done. Both had the same nutritional value.


Best blender for frozen fruits Conclusion

Getting the best blender for frozen fruits shouldn’t be a problem. With our tips and products pick and reviews, it should assist you in choosing the best blender for frozen fruits that would suit you. Our best pick is the ninja mega kitchen system BL770. It’s affordable and has the best features you need in a blender that can crush frozen fruits. I hope this article is really helpful in making you choose the best blender that would suit your needs.