Are you looking for the best fencing pliers? Don’t worry anymore! As in this post, we have listed the five best models, which are the most voted and appreciated by the customers on the Amazon website.

A fencing plier is a manual tool that can help you doing works related to fence and barrier. It is widely used by plumbers and electricians, being one of the most versatile tools available to any novices and professionals.

Surely, you already know that you can deal with any type of work efficiently when having an excellent fencing plier, from cutting and stripping a cable to joining two pieces of the thin metal bar. It is a straightforward but handy tool.

There is a great variety of fencing pliers on the market, and each suitable for different needs. Following is a list of top 5 best models and a complete guide with everything you need to know about fencing pliers.

Top 5 Best Fencing Pliers Reviews

Best Overall: Channellock 85 Fencing Plier

Channellock 85 Fencing Plier


The Channellock 85 fencing plier is everything you need for the best choice. It comes with a moderate price, a handy and straightforward design, and performance-oriented construction. The grip is specialized with rubber cover to give your hand the most comfortable experience when holding and processing.

The tool is efficient in both stretching and cutting metal sheets and rough materials. It is incredibly versatile for most of the construction works. You will not have anything to complain about this amazing product’s performance.

  • Reasonable price and high value
  • Comfortable and well-built grip
  • High-quality materials
  • Versatile functions
  • Only comes in one color choice


Best Value: DEWALT DWHT70273 Fencing Plier

DEWALT DWHT70273 Fencing Plier


For the runner-up of the list, DEWALT DWHT70273 fencing plier is as amazing as the Channellock unit. The product brings such high value and is noteworthy due to its efficiency and modern design.

DEWALT always makes the best construction equipment, and their fencing plier is not an exception. Of course, the product is extremely pricey. But at first glance, you will change your mind! It features one of the most comfortable grips on the market. The head is exceptionally sharp and robust that can process cutting, pulling, and splicing jobs with ease.

It can handle most of the materials, such as iron, metal, plastic, etc. However, a minus point of DEWALT product is the metal head rusts quickly, which makes us concerned about the plier’s durability.

  • Modern and robust design
  • Eye-catching look
  • Versatile functions
  • Best padded grip so far
  • Expensive


Most Heavy-Duty: Crescent Fencing Plier

Crescent Fencing Plier


Crescent is one of the most well-known brands of pliers. The fencing plier from Crescent stands outs with forged alloy materials for high electrical insulation. That’s why it is exceptionally suitable for heavy-duty works that require high levels of safety.

The tool guarantees the most basic requirements for the fencing pliers, which are cutting, pulling, and splicing. Moreover, it features some extra-functions, such as staples’ removal. However, some customers complain that the product is not comfortable to hold, and the rubber part of the grip comes off easily.

  • Reasonable price
  • Extra-functions offered
  • High-quality and premium materials
  • Low-comfort grip


Best Functions: TEKTON 34541 Fencing Pliers

TEKTON 34541 Fencing Pliers


At the fourth spot, TEKTON 34541 fencing plier is an affordable choice in the list. However, do not underestimate this alternative; it is super versatile with many specialized functions such as hammering, staples removal, cutting, and wire slicing.

However, there are some issues with its performance. The grip is not well-produced with some flaws, which mainly comes from low-quality materials. Some customers claim that the tool has an extremely short life expectancy. 

  • Affordable
  • Versatile with multiple functions
  • Handy and robust design
  • Low efficiency, especially with heavy-duty projects
  • Low durability


Best Price: MIT Fencing Pliers

MIT Fencing Pliers


If price matters and is on top of your concerns, then MIT fencing pliers are reasonable since it is the most affordable fencing pliers in the list. It comes with a lifetime guarantee from a trusted manufacturer.

The pliers have essential functions for all DIY works. But like the TEKTON pliers, the product has a low-quality grip, and its head can rust over time. If you only need a simple tool for sudden DIY works, MIT unit is the best choice

  • Most affordable
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
  • Efficient basic functions
  • Low-quality grip and head


How to Use Fencing Pliers Correctly?

The best way to use fencing pliers is to achieve high efficiency and still guarantee safety during work. Moreover, to increase the durability and longevity of fencing pliers, please note the following principles:

When using pliers for heavy-duty tasks, the right blade range is an essential requirement. Do not use small pliers to cut or bend the larger wire larger.

Do not let the tip of the pliers directly contact with the wire when it is overheated. It is dangerous to the user and also quickly damages equipment.

Do not be selfish! You should frequently do maintenance of the pliers’ structure to increase blade range or cutting force.

Avoid greasy handles to ensure maximum safety when handling. It is encouraged the users to wear protective gloves when using fencing pliers.

Features You Should Consider Before Buying Best Fencing Pliers

Features You Should Consider Before Buying Best Fencing Pliers

Using Frequency

Before buying any type of tool, ask yourself if you have excellent manual skills. If not, it can be sure that the fencing pliers will remain in the toolbox for months or whole years. Ask yourself, would you necessary to buy the most expensive model? Or a moderate-priced one with useful functions is enough.

As for the professional field, it is evident that the frequency of use is an essential factor when choosing any tool. The fencing pliers models used in construction, in electrical systems, or workshops should have the corresponding homologation. These are the most expensive models.

Main Functions

The first function of fencing pliers is used to make the barbed fence. If you do not ask for more than that, medium-quality fencing pliers are sufficient. But do not buy the cheapest ones, because reliability and efficiency are essential also. The investment will pay off over time.

For the same reasons, if you are passionate about DIY works or a professional, you should choose a higher quality model that comes from a prestigious brand. Germany tools have a legendary reputation among professionals.

If you are an electrician, you will need to pay special attention to the handle’s electrical insulation capability.

Safety Measures

The sizeable functional capacity of the fencing pliers allows you to perform a good number of different jobs. Paradoxically, the versatility of this tool means that the chances of suffering an accident are more significant. At this moment, we present some tips about safety in the use of pliers.

Crushing: It is the positive and negative sides of the pliers since they are used to exert pressure on objects. Try to avoid that the purpose of your fingers when holding.

Cutting: With the pliers cutting area, the accident can be more serious. Please be exceptionally careful!

Fall: Who has any tool ever fallen? When the pliers escape you, try to prevent them from falling on your feet. Some pliers weigh on average 300 grams and can hurt your feet.

Electric discharge: The fencing pliers are made to guarantee electrical insulation, but not all of them protect in the same way. The standard is equal to a voltage of 1000V. If you are a professional, consult the manufacturer’s information on whether the product meets the EN safety standards.

Buyers’ Opinions

Since the dawn of time, there have been purely male topics of conversation about the best fencing pliers. It is what our grandparents often did when the Internet did not exist. They asked opinions from their neighbors, cousins ​​, or brothers-in-law. Fencing pliers, for example, can correctly represent such a topic of conversation.

You can find useful information on any type of tool in Amazon reviews and others in various forums and articles. And you can see how men like to talk about the things they do. The level of sincerity is variable, but when an opinion is repeated on various sites, it can be considered reliable, especially if it is negative.


What materials are fencing pliers made?

To answer this question, we must again distinguish between professional high-quality fencing pliers and medium-quality pliers intended for domestic use only. In general, the tools are subjected to a forging process starting from steel or steel alloy.

The simple pliers are made of unalloyed steels, with a carbon content of 0.45%. The professional pliers are of higher quality because they have to withstand intensive use and more significant pressure. 

In this case, materials with a higher carbon content are preferred, and usually have particularly hard alloy elements such as chromium or vanadium. And the handles are made of insulating and resistant materials in reinforced plastic.

What are the ideal sizes of fencing pliers?

The most common dimensions are 18 centimeters (180 mm). The fencing pliers of this size are most often found in toolboxes of everyone. There are also smaller or larger units. Each dimension is suitable for a particular use.

160 mm. The smaller size can be handy when working in situations of limited space, where the hand is barely passed. These tools are also the right solution for minor repairs that do not require much effort and to keep them handy in the car dashboard.

180 mm. These are the standard sizes of fencing pliers. They are suitable for most hand sizes and most jobs.

200 mm. The more giant pliers usually make sense only when it is necessary to exert extra force in specific jobs, especially in the professional field.

How much do the best-valued pliers cost?

The best fencing pliers do not necessarily have to be the most expensive, given that these tools are not used every day. However, if your profession forces you to use pliers daily, the price is an important variable, because in this case, we are talking about an advanced work tool.

The price differences concern safety-related factors, such as the hardness of the materials or the electrical insulation capacity. These factors are the most relevant from a professional perspective.

Bottom Lines

When buying pliers, the criteria to be considered are different depending on the function that will be entrusted to them. In the workplace, the important thing is the hardness and strength of the materials.

In any case, both at home and in the workshop, the best fencing pliers will always be your most versatile tool. If you liked the article, leave your comment here or share it on your social networks!