Best Hinges for Heavy Doors: Reviews 2021

Let me ask you this question. What if you wake up very late one morning, hurriedly prepare for work, then open your front door and it falls off the frame, how will you feel? Angry, frustrated, plus other myriads of emotions; that’s what you’ll feel. Why? You never stopped any day to notice that your door hinges need replacement. It’s even better if you are yet to install your doors. This is your chance to get the best brand of hinges for your new doors.

We’re so used to opening and closing our doors without the stress that we never stop to appreciate how easy we have it. Without using suitable and sturdy hinges to attach our doors, the functionality we’ve taken for granted won’t be there. That’s why we put this best hinges for heavy doors reviews together for you.

Read through and secure your home with sturdy hinges. You’ll also love the buying guide and the Q&A section. You’ll learn how to identify the perfect brand for you.

Let’s dig in!


Best Hinges for Heavy Doors Individual Product Reviews


1. AmazonBasics Rounded 3.5 Inch x 3.5 inch Door Hinges

AmazonBasics Rounded 3.5 Inch x 3.5 inch Door Hinges, Matte Black, 18 pack


If you’re looking for small but sturdy hinges, this product from AmazonBasics is for you. It is versatile and well-suited for every door inside your home. You can open and close your doors without issues with these hinges. They’re durable and sturdy and can hold their own no matter the kick or push.

One impressive thing you’ll notice about this brand is that they offer two different hinge designs to their customers. They have the square corner hinges and also offer the rounded corner models. You’re free to choose the style you need according to the design of your door.

We also applaud AmazonBasics for the finishing options available for the customers. No matter the decor of your home, this brand has the perfect hinge finishing for you. You can find the polished brass, matte black, brushed nickel, antique brass, and the oil-rubbed bronze. You have a large range of options to consider, and that is the fun part. We can choose any color to match your home without having to search elsewhere.

Another important detail to commend is the material of the hinges. This product is made of steel to ensure durability. Amongst many materials used in fabricating door hinges, we’ve come to love steel hinges. These guys are highly durable, very strong, and lasts longer than others. Yeah! They’re cool that way! This means that if you use these 18 strong hinges to hang your internal doors, they’ll never rust nor corrode.

AmazonBasics understand the need to make their products a user-friendly offering. In every pack you pick, they’re 12 and 18 pieces of door hinges to meet your needs. The square-shaped hinges are 12 in a pack while the rounded guys are up to 18. Also, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to install the hinges and mounting hardware too. Definitely one of the best hinges for heavy doors on the market.

Highlighted Features:

  • The material is durable steel to ensure longevity.
  • It comes in a rounded corner design to add style to your doors.
  • The finishing is black matte to suit every home décor
  • Every pack includes mounting hardware.
  • It also comes with instructions on how to install the hinges.
  • Each pack contains 18 rounded door hinges.


2. National Hardware N109-021 V289 Extra Heavy Gate Hinge in Matte Black

National Hardware N109-021 V289 Extra Heavy Gate Hinge in Matte Black


Many of us believe in using products from household name brands in every industry. We can’t fault you because experience and knowledge are like Siamese twins. That’s why we’re excited about National Hardware hinges. This brand has been existing since 1901 and has more than 6000 SKUs and over 15 products in the market. If no other hinge should grab your attention, this particular one is the bomb. It comes from a combination of experience and knowledge.

These hinges are so sturdy that it can keep miscreants away from your home. No amount of kick and push can unhinge your gates, shed doors, toolboxes, or storage bins. Yeah! It’s cool that way. Many users are commending the quality and strength packed by these hinges. So, if you’re concerned about your family and properties’ security, grab a pack of National Hardware hinges. The hinges are made to fit into surfaces that have narrow mounting spaces.

When it comes to the hinges’ quality, users have mentioned that they’re very heavy and can support any type of heavy door. Although we mentioned that they hold your gates securely and strongly, you can use them on pine cabinet doors inside your home. It will just be the best solution you ever dreamed of finding.

Moreover, you’re going to enjoy the look of this hinge because it is rust-resistant. It’ll look as good as the first day of installation for many years to come. This is not a fib. A user confirmed that the hinges lasted for many years without allowing rusts to mar its design. So, if you want your doors, gate, or even cabinet doors to look fashionably decent, grab a pack of this National Hardware hinges. This is one of the best hinges for heavy doors out there in the market from a renowned brand.

Highlighted Features

  • The hinges are rust-resistant
  • Very sturdy to hold heavy gates
  • A heavy and strong hinge for narrow-mounting surfaces
  • Comes with offset screw holes that ensures optimal strength
  • Versatile for many applications


3. KT3D-190 Invisible Hinge, Up to 220lbs. 

KT3D-190 Invisible Hinge, Set of Two (2), Up to 220lbs. Doors, Concealed and Streamline Door Hinge, 3-D Satin Chrome.


If you’re looking for a hinge that’ll transform your ordinary-looking doors, why not try a hidden door design? This innovative addition to door hinges is awesome. Your doors will be as sturdy as ever, and you’ll also enjoy the aesthetic appeal of this concealed door hinges. We love this KT3D-190 invisible hinge because it works for both wooden and steel doors. So, whichever door you’re planning to use for your new house, this hinge will work perfectly.

This particular product is more suitable for internal doors than external doors. The finishing available is black and satin chrome. It’s not good to be exposed to a wet environment, so, use it indoors for optimal performance.

If you have a wooden door of 35.4 x 94.5 inches with thickness up to 1.8 inches, this particular hinge will carry it without stress. Also, if your door is a steel of 1.6 inches, you can also use these hinges to keep it functional.

As for the opening and closing functionality, this hinge gives you all the space you need in your home. Its opening angle is up to 180 degrees, and the best part is that it works for right and left-hand doors. So this non-handed guy is suitable for all the styles of your doors. Moreover, there’s a manual and template available for you from the manufacturers to ease your installation.

Highlighted Features

  • Innovative hinges designed for internal use
  • Swings fully open up to 180 degrees
  • Offers aesthetic appeal with black and satin chrome finishing
  • Made with zinc alloy body
  • Hidden into door frames and doors for enhanced sturdiness
  • Suitable for both steel and wooden doors.


4. National Hardware N129-155 V286 Extra Heavy T Hinges 

National Hardware N129-155 V286 Extra Heavy T Hinges in Black, 2 pack


Here is another product in our list of the best hinges for heavy doors to consider. The brand that made these piece of strong metals are not joking around. They’ve been in this industry since 1901 and have gathered knowledge plus experience to create amazing inventions. The point is that you can trust National Hardware products.

These hinges are very strong and can hold both your doors and gates firmly to the frames. Some of the customers have suggested that you’ll get the best hold if you invest in other sets of screws that’ll hold the hinges tightly other than the one in the packet. Also, if you’re targeting a wooden gate that weighs 100lb with these hinges, use 3 of these short guys instead of 2.

Another thing to admire is the material which the manufacturers use. According to them, these hinges come in hot-rolled steel to ensure longevity. They’re resistant to rust and corrosion from what we’ve seen, but if you need them to serve for many years, use them for internal doors. The best part is that you can repaint them to the colors you want. But before you do that, use steel wool to roughen the hinges first.

Highlighted Features

  • Hot-rolled steel material ensures longevity
  • Holds both doors and wooden gates firmly
  • Made for heavy-duty applications
  • Features off-set screw holes that ensure strength
  • Prevents wood splitting
  • Weather guard finishing
  • Triple-protected with chromate dip, zinc plate plus enamel finish.


5. Hinge Outlet Double Action Spring Hinge 6 Inch Matte Black

Hinge Outlet Double Action Spring Hinge 6 Inch Matte Black, Door Hinge


This hinge is one design that can awe every homeowner. So, if you’re aiming to do something different from the regular standard, here is a product to grab. The uniqueness of this hinge is such that even respected bodies have reviewed and endorsed it. For instance, the N.Y Housing Authority approved this hinge after ensuring that it can keep your doors glued to their frames without caving into kicks and push.

One important thing to love about this hinge is that you can adjust it to the angle you need. What does that mean? If you want your doors to swing only to 90 degrees, these guys got your back. But then, if you need the doors to swing as wide as 180 degrees, you have the right product too. Moreover, it doesn’t matter whether you use them on high-traffic doors that open and close multiple times a day, this metallic guy withstands all that.

Another aspect you’ll love is that this hinge is a heavy-duty type that can swing in and out depending on what you need. If you need the doors to open as wide as 180 degrees, this particular product does that too. It is also cool for heavy doors, no matter how thick. Moreover, the installation is a breeze and won’t be a struggle for you at all. Maybe the best hinges for heavy doors in this review.

Highlighted Features

  • Hinges open at 90 degrees and 180 degrees
  • Comes in a pack of one
  • Suitable for thick doors and swings in all directions
  • Heavy-duty hinges and easy installation
  • Comes in a black matte finish

6. Zengest Door Hinges 4 Inches Non Mortise hinges for heavy door

Zengest Door Hinges 4 Inches Non Mortise hinges for heavy door


If you’re tired of hearing annoying noises from door hinges, here’s a product that’ll change all that. It is always so annoying to open your door, and it alerts even your neighbors that you’re back. If you think of how many times you use engine oil on the hinges to stop the noise, it may be best to buy a noiseless hinge. This particular one doesn’t need lubricating at all. No matter how many years it stays on your door, you won’t ever need to lubricate it.

One thing worth appreciating about this hinge is that it is easy to install. If you want to avoid cuts on your door, this non-mortise door hinge is precisely what you need. It doesn’t work like traditional hinges. You can install it directly because the hinge leaf wraps around your door for extra support. So, when you think “non-mortise,” think Zengest door hinges.

The material of this hinge is one of the best to use for a door hinge. Zengest door hinges are made with stainless steel. Do you know what that means? You won’t even need to replace your door hinges. Other hinge materials are cool, but stainless steel is the coolest. It doesn’t attract rusts and corrosion, and it remains in good condition until maybe you decide to replace your doors.

One other impressive thing is that this hinge opens as wide as 270 degrees. Many people applaud hinges that open from 90 degrees to 180 degrees. But this particular piece exceeds all that. Moreover, this Zengest piece is suitable for doors in high traffic areas. This means that you can use this hinge on those doors that people frequently open from morning until evening. It will withstand the pressure without balking.

Highlighted Features

  • Non-mortise design
  • Noiseless door hinge, very easy to install
  • Stainless steel material prevents rusts
  • Swings very wide up to 270 degrees
  • Suitable for heavy doors at high-traffic points

7. Global Door Controls, Oil-Rubbed Bronze Non-Removable Steel Hinge

Global Door Controls, Oil-Rubbed Bronze Non-Removable Steel Hinge


If you need a super-strong hinge for your outside doors, here’s a good product for you. No matter the door you have, heavy or medium-weighted doors, this particular product got your back.

Many people who have used this particular hinge are commending for sturdiness and accuracy. It holds the heavy door firmly and ensures a stress-free opening and closing no matter how many times it takes. You can say goodbye to creaks and squeaks as this oil-rubbed door hinge comes prepared against noise.

It’s interesting to know that this hinge doesn’t rust and doesn’t attract corrosion. The steel material ensures that your door hinges remain new and functional. You don’t need to replace the hinges any time soon. Moreover, the thickness of the hinge at 0.134 inches makes it suitable for commercial/heavy-duty applications.

This hinge is unique. It features 2 ball bearings that prevent squeaking. We all know that ball bearing types of hinges are usually of a high-quality standard. With that alone, you can pick this particular hinge with confidence as it won’t fail to keep your doors functional. Moreover, it has a non-removable pin to ensure the security of your doors amidst push and kicks.

Highlighted Features

  • Features a non-removable pin to ensure security
  • Comes with 2 balls bearing to eliminate squeaking
  • Suitable for heavy doors
  • Hole pattern design with hinge pin made of steel
  • Keeps exterior doors functional without rust and corrosion

8. Hillman 852868 Hardware Essentials 852546 Brass Double-Acting Adjustable Hinge

Hillman 852868 Hardware Essentials 852546 Satin Brass Double-Acting Adjustable Hinge


If you’ve been searching for a good self-closing spring hinge, here is one product to consider. It’s durable, and it comes in a design that’ll increase the aesthetic appeal of your doors. Say goodbye to opening and also waiting to close your screen doors. Anywhere you need a self-closing door, get this particular hinge and attach it. It serves the purpose you expect, and it makes little noise over the years.

Another aspect you’ll love is that you can adjust the self-closing functionality to the speed you need. If you want it to close very fast or very slow, you can adjust it to serve you that way. One user of this particular product commended it and revealed that he had used these hinges for many screen doors. According to him, there hasn’t been any disappointment so far except maybe when it makes little noise. But he recommended using a small amount of lubricants to stop it.

As for the material, this Hardware Essential hinge is made of steel material. Also, it is suitable for the right hand and left-hand mounting depending on what you require.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of durable steel material
  • Works best on lighter doors
  • Comes in a pack of 2
  • Offers adjustable speed capability
  • Self-closing spring for both right hand and left-hand mounting

9. SOSS 204 Zinc Invisible Hinge with Holes for Wood or Metal Applications

SOSS 204 Zinc Invisible Hinge with Holes for Wood or Metal Applications


Here are one those hinges that will hide any opening you don’t want others to know. If you use this hinge on storage space in your home, no one will ever know that you have some goodies hidden away. It doesn’t show and has this sleek look that makes users crazy for it. This is your opportunity to be innovative and creative in your home.

This particular hinge comes with amazing features worth mentioning. It allows your door to open as wide as 180 degrees. Moreover, there’s a pivot point that moves to ensure that there won’t be a need for an outside pinch point.

Another aspect you’ll love is that this hinge is designed to be hidden. The hinge is usually mortised totally into the frame and the door. As such, no one can see it from any side, even when you close the door. It is not like the standard hinges we have in the market. It comes with nylon links that ensure a smooth operation.

Also, you don’t need to adjust it after installation. So, once you’re done, it performs at its best. Note, the steel pin is not removable at all, and you can use this hinge for materials as thick as ¾ or 1 inch. Moreover, if you need the installation to be easier, invest in getting the jigs.

Highlighted Features

  • Designed to be invisible from either side
  • Features a non-removable hinge pin
  • Doesn’t require adjustment after installation
  • Create openings up to 18 degrees.
  • Features hinge links that move for smooth operation.

10. Hinge Outlet Adjustable Commercial Spring Hinges 4.5 Inch Square

Hinge Outlet Adjustable Commercial Spring Best Hinges for Heavy Doors


This is another self-closing hinge that eliminates the stress of closing your doors all the time. It comes in a pack of 2 and offers a beautiful finishing to improve your home decor. It’s not those brands you may buy and look to repaint. This particular one comes in impressive satin chrome finishing to suit every environment.

If your door is as thick as 2 inches to 2 ¼ inches, this hinge will hold it firmly on the frame. Moreover, the pair is adjustable and enables your door to close on its own. Many of the doors in commercial buildings are attached to this type of hinges. So, if you have such an installation to make, consider these guys.

As for durability, this hinge is made of steel with a satin chrome finish. Steel hinges last long and don’t rust for many years. Also, it comes with matching hex wrench and screws to ensure a smooth and stress-free installation.

Many users have tested this hinges on heavy doors. According to one of them, these guys held his heavy fire doors tightly. The same user mentioned that the adjustable design of this hinges is awesome. Another user also stated that they used the pair on a heavy and solid core door in the workplace, and it held it firm.
So, no matter how heavy your door is, this adjustable self-closing hinges got your back.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for heavy doors and commercial applications
  • Very strong and sturdy
  • Made with steel material
  • Adjustable and features a chrome finish
  • Comes with matching hex wrench and screws
  • Self-closing mechanism ensures smooth operation.

11. Ranbo 7 x 2.8 x 1.1-inch Zinc Alloy/Aluminum Alloy Material Heavy Duty Invisible Butt Hinge

Ranbo 7 x 2.8 x 1.1-inch Zinc Alloy/Aluminum Alloy Material Heavy Duty Invisible Butt Best Hinges for Heavy Doors


If you’re willing to spend a little more for something worth it, this particular hinge is ready when you are. Many users can’t help but commend the strength of this hinge. Their only complaint is that they want it to be cheaper so they can buy as many as they want. Can you beat that? This hinge from Ranbo is the type that can hide into your doors and frames. It doesn’t spoil the decor of your home; rather, it makes your residence unique.

This butt hinge is suitable for your heavy doors at home, no matter how large or wide. For instance, is can firmly hold doors as thick as 35mm and as wide as 950 mm without squeaking. Moreover, it offers users a choice to adjust the range in three dimensions. Also, the installation is very simple, and anyone can do it.

If you have an open-style concealed door or wall door that shouldn’t be visible to anyone, this hinge is just what you need. Also, it works on other doors, such as your fire door, aluminum doors, security doors, etc.

Highlighted Features

  • Creates opening up to 180 degrees
  • Features 3-dimensional ranges that can be adjusted
  • Designed for concealed/hidden installations
  • Made of Zinc alloy material
  • Comes with adjustment tools and matching screws.


What To Look For While Buying The Best Hinges for Heavy Doors?


Door hinges look insignificant but are very important and contribute to your peace of mind. So, when looking for the best fit for your door, don’t do it carelessly. You need to consider some factors before you go home with any brand. Check the following:


Check the Construction Material


There are many types of materials used in fabricating door hinges. You’ll find some brands made with copper, bronze, pewter, cast iron, or stainless steel. The position of your door sometimes guides your decision on the material to choose from. If you’re fixing the doors outside, the stainless steel hinges are already your best bet. Moreover, if the doors are heavy and large, bronze or cast iron hinge materials are the best.


Consider the types


There’re many types of hinges, and each one is suitable for a particular usage. If you don’t know these types, you may mistakenly mix up the whole project. For instance, there’s the butt hinge, which serves perfectly for doors in your home. You can get butt hinges in many sizes, but the bottom line is that it’s suitable for the door at home. There’s also the flush hinge that you can use for your kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and bi-fold doors. Another type is the parliament hinge, which holds double doors standing between 2 rooms.

Parliament hinges can swing up to 180 degrees, and they’re suitable for commercial settings.

Another type of hinge available is the graded hinge, which holds heavier doors, such as fire doors standing and functional. Those doors that are made with solid timber all require graded hinges, and it’s an error not to use them. Other types of hinges include; tee hinges, self-closing hinges, hook & bands hinges, and piano hinges. No matter the type of door you need to install, there’s a perfect hinge for it. Never forget that.


The width and thickness of your door


Many people never knew that doors are capable of dictating the hinges they require. Yeah! You can’t use an unsuitable hinge to hang a heavy door and believe you’ve done nobly. You must determine the thickness, size, and weight of your door before buying any hinge. If you don’t want to miss your flight one morning because your door got unhinged, get it right at the beginning. Let the nature of your door guide your decision to buy or not to buy a particular hinge brand.

The load capacity and the opening angle


Have you noticed that some hinges can open very wide while others don’t? That’s what we mean by opening angle. Some hinges get as round as 360 degrees while others remain at 180 degrees. It all depends on where you’re installing the door. If you need a door to open so wide that everything can pass through, target the 360 degrees hinges but if not, check others. Moreover, always check the load capacity of your hinges to be sure of its capability and sturdiness. The higher the weight it can carry, the better for you. At least, it’ll be versatile and still functional.

Check the fastener holes


These holes, we believe, will also contribute to how sturdy a hinge can be. Also, it may be determined by the size of the hinge in the first place. But bear this in mind, some hinges come with four fastener holes while others have many. For instance, the butt hinges feature four fastener holes, but some other types even have up to twelve holes. The best number of holes on a hinge is determined by where you’re installing the door and the weight of the door too. If it’s a regular door, four holes are okay, but when it comes to heavy-duty doors, the 12 holes won’t be bad at all. Remember, the more you tighten the hinges through the numerous holes, the more firmly it attaches to the target object.

The target environment


Where you will install the doors matters a lot when buying your hinges. Of course, you know that outdoor hinges and indoor types may not be the same. Also, doors in high-traffic areas require sturdy hinges to bear the brunt of excessive opening and closing. Moreover, if the doors will be exposed to humid environments, you’ll grab a rust-resistant type of hinge made with stainless steel material. That way, your door will remain intact for years to come. So, before you go home with any particular brand, consider the environment.

Other factors to consider include the ease of installation, design, finishing, and the suitable number of hinges for your door. As soon as you have these details at your fingertips, go ahead and select the best hinges for heavy doors.


What are the purposes of usage of Door Hinges?

What are the purposes of usage of Door Hinges

Detail of a door hinge fixed on a wooden door


The importance of hinges to a door can never be overemphasized. Many enclosures we have in our home, offices, and other places spaces we use has one type of door or another. Each of these doors usually requires that unnoticeable metal stand and function as we expect.
Without hinges, you can’t open or close any door at all; room doors, cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, refrigerator, etc. In the first place, you can’t even install a door without using the hinges. Those tiny guys are very important and necessary to our existence, just like the wheels.

So, if you want a smooth and fluid movement of every door in your life, get the best hinges for it. Without hinges, no door can function at all. The important thing is that you must always use a suitable type for every door. If you have a small door, or a heavy door, get the right size and strength to keep it hanging and perfectly functional.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How many hinges should a heavy door have?

A heavy door should have from 3-4 hinges depending on the length as well. Moreover, if the door is a security door, it’s better to add as many hinges as it can accommodate. The reason being that with many hinges, it’ll be difficult for anyone to force the door open. Also, if the door is situated in a high-traffic spot, you’ll need to install it with at least 3 or 4 hinges to withstand the usage.

Where do you put hinges on a heavy door?

When placing your door hinges, the upper hinge should be situated at least 6 inches from where the top jamb starts to where the upper edge of the barrel begins. The middle hinge should be at the center of the top hinge and the bottom hinge.
Then the bottom hinges must be 9 inches from the lower edge of the barrel.

What distance should door hinges be?

The top door hinge should be 170-180mm or 6 inches from the upper side of your door. The lower hinge should be 190-200mm or 9 inches from the lower side of the door. Lastly, place the middle hinge at the center of the top and lower hinges.

Should interior doors have 2 or 3 hinges?

The number of hinges to put on a door is sometimes determined by the weight of the door. If the internal door is not heavy, you can use 2 butt hinges of 3 inches for it. However, if the internal door is heavy, it’s best to use 2 butt hinges that are up to 4 inches in size or use 3 butt hinges that are 4″ for the “very heavy” internal doors.

What is the standard door hinge size?

The standard sizes for door hinges ranges from 3″, 3-1/2 inches and 4 inches to 6 inches for heavy-duty doors. You’ll see the sizes in increments of ½ inch.

Best Hinges for Heavy Doors Conclusion:


Every home needs a sturdy and functional door. The only piece of metal that ensures that is a hinge. You can’t get the utmost feeling of security in your home if your doors are easy to unhinge with every little kick. So, make sure you fix them with the best hinges for heavy doors during installation. However, if you already fixed your doors and feel like improving the sturdiness and functionality, get the best hinges for every type of door you have right here.

We’ve taken our time to gather and review the best in the industry. Each of the products here has special areas of functions and amazing features to keep your door glued to the frame. Don’t wait until you miss your flight before improving the strength of your doors.
Act now and avoid delays and embarrassing moments tomorrow.