The drill press is an essential tool when it comes to drilling in both professional shops and workshops. This helps in making drills in multiples in a quick way and more precisely and gives you more in the shortest time. There is a variety of drill press made for different tasks. Some models are built for wood, and others are made for plastics. When you think of drilling a metal, you need to consider a best drill press for metal in your workstation, since other models made for wood and plastic won’t have the necessary power.

If you are searching for the best drill press for metal to add in your collection, consider several different factors as you search for the perfect one to fit your projects. Firstly, you need to consider the power of the motor. Secondly, you need to decide on the number of speeds and the speed range. Lastly, it would help if you are looking for a press with the proper weight for the work you wish to do. There are various varieties of drill press for metals you may consider in your project;

Top Five Best Drill Press for Metals

1. WEN 4208 5-Inch Drill Press

WEN 4208 5-Inch Drill Press

It is a small and simple tool that is perfect for occasional use and bringing along to job sites. With a motor voltage of 120V, spindle travel of 2 inches, and five as the number of speeds, it will give an excellent press for projects that require perfect drilling. It has a great drill press and high accuracy. This drill has a built-in channel spindle that helps to keep it beautiful and relaxed when you are drilling. This will help you to make sure your drill bits are accurate, clean, and the drill itself lasts and doesn’t suffer any longer damage due to overheating. This drill is recommended because of its digital display, easy to adjust speeds, cooling channel, and laser for precision drilling.

2. Shop Series RK7033

Shop Series RK7033

Rockwell makes this drill. It is small enough to fit the benchtop efficiently and sufficiently light to be moved around your shop. This drill is nice and straight forward to use. The adjustable height of the press drill and the easily adjusted Table make it easy to use it for various sized materials. The three-inch quill travel will help in making sure that you get your holes drilled quickly and accurately anytime. The drill is recommended because of its lightness portability, and small dimensions with battery operated.

3. NOVA 58000 Voyager DVR Drill Press

NOVA 58000 Voyager DVR Drill Press

This is the best driller in the market. It has the most potent motor; it can crank out 2 HP, provided you wire it for 220V, it will give you a massive range of drilling speeds. This can go as slow as 50 RPM for thick metals and 5500 RPM for thinner materials. The VA is an extremely heavy-duty piece of machinery. The heaviness provides a ton of stability, no matter how fast it is spinning. This helps to make it an incredibly stable and drill press. NOVA is considered the best because of its more accessible way to adjust, hence smooth operation, powerful motor, extended warranty, and extensive speed range.

4. WEN 4210T 10In. Drill Press with Laser

WEN 4210T 10In. Drill Press with Laser

It is a high-power tool for taking care of a variety of drilling projects as its most excellent feature is likely its adjustability. It is recommended because an attached work light helps illuminate your grilling area, and an on-board laser light keeps your working very precise and accurate. Its spindle can be infinitely adjusted between 580 and 3200 RPMs.

5. Wen 4225 8.6-Amp Variable Speed Floor Standing Drill Press, 15-Inch

Wen 4225 8.6-Amp Variable Speed Floor Standing Drill Press, 15-Inch

It is a robust and highly accurate drill press. This drill has a channel built into the spindle that helps keep it cool when drilling, therefore reducing overheat of the drill. The Table on this drill press is very well made, it’s made out of weatherproof cast iron that is highly durable.

6. Shop Fox W1680 Floor Model Press

Shop Fox W1680 Floor Model Press

This drill has a very high level of power that makes it easy to slice through thick metals. It has a high-speed range that will give you a full scale of control over your drilling. Shop Fox W1680 has a variety of accessories and features that will make drilling very easy. It is recommended because of its powerful motor and dynamic speed range. This drill press can perform at five different speeds to suit your needs. It has a high-speed range while still being safe to use.

The most significant feature of this drill press is the exact depth stop, which other models struggle with. This allows you to make precise holes that you want. It offers a high level of control, which is perfect for drilling into metal. This model has excellent safety measures, versatile speed range, precise laser, and Klutch Floor Drill Press – 16-Speed, 13in. 3/4 HP, 120Vadjustable Depth Stop.

This drill gives the perfect alternative for drilling metals. It is characterized by the significant power that results in accuracy when working with it. It has a stead sturdy floor base that gives it excellent stability when using it.

7. Craftsman 10&Quot; Bench Drill Press

Craftsman 10&Quot; Bench Drill Press

It gives you perfect drilling into most hardened metal. The drill is powered by a large horsepower motor with an average power of 3100 RPM to ensure exceptional performance. The low gauge and the guiding laser help in the drilling, allowing you to quickly finish the job.

Features To Consider When Selecting Drill Press for Metals

There are various number of features to consider when selecting the drilling press for metals, these features are;

Motor Power

Motor power is usually presented in HP (horsepower). A high level of motor power will make it easier to complete any drilling task you need to whatever metal type and thickness you are working on.

Number of Speed

The speed at which the drills rotates is expressed in RPM. A drill press with a wide speed range will allow you to work with a variety of metals of different thicknesses.

Kind of Metal It Can Cut

The kind of material you can drill with a press depends on the speed at which the drill press operates. For thick and sturdy materials, it requires a lower rate. Light metal material will need high speed.

Quill Travel

The quill on the drill press is the hollow tube that surrounds the spindle. An internal mechanism control allows the feather to be lowered and raised when you are drilling. This is done by rotating the handle on the side. The far the quill will travel with turn will determine the thickness of the material you can drill through.

Chuck Size

The chuck on the drill is the three –jawed clamp that will help in tightening in order hold the bit. The majority of the chucks are standard size and will hold most drill bits. However, some chucks can’t hold exceptionally large or small bits. Ensure the bit you intend to use will fit in the chuckle of your press.

Work Table

The size of the drill press table is determined by the size of the metal materials used. More extensive materials will require a large worktable, while small materials will require a little work table. It’s recommended to have a rotating table to accommodate particular angles.

LED Work Light

This will help to make your work more comfortable since it will help you to see what you are doing.

Weight and Dimensions

For metal drilling press, ensure it is built to last. Ensure the drill press is made of heavy metal materials instead of plastic ones to prevent it from breaking down over time.


Drill presses comprise of different moving parts that could fail over time, despite proper maintenance. When this part fails, you will incur expenses of replacing them to avoid these expenses and ensure you buy the press with a warranty.

Advantages of the Best Drill Press for Metal

Advantages of the Best Drill Press for Metal

The significant advantage the press gives you is precision. Metals are the most robust materials to drill, and therefore you need a powerful torque and accuracy provided by the drill press. Without the drill press, making holes in the metals would be hard.

Benchtop Drill Press for Metal Vs. Floor Drill Presses for Metal

Floor drill press for metals are large and very powerful. Due to their sizes, they are immovable. It’s advisable that to ensure the location of installation will be for long term use. They are best considered when working with large pieces of metal materials for massive production in the business. Benchtop drill press for metals is small and light and most preferred for small businesses. They occupy a small working area with low power, size, and speed. The main advantage of benchtop drill for metal is its portability.

Frequent Asked Questions

What’s The Best Way to Clean a Drill Press?

Ensure your drill press is kept in cool and dry places to prevent rust. If your drill press is rusty and dirty, clean them using rusty remover such as solvent or naval jelly to remove all dirt and rust deposits. You also use steel wool to scrub the surfaces and wipe with a dry clean lag.

How Do I Assemble My Drill Press?

All drill press for metal comes with an instruction manual to guide the user to assemble the drill press. Follow the instruction carefully to ensure you don’t miss a step.

Can I Use It for Tapping?

Drill press helps to keep the tap aligned accurately, but you should avoid using the drill press to turn the valve.

Can You Mill with A Drill Press?

The drill press cannot be used for milling. This is because they do not have bearings designed for side load, making them hard for milling suitability.

How Does A Variable Speed Drill Press Work?

A variable speed drill for a drill press is designed to have a dial-in front, that helps control the mechanism that changes the working diameter of the spindle pulley, resulting in the speed of the speed.

Can A Drill Press Be Used As A Lathe?

The drill press can be used as a lathe. You just need to turn the drill into a vertical woodworking lathe.

Can You Mill Aluminum With A Drill Press?

Aluminum is a very soft metal material making it proportionately easier to cut and mill using a drill press. The increase makes it the speed of the drill press. Although the drill press is primarily designed for drilling, you must be cautious when milling the aluminum material to avoid breaking the drill press.

Can You Use Regular Drill Bits in A Drill Press?

All soft materials are quickly and safely drilled by any bit compared to hard plastic that require specially designed bits to drill them. You just need to be accurate to produce accurate, clean, and holes.


Now that you have read our review on different varieties of drill press for metals, you now have full knowledge and ready to decide on the drill press to add to your home or professional workstation. Choose the drill press you are comfortable using and that you know it will tackle the job you need to do well. We hope that our reviews will facilitate you to find the best drill press for you.