If you’re a novice chef or a seasoned pro, selecting the best food processor for your needs is critical. A good computer would make all the problematic cooking much simpler for the newcomer, allowing you to plunge straight into making tasty meals.

For the more seasoned cook, they can prove to be a valuable time saver and versatile tool, allowing you to work on a variety of complicated dishes quickly.

Here’s a list of the ten best food processors under $100 on the market right now to help you get started on your culinary experience on a budget.

Best Food Processor Under 100

Cuisinart DLC-10SYP1 Food Processor, 7 Cup, White

Best Overall
Powerful motor
5 in 1 feature
Generates less noise
Price tag

The Cuisinart 088 food processor comes with all you need to cook all of your favourite meals quickly. It can be used to make anything from homemade bread to stir fry and salads, as well as peanut butter and soups.

Feed Chute

This model has an extra-large feed chute as well as small and large pushers. Also, unlike other food processors, the Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro comes with two separate blades. The first sharp blade is used for cutting, blending, and combining. The second is made of plastic and is intended for mixing and kneading dough.

Two Discs

Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro comes with two stainless steel discs. The first is for grating and shredding, while the second is 4 mm and intended for slicing. There is also a small flat cover, detachable disc stem, recipe book, and spatula included.


The ability of the Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro to combine and knead dough is an obvious indication of its strength and power. Since this is a power-consuming action, only food processors with strong motors can do it. Not to mention how well they do cutting and grinding. The Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro has a 600-watt motor that is more powerful than you would imagine.

Durability & Warranty

It’s no secret that the warranty duration will show how long your computer would be useful to you. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. We investigated the Cuisinart DLC-10SY Pro’s reliability and warranty duration to see how long it will satisfy its customers.

Customer Feedback

Customers are the ones who measure and score the product in their daily lives, not the manufacturer, who can write top-notch features and guarantee the highest degree of reliability possible. To ensure that the manufacturer’s claims are genuine, we considered both constructive and negative reviews.


Material: Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11.25 x 7 x 13.75 inches

Cuisinart FP-8GMP1 Elemental 8-Cup Food Processor, Gunmetal
Runner Up

350 watts
8-Cup work bowl
Reversible shredding
Integrated feed tube
Not satisfied with baking


The motor used in a food processor has a significant impact on its efficiency. The Cuisinart 8 cup food processor has a 350-watt motor that provides adequate power and food preparation output. The motor is not efficient enough to compete with the majority of its competitors. Still, it is effective enough to handle most activities such as chopping, hacking, and slicing without fail.


The BPA-free work bowl has an 8-cup size and visible measuring marks on the bottom. If all you need is a blender to make party-sized chicken salads or tiny quantities of salsa for the whole family, the size is also adequate. The space is sufficient to allow you to process food without overcrowding the processor.

Shredding Discs

Any of the processor’s standout features include interchangeable slicing and shredding discs. The discs are made of stainless steel and are specially engineered to allow you to customize the shred difference for medium to fine thickness at any volume. This sleek and modern food processor also has cutting, dough, and slicing blades. These features increase the processor’s flexibility, making it ideal for multifunctional food processing.


Because of its dishwasher-safe work bowl and interchangeable accessories, this food processor is very simple to clean. Though the core cannot be replaced, it can be washed by hand.

Control & Looks

Another fantastic feature is the touchpad power, which is rubberized for comfort. The buttons have simple controls such as medium, heavy, pulse, and off settings. This makes it possible for people at all skill levels to use this incredible food processor.

The processor has a polished chrome exterior, which gives it a very appealing appearance. In general, the processor is attractive and serves as an excellent starting point for limitless capability.


Material: Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7.6 x 9.58 x 15.19 inches

Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap 8-Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper with Adjustable Slicing Blade, Built-in Bowl Scraper & Storage Case, Silver (70820)
Versatile Features

Easy assembly
Quiet operation
Shredding disc
Built-In bowl scraper
Cheap product


The Hamilton Beach 70820 has less bowl room than the 70730. Still, it also has the convenient side wipers and a creative and revolutionary design that removes a typical food processor frustration: having to twist, jiggle, and eventually thump all the fittings into place.


The Stack & Snap from Hamilton Beach is efficient. It’s not only silent to use, with an inbuilt bowl scraper that levels food as it’s processed, but it’s also engineered to be as easy to put together as possible. It can be set up without spinning, twisting, or locking. You have to stack the bowl on top of the foundation and snap the lid shut. This food processor cuts, purees, strips, shreds, and kneads dough to make various dishes.

Feeding Chute

The extended feeding tube allows you to save time on prep by tossing in large foods like fruit, vegetables, or blocks of cheese, and the adjustable, reversible shredding discs allow you to adapt the system to your needs. Each part is easily detachable for quick storage, and all attachments are dishwasher safe.

Storage case for attachments

The included plastic storage case for the various accessories, which are prone to wandering off on their own, particularly when you move house, is a function that more manufacturers should seriously consider including. Of course, it also keeps you from accidentally nicking your finger on a razor-sharp S-blade when looking for someone else.

Easy to use

This food processor has big paddle-style switches that you can quickly spin and wipe clean when your hands get dirty. Symbols on the shell remind you to use the Low setting when using a disc and the High setting when using the blade, but you’re free to experiment until you’ve worked it out.


Material: Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 16 x 10.5 x 14.5 inches

Oster Pro 1200 Blender with Professional Tritan Jar and Food Processor attachment, Metallic Grey
Best Professional

Extra-wide 3.5″ jar
5-cup food processor
Dual direction blade technology
No cons

Powerful & Efficient

The Oster Pro 1200 uses a 1,200-watt engine to spin the blades at 19,000 RPM (revolution per minute). The All Metal Drive is made entirely of metal, including the engine and links. The proprietary Dual Direction blade technology features 3.5-inch diameter blades that are 50% wider than regular blender blades. The larger blades make it easier to cut through vegetables, nuts, and ice in less time.

Seven Controls

Seven features are available on the control panel with touchpads. The three are pre-set applications for fast and simple food preparation, such as smoothies, salsas, and milkshakes with automated features. Three-speed buttons and a pulse feature are also included. While there is no ice crushing feature on the blender, the high speed does a fine job of making snow out of ice. Pulse mode can also be used to cut vegetables or grind nuts.


This product can mix almost everything you throw at it, including ice, greens, and nuts. For convenience, it comes in both big batch and single-serve containers. For a blender in this price range, the Oster Pro 1200 comes with a very long warranty.


A borosilicate glass container with a volume of 6 cups or 48 ounces comes standard with this compact blender. Good-quality borosilicate glass can withstand high temperatures and is stress-resistant. For smoother mixing, the jar has a wide rim. It has a plastic screw-on lid and a lever that keeps the lid in place during service, stopping splatter and a mess.

Easy Cleaning

The heavy glass bottle can be washed in the dishwasher, but the plastic cup cannot. As a result, you can disassemble the cup and its lid and hand-wash each piece separately. Alternatively, you might use auto-cleaning by rinsing the containers after running them under warm soapy water.

Material: Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 7 x 7 x 14 inches

Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Duo Plus 12-Cup Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper with Additional Mini 4-Cp Bowl, Black (70580)

Best 12-Cup Food Processor
12 cup bowl
Large feeding chute
Powerful 500W motor
Dishwasher safe
Leaky mouth

Easy to sue

This food processor is designed to save you time by being simple and easy to use. This product is simple to manage thanks to the easy-to-clean touchpad and dishwasher-safe parts.

Capacity & Feed Chute

It comes with two pots, one with 12 cups and the other with a capacity of 4 cups. This makes it suitable for both large and small quantities. An extended feed tube accepts whole large foods without preparation, and reversible blades with a powerful 500-watt motor allow you to cut, slice, shred, puree, and combine foods in four different settings.

Simple to Clean

A versatile commodity with a largemouth that is highly handy. I like how there are two different bowls for different work. It’s simple to put together and take apart, and both of the pieces are simple to clean. Hamilton Beach gets a thumbs up!

Best Value for Money

For the money, this is one of the best food processors currently available. It will complete all of the tasks you assign to it and more; it is simple to operate and much simpler to clean. The buzzwords here are a wide feed tube, two different bowls, a powerful motor, and a low price. It will not disappoint you if you give it a try.

Great for Knead Roti

This will eventually fix your dilemma after looking for a million food processors that knead the dough. You can use it for kneading roti dough, and it’s fantastic. The dough is extremely soft and makes making chapatis a breeze. Don’t be hesitant to purchase this. You will not be disappointed with your order.


Material: Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 9 x 12.38 x 16.1 inches

Black & Decker FP2500B PowerPro Wide-Mouth 10-Cup Food Processor, Black
Best 10-Cup Food Processor

10-cup capacity
Large feed chute
Mylar buttons
Two-speed settings
Motor sucks sometimes


This product is a straightforward, robust choice that does just as it says on the tin. It makes things easier by quickly chopping, slicing, shredding, grating, and pureeing various fresh produce. This processor can handle big, whole foods thanks to its wide-mouth feed tube and 10-cup size. You can easily cook big, filling meals for friends or relatives.


Its three-speed modes, soft-touch Mylar keys, and 500-watt motor are ideal for a wide range of fresh produce. A safety interlock mechanism, heavy-duty suction cup feet to hold the appliance in place during service, secure cable storage, and dishwasher protected interchangeable parts for fast and simple clean-up are among the other features.

Power & Capacity

Under its elegant and rugged shell, the Black & Decker PowerPro FP2500 Food Processor houses a 500-watt powerful motor that works as well as it looks. The gadget features a huge 10-cup size work bowl with a large handle and a wide-mouth feed chute that can accommodate whole grains, saving time by removing the need to chop them into smaller parts first.

Easy setup & warranty

To save time and make life easier, the Black & Decker PowerPro FP2500 Food Processor is simple to set up to slice, cut, shred, grate, or puree as much or as little as desired. It is inexpensive and comes with a two-year extended warranty.

Customer Feedback

The disadvantages of this appliance, on the other hand, frustrated the critics. The plastic pieces aren’t quite sturdy, are very thin, aren’t quite tough, and quickly fall off. It is really loud and obnoxious. Due to the distance between the blade and the feed hose, the food squishes between the blade and the container, leaving both small and large pieces of food. Cleaning was also described as repetitive and difficult by many reviewers due to the many removable parts.


Material: Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11 x 9.63 x 16.63 inches

Ninja 400-Watt Blender/Food Processor for Frozen Blending, Chopping and Food Prep with 48-Ounce Pitcher and 16-Ounce Chopper Bowl (QB900B), Silver

Perfect for Frozen Blending
Can chop ice
Easy to use
Ergonomic operation
Anti-splash guard
Safe for dishwasher
Mot not powerful

Excellent option

When looking for the perfect food processor under $100, the Ninja Master QB900 can never be overlooked. It is an excellent option if you want something basic and convenient to use at a reasonable price. It can also mix the ingredients, so it can be used as a multipurpose device.


This way, you can get a two-in-one food processor for a really low price. It has two containers that aid in the storage of whatever is being processed. Ninja Master’s blades are very sharp and can mince, slice, chop, and mix all at the same time.

Easy to use

It is straightforward to use. Its solid and sharp blades are ideal for mincing, dicing, blending, and chopping. It is inexpensive and convenient to transport. If you wish to wash it, you must disassemble all of the components.

Powerful engine

Also, it comes with an inadequately powerful engine. It is made of plastic, which means it is not very durable and can crack. This gadget comes with two tanks and can even chop ice.

Best Things

Without much effort, you can make frozen margaritas. Two containers, two lids, three blades, the engine, and lids are included. The large pitcher is full-size. It’s a bit “top-heavy,” as I term it, and you have to get used to it. There’s just one rpm, and all you have to do to start it is click the top.


Material: Material
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 11 x 12.25 x 7 inches

project 5-in-1 Hand Blender with 12 Speed, Stainless Steel Stick Blender, 800W Powerful Immersion Blender Includes BPA-Free Food Chopper/Egg Beater/Beaker Hand Mixer

Best 5 In 1 Immersion Blender

Ergonomic design
Safe product
Easy to use
Powerful and sturdy
The brand is not famous.


This food processor is intended to be a multipurpose unit, with the primary feature of blending and whisking. Its price is also low and inexpensive.

Great Features

It has very efficient features such as a very powerful engine, good flexibility, a wide range of additional accessories, and a six-speed plus a turbo. It’s also effortless to use because it makes no noise and has a special anti-splash feature, making it one of the best food processors under $100.


Brushed stainless steel housing with a 360° motor body allows you to fit the blender stick into the motor unit easily. It is equipped with a low-noise generator, allowing you to enjoy it freely. It has four functions in one unit and is multipurpose—an 800 Watt engine powers the computer. There is an automatic overload power-off feature.


It is designed in such a manner that the contents do not get wet. It makes very little noise and comes with a plethora of additional gadgets. It is very well priced.


This stick blender shouts QUALITY from every angle! Your first hint is a considerable weight, but it is neither bulky nor high. The blades are razor-sharp, the tasks are completed quickly, and the texture of the finished product is consistent.


Material: Stainless steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 9.3 x 5.3 x 9.6 inches

ZYLISS Easy Pull Food Chopper and Manual Food Processor – Vegetable Slicer and Dicer – Hand Held
Best for RVs and Camps

Booster arms
5-years warranty
Can make salsa
A bit noisy


This compactly built food processor and chopper is a potent item that can effortlessly cut, combine, and puree foods. The blade is made in a proprietary Swiss method that can quickly cut through the most challenging food, such as carrots and so on. There is also a booster arm attached to it, which can quickly chop small and large volumes.


It comes with a sizeable 25-ounce bowl that allows you to make the perfect salsa in the blink of an eye. It has very high durability, a tailor-made style to suit all of your needs, it is straightforward to clean, and it is very safe to use and stock.

Portable & Multipurpose

It is a multipurpose unit capable of chopping and blending vegetables. The attached booster arms prevent food from sticking. It is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for a picnic or camping trip. It includes a big 25-ounce bowl as well as a 5-year warranty.


Dual acid-etched blades that spin in opposite directions filter the food. This makes for finely chopped ingredients. Adding booster arms to the top and bottom of the knife can prevent food from sticking and ensure even cutting. For easy storage, a collapsible handle has been added.


Zyliss has built a reputation for quality that dates back over 60 years, focusing on functionality, longevity, architecture, cleanliness, and protection. Building from this long-standing legacy, the firm has progressed to manufacture and sell world-class kitchen appliances. Zyliss has designed more than 200 kitchen essentials, many of which are unrivalled in terms of consistency and engineering.


Material: Stainless steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 5.5 x 5.5 x 5.2 inches

KitchenAid KFP0711ER Empire Red Food Processor, 7 Cup, Contour Silver

Best 7-cup processor
Comes with accessories
Easy to use
One year warranty


This KitchenAid device is amazingly built because it comes with a 7-cup bowl that is so securely constructed that it is leak-proof or resistant to leak so that no liquid spills out of it when using it.

Speed & Feed Chute

It has three main processing rates, which are as follows: fast, medium, and pulse. The feed chute is so broad that it can conveniently accommodate a decent block of cheese in it and shred, slice, and chop it.

Simple to use

Furthermore, it is really simple to use, and the additional gadgets that come with this fantastic food processor make it worthwhile to purchase. It is, therefore, very long-lasting. It has an amazing pulse speed. It has an ultra-tight seal that is resistant to leakage. Additional accessories are very beneficial. It is long-lasting and easy to use.

Removable Disc

The removable grate disc and variable slice thickness are useful features. My other countertop appliances complement or align with the Empire Red. The processing is both quiet and fast. It’s simple to secure the bowl and cover.


The pushbuttons are difficult to use. They are difficult to depress and need more hand strength than seems necessary. When manufacturing is complete, it is impossible to remove the mask. Furthermore, the plastic is not high quality.

Material: Plastic
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 10 x 10 x 15 inches


What exactly do food producers do?

Food processors are devices that aid in the processing of food. That is, they do all of the prep work for the kitchen, such as cutting onions, grinding cheese, preparing salads, and pureeing soups. However, not every food processor has the same set of features. Some food processors can do anything from chopping fruits and vegetables to kneading bread to producing peanut butter and guacamole, although others are more limited in their capabilities. Before purchasing, you can determine which food processors can meet your particular requirements.

Why should I invest in a food processor?

Food processors can be a handy addition to any kitchen. They are primarily outstanding time savers. They will complete all of the time-consuming preparations that leave you tethered to the kitchen for hours at a time in a moment. Not just that, but they are consistent with their work. They cut more normal slices than you would by hand and perform various functions that would take expert culinary skills to perform by hand.

What characteristics do I look for in a food processor?

What you like in a food processor is going to be determined primarily by your requirements. There are several variable features that you should be mindful of before making your choice to ensure you find a computer that is suited to you. For starters, they are available in a variety of sizes. Be that you find one that is appropriate for you. Second, not all processors perform the same tasks.

If you want a multipurpose processor that can make bread, for example, look for one with that function. Finally, multiple processors have a different set of sensors. Some have more adjustable settings and a more comprehensive range of motor control. Check which processors have which settings if you anticipate cooking a variety of foods.

What food processors are the simplest to clean?

The perfect food processors for washing are those that can be disassembled and placed into the dishwasher or that have wiped-clean rubber keys. This makes life a whole lot better. The dishwasher not only cleans for you, but you can also ensure that each actual item is clean before using it. This will assist with maintaining a clean kitchen and avoiding any food-related health issues.

What are the things to consider before buying a food processor under $100?

It should have sharp blades that do not corrode over time.
Often make sure to check the motor’s capacity.
Is it simple to clean and dishwasher safe?
Can it have a variety of roles and blades?
Will you conveniently remove and reposition the blades?
Is there a locking mechanism in place?
Is a vegetable scraper used with the food processor?
What is the bowl’s capacity?
What is the processor’s speed?
Is it small enough to sit on the counter?
Is it equipped with removable discs? And what are anti-leak features?
Is it easy to put together? And how long is the product’s warranty?
Is it making so much noise?

Final Verdict

Despite the fact that we attempted to collect the best ten food processors under $100 on the market and separately discussed all of the pros and cons of each commodity we discussed. Others have more features than others, while some are actually much too expensive. The best food processor under $100, in our opinion, is Cuisinart DLC-10SYP1 Food Processor.

This is due to the fact that it has all of the best features that a good food processor should have, such as a strong engine, a large size, is easy to clean, and does not make a lot of noise. It is also reasonably priced! Simply go through all of these and make an informed decision!