Cutting logs or long wood boards, the first tool that comes to mind is a chainsaw. An electric chainsaw is a significant power tool for a woodworker. This tool is the best for cutting wood for house projects or just to trim your yard. It is also better than many other cutting tools in the market.

You can move an electric chainsaw the way you want without any restrictions. Tools like table saws lack this property. You can move the chainsaw at any angle in any direction. That is why this tool is way handier than others. Plus, it is powerful and can cut small trees easily. You can complete any challenging project with it.

Another type of this tool is a gas chainsaw. Now, this tool is not suitable for in-house use. There are many hazards to using it, and it is heavy and hard to control. On the other hand, electric chainsaws are usually compact. They don’t weigh much and are best for small projects and DIY work.

At any rate, electric chainsaws are better whether you talk about work efficiency or tool maintenance. It is a useful tool that you can find easily in the market. If you are out to buy the best electric chainsaw, then you have to pick one carefully. Although there are many products in the market, only a few give you the highest quality. Electric chainsaw reviews here will help you pick the best one.

Which is the Best Electric Chainsaw to Buy?

There are many excellent products in the market. These products give you the best quality in terms of cost and number of features. Among these products, WORX WG3041 is the best electric chainsaw. You can read about its features that make it the best in the reviews down here.

There are many things to keep in mind while shopping for the best electric chainsaw. First, you need to make up your mind about which type you want. After that, you have to look for the product that gives you the best features. You also have to compare the cost. This product can cost as low as 40 bucks, and the expensive ones cost more than 100.

Chain and Bar Length

This is the first thing to consider while buying a chainsaw. The length of the chainsaw depends on the type of your project. Let us say that you need to trim branches and cut small firewood. For these tasks, and 8 to 10-inch chainsaw is best. You can control it better and use it with precision for decoration and other projects.

But it also means that a small length tool will not help you when it comes to cut trees or large logs. That is why you buy a product that comes with your desired bar length. This way you can complete your task easily. Pick a saw with a 14 to 18-inch chain length. It can cut trees as well as help you with small cutting tasks.

Motor Power

The gas-powered saws come with an engine, so you don’t have to worry about their power. But when you talk about electric tools, motor power determines the quality of the product. It is the same for chainsaws. To cut through rigid boards and dense logs, you need high powered motors.

Corded chainsaws are still better than cordless ones talking about motor power. The motor gives you the highest output when plugged-in to a power source. For demanding projects, you need a saw with at least 12 to 15amp motor power. Go lower than that, and you can’t even cut slightly dense wood logs.

Chain Oiling

Oiling the chain is common for every type of chainsaw. Even in battery-powered products, you have to keep the chain oiled for better performance. If you don’t keep it lubricated, then you will face many difficulties while working. Sometimes the tool itself gives out. But keeping track of oiling is irritating.

That is why you have to buy a saw that comes with an auto-oiler. With such a tool, you don’t have to move a single finger. When the chain dries up a little, the method will lubricate it in an instant. An auto oiling system is the best feature of a good chainsaw.

Safety Brakes

Everyone knows that a chainsaw is a dangerous tool. Just because you are buying an electric saw doesn’t mean you are free of all worries. Electric chainsaws are no different from any other saw. There is still the possibility of kickback. If you are not careful and pick a low-quality product, you can hurt your head or face.

In the best chainsaw, you get a chain-brake feature. As soon as something goes wrong, this feature can stop the chain in an instant. The only good quality product gives you this feature. There are manual brakes and auto brakes. For a manual brake, you have to use the handle. An auto-brake is better because it kicks in with the unusual upward force.

Toolless Tensioner

Using a chainsaw, you have to adjust the chain many times. This doesn’t affect you much while you are doing small projects. As soon as you take on a hard job, you have to tension the chain from time to time. There are two types of systems that come in various products for change tensioning. One of these systems uses a screwdriver tool.

It is a suitable method, but you still have to look for a tool to retighten the chain. Those who prefer efficient systems should buy a product that comes with a toolless tension method. For this type of electric saws, you only have to turn the knob to tighten the chain.


In this list, every mentioned product is among the best ones you can find in the market. Some of these products are best for overall functioning. Some give the best value for the money you spent. Some of these tools are the best for heavy-duty jobs. In comparison, the rest are on the list due to their low-cost.


An electric chainsaw comes in two variants. There are corded ones, and then there are cordless ones. Both of these types give you various benefits while lacking in terms of some features. A corded chainsaw is faster and more powerful than a cordless chainsaw. These products are cheaper. These products are lighter in weight. The only restriction of a corded tool is its cord and reach.


Many products in the market give you elite features. Worx is one of these products. The only difference is that this product comes at a reasonable cost. Worx focuses on giving us convenient and handy power tools. This goes for their chainsaws as well. It is the best electric chain saw. The only thing you can all its con is that it’s a corded chainsaw.

This product boasts every elite feature you require in a chain saw. It gives you a toolless system for adjustments. It is portable and easy to carry. It is the best 18-inch electric chainsaw. This saw powerful and the best pick for heavy-duty projects. You can cut big logs from its long saw. There is a 63-link strong chain that accompanies this tool. It can endure the hardest pressure.


The first thing to look at in this product is its powerful motor. It is an 18-inch chainsaw. This tells us that this chain saw targets longboards and big logs of wood. The length is plenty to cut trees. But the tool requires strength to cut something as big as a tree. For that, a 15amp motor gives this tool enough power. It only weighs 11 pounds.

The key feature of this product is its auto-tension system. This system tightens the chain automatically. This feature only makes it the best-corded chainsaw. Many Worx products lack good safety brakes. There is no such problem with this tool. Its kickback safety system works perfectly. The thing that makes it stand above the rest is its auto-lubrication.

It is powerful and features a 15amp motor.
The oil holding capacity is 200ml. This helps you lubricate the chain using its elite auto-oiling feature.
Its auto-tensioner loses to no other product in terms of quality.
Gives you the longest saw.

This tool is a bit on the heavyweight side.
Using it might be a problem for beginners.
It is corded that adds restrictions to your movement.

WEN 4017

Cutting trees using gas-chain saws is common. The only thing that hurts is that these chain saws waste a lot of gas. But people still need to cut trees. The ideal product for this job should be robust and not waste a little bit of gas. WEN 4017 solves this problem for us. This is an excellent electric chainsaw. You can easily cut trees without any hassle using this tool.

Using a corded power tool, the thing that creates a headache is un-plugging the cord. When you move the tool so much, the cord inevitably gets out. WEN gives you a cable strain relief notch. The cord remains plugged-in even if you accidentally pull the tool away. Another good thing about this product is its low-maintenance needs. Just turn the saw on and start working.


A 12amp motor backs up this tool. You can cut any hardwood board and log using it. Its focus is on cutting trees, so don’t shy away from using it for the most demanding projects. The saw rotates at 44fps. Like any best rated electric chainsaw, it comes with an auto-oiling feature. This feature keeps the chain running for a long time.

There is a 16-inch Oregon chain in this product. You don’t have to worry about the chain breaking anytime soon. What’s best is that there is a tool-free tensioner in this product. You can switchblades in its saw or adjust the chain. All you have to do is turn the knob, and the changes are complete.

The best point about this product is it’s next to no maintenance requirement. This tool is the exact opposite of the messy gas-chain saw.
Its working is quiet and efficient.
It is the cheapest electric chainsaw.
This product is lightweight and only weighs 10 pounds.
It also gives you a handguard for protection.

People who are starting with chainsaws are better to pick another product.
There is no safety brake feature in this tool.
The safety handle looks like a chain brake, but it does nothing.

Greenworks 20222

This brand carries a big name when it comes to chainsaws. A lot of their products are best rated in the market. Greenworks 20222 comes in two variants. The difference among these variants is motor power as well as saw length. The one on our list is the smaller and compact version of this product.

This product is best for house use, especially for small projects. This doesn’t mean you can’t use it for tough jobs. It comes with a 14-inch saw. This length is ideal for a DIY-er or someone who likes to work in the yard. Its small size attracts everyone’s attention. But having a compact size doesn’t mean it loses out in terms of power.


This product supports a 10.4amp motor. Although it indeed lacks power, it is best for cleaning jobs. For trimming and yard cleaning, it is the prime choice. The feature that makes it the top-rated chainsaw is its instant electric start system. This feature comes in handy if you don’t like to waste time starting up the tool.

You don’t have to worry about making various adjustments during your work. There is a knob for anything you want to change. You don’t need any tools. Tension the chain or change it without any hassle. It is the best cheap electric chainsaw. You can through the oil tank. With it helps you can keep track of the quantity of oil the tool is using.

This product is lightweight. You only have to carry an 8lbs tool.
You can control it easily due to its compact design.
There is a fixed flow oiler that automatically lubricates the chain in this product.

Not a powerful tool.
There are no safety brakes to stop the kickback. All you get is a handguard that screens your hand from debris.
The oiling system is not bad, but it not good either.


Oregon CS1500 is a high-quality product. It gives you a good motor. You also get a long bar. It carries everything you want in an ideal chainsaw.

But the thing that makes it different from the rest is its creativity. It is also the reason for it being the best electric chainsaw under $100. This product is good for demanding tasks. Its quick-start system gets the tool up and running in an instant.


The key feature of this tool is its self-sharpening system. Yes, you read right. The tool sharpens the saw on its own. You don’t have to do anything and just wait for the saw to get ready in a few seconds. It comes with an 18-inch length bar. It is the longest bar you can find in the market. You can cut trees easily with this tool.

To complete the cutting with ease, you get a 15amp powerful motor. It is the best electric chainsaw for the money. Using a chainsaw, the thing that irritates the most is vibration. When the saw runs, the tool vibrates. It is not a problem with this product. Its highly compact design leaves no room for vibration and silently cuts the work material.

Supports a unique self-sharpening method.
Lightweight and easy to control.
No vibrations during work.
Toolless changes and a good chains brakes system.

Not that fast, compared to its high-powered motor.
The chain placement is loose, and it sometimes falls off the bar.

Craftsman CMECS600

Craftsman CMECS600 is not your everyday chainsaw. Although it can work on any type of project, this tool shines the best on small tasks. It is not a heavy-duty product. It excels in precision and cleans cutting jobs. It doesn’t carry that much power either. It is the best electric chainsaw for carving. It comes with a compact design. This tool looks best in the hands of a DIY-er.


This product features a regular 12amp motor. Not much to talk about its power output; this tool is not useful for heavy-duty jobs. It’s low-cost makes it the best budget electric chainsaw. It comes with a 16-inch chain and bar. This tool is best to deal with challenging corners. Its auto-oiling system is top-notch.

As a top-rated product, this tool gives you a tool-free chain tensioning system. The only thing missing in this product is a useful safety function. Let’s not talk about the chain brakes, and you only get a low kickback system. If you doubt your skills in safely using a chainsaw, then this product is not your pick.

It is one of the lightest electric chainsaws.
This tool only weighs 6 pounds.
Low kickback bar and chain.
It comes at a reasonable cost.

Not a powerful tool.
Best suited for small projects.
No chain brakes for your safety.


This product is your pick if you want a chainsaw for small projects and house use. There are no unique features in this product. It made it into our list due to its high-quality regular features and lowest market cost. It is a versatile tool. People who want an electric chainsaw for trimming branches can’t find a better replacement than this product.


This tool is not for professional use. It targets people who want to do some yard work or decorate their houses with tiny projects. It is the best electric chainsaw for house use. The tool comes with a 9amp motor. This motor is not good for heavy-duty jobs at all. The 14-inch bar comes in handy when you are cutting tree limbs.

Talking about safety, you don’t get a chain brake in this tool. There is a safety start switch present, though. It only helps with accidentally starting the saw. It is a lightweight electric chainsaw. It still carries some of the elite features, such as an auto oil lubrication system.

It is a cheap product.
Compact in design and lightweight.
Ideal for trimming tree branches.

Doesn’t carry much power.
No safety protection for the user.
Only able to cut 13.4-inch-thick branches.

Makita UC4051A

Makita needs no introduction when you talk about power tools. This brand gives us ideal tools for the house and professional use. It is the same for their electric chainsaws. Makita UC4051A is the best corded electric chainsaw. It is efficient and easy to work with compared to other products. It follows a sleek and simple design and is comforting for anyone who uses it.


As Makita places the comfort of its customers first, let us start with the comforting design. This product features rubber-grips. It only carries one purpose, to give you a good work experience. Its other key feature is its fast speed. It is the most influential electric chainsaw. This product can reach the top speed of 2900fpm.

You can do any type of job using this product. It is best for people who want to buy a heavy-duty tool. You can cut trees using its 16-inch silver bar and high-endurance chain. As for your safety, you get a chain brake. Pull the handle, and the chain will stop in an instant.

It is a heavy-duty chainsaw.
This product is robust and faster than the rest.
It is silent while cutting.
Built-in limiter for motor protection.

This product costs a lot. Even some of the cordless products are cheaper.


Cordless power tools are mobile easy to handle. That is why everyone prefers cordless tools. It is the same for cordless chainsaws. These tools only last for a half-hour, and motor power is low; cordless tools are the best pick for many.

DeWalt DCCS620B

DeWalt needs no intro when you are talking about the best power tools. It is not right to have a top-best list without reviewing products from this brand. This brand represents the highest-quality power tools. No other brand can catch up to DeWalt in terms of cordless tools. It is the same for their cordless chainsaws.


It is not necessary to mention that this is a heavy-duty chainsaw. It comes with a sturdy design. Either for Jobsite, construction or house use, it is the best pick. It is the best battery chainsaw. This product features a brushless motor. The battery life of this tool is double of other regular products. The motor gives a 25.2 high speed to this saw. It features a toolless chain tightening system.

You cannot find a sturdier chainsaw than this one in the market.
This product is lightweight and compact in design, only 8.8 pounds in weight.

No chain brake for safety purposes.
The safety power switch is slightly stiff.
The battery doesn’t come with the product.

Milwaukee 2727-21HD

Milwaukee is an expensive and elite power tool brand. Its chainsaws are better than most of the other products you see in the market. It is because its tool is best for a contractor as well as a DIY-er. Milwaukee 2727-21 is the top-rated battery chainsaw. You can take this product to a construction site or your house yard, and it will work with the same efficiency.


The first thing to notice in this product is its five-year warranty. It just shows how much Milwaukee trust this chainsaw. The mainframe of this tool is stainless steel. Its brushless motor makes it the best battery-powered chainsaw. The best thing is that its battery keeps the saw running at max output for a long time.

This chainsaw gives you a long battery endurance.
It is best for the most demanding projects.

This product comes at a high cost.
It is heavy and weighs around 22 pounds.
Not good at dealing with firewood.

Black + Decker LCS1240

This product is your best pick if you have a limited budget or you want the best product in the market. Black + Decker LCS1240 carries a lot of advanced features. You can call it the best cordless electric chainsaw. This product also comes with a few demerits. If you ignore these small flaws, then it is your best purchase.


This product is lightweight and comes with a 12-inch Oregon bar. It is a stable tool. The saw doesn’t have much room to vibrate due to bucking spikes. It can cut through mid-size logs. It has enough power, but the size of the bar is a little smaller. There is no blade brake in this product.

Inexpensive and heavy-duty tool.
Soundless working and long-life battery.

Motor heats up after continuous working.
No safety features whatsoever.
You have to oil the chain by pressing a button.


This concludes our list of the best electric chainsaw in the market. Before buying a chainsaw, keep the guidelines mentioned here in your mind. Buy the product that fulfills your needs. If you want to buy a chainsaw for house use, you don’t have to buy expensive products. There are many other good-quality products in the market. The ones you see here gives you the best features.