Best Low Flow Shower Head (Reviews & Guide 2022)

Best Low Flow Shower Head

Who can live without showering? Such a question does not deserve to be asked, especially since we all know the answer. It is important to make our shower a part of great pleasure by equipping it with the best low flow shower head, which can facilitate our task while giving us the desired experience. Bathing is good, but bathing with ease and pleasure is even better. For this, low flow showerheads is a material that can satisfy you perfectly. They exist to give us the pleasure we want by going for a bath.

Not only will you have fun showering, but you can also cut your electricity bills with the use of the low-flow shower head. It is not only economical but also. In this article, we will talk about the best low flow shower heads on the market, their features, but most of all, why you should pay for this equipment and replace it for your shower. But above all, we will define this important equipment for your bathroom.

Top Best Low Flow Shower Head Reviews

1. High Sierra’s All Metal

Best Low Flow Showerhead


This thing is amazing! It works much better than our expensive-but-worthless “Whirl Air / Rain Air” 2.5 GPM Hansgrohe shower pub, despite having only 1.5 GPM max. The pressure this item provides is awesome (likely 3-4x what we get from the Hansgrohe). But, even better, the droplets don’t come out in a predetermined array of lines.

The head and fittings are built entirely out of metal. The restrictor around the appearance is created from a high-grade plastic, which lasts considerably longer compared to other plastic or composite components.

Reviewers were very impressed by the build quality. They said it seemed and felt sturdy, complimenting both the end and the smooth joint on the fixture. It’s WaterSense certified and qualifies for the LEED standard in green building. Even the 1.5 GPM flow speed will save 40 percent of the water used by traditional 2.5 GPM models.

Rather than several compact spray nozzles, there is one central jet. High Sierra has integrated with a special Splash Protector, which targets the spray into a tight cone. This reduces overspray and provides better coverage inside the cone. As a result, your toilet floor won’t be excessively moist. Also, it prevents clogging and blockages.

Many reviewers praised the shower on the restrictor. They enjoyed that they were not getting their floors or surrounding walls as moist. Plus, they enjoyed having more water aimed at them. High Sierra also offers a good reputation for client support. They have even taken the opportunity to react to comments from prior buyers online.

  • Easy Installation
  • Doesn`t have plastic parts
  • Does not clog
  • The water flows like a regular shower
  • The spray is strong
  • There’s only one spray function: full. It’s nothing fancy to look at.


  • The award-winning patented nozzle provides powerful full-mist spraying of large droplets
  • Minerals in water do not clog patented nozzles as common with most low-flow showerheads
  • Sturdy metal construction with beautiful polished chrome finish
  • Save 40% or more of water and energy to heat water. Water-sensitive certification
  • Made in the USA with foreign and domestic parts.
  • Strong and sturdy!

Best Dual Hand Held Shower Head

2. Delta Faucet

Best Dual Hand Held Shower Head


This dual setting showerhead works at 2.5 or 1.85 gallons per minute, offering a high-volume shower and water-saving support. A suitable volume-control lever adjusts the water settings.

Delta Faucets WaterSense is a partnership program that tries to keep the potential of the nation’s water supply by encouraging water efficiency. User-friendly, the H2OKinetics showerhead has a modern design with four spray holes.

Save Water Without Sacrificing Comfort Delta faucets started as a brand innovation that won approval, and through the years, a degree of quality has validated their standing. Manufactured to meet local, regional, and federal regulations. The Delta faucet provides detailed guarantees that ensure adequate component replacement and wins people’s trust through rigorous strength testing programs. The handle can be opened and closed 500,000 times to guarantee years of performance. Before leaving the factory, each tap undergoes more than 100 manual inspections, including air and water tests.

User-Friendly Design with Clog-Free Holes to save on utility bills H2OKinetics technology delivers 36% less water than standard showerheads, however the water flow feels just like a shower and also the bigger droplets feel warmer more.

  • Showers you without using more water
  • Install in minutes
  • Spray settings include: adjustable H2OK sport spray
  • Adjustable H2 Power Shower lets you choose a powerful rain shower or adjust the flow for a gentle, highly water-saving experience


    • The water-saving shower offers a low-flow spray pattern that feels like a traditional flow
    • Dual flow settings run at 2.5 or 1.85 gallons per minute
    • Easily switch settings with the volume lever on the printhead
    • H2OKinetics technology provides 36% less water than standard sprinklers
    • Nozzles do not clog mineral deposits and are easy to clean
    • Lifetime faucet and warranty

    Best 3-Function Water Saving Shower Head

    3. American Standard 1660717.002

    Best 3-Function Water Saving Shower Head


    The FloWise 3 Fragrant Function Water-Saving Showerhead saves energy, water, and money while providing an enjoyable shower. Showers account for 75% of water usage, and showers are the biggest source of water waste. A household of four can save 8,000 gallons of water per year together with the FloWise showerhead.

    Turbine Technology

    FloWise introduces a new spin on water conservation using an invigorating shower experience which uses around 40 percent water

    Water is emphasized when it flows into the small room. Then, the water tank (waterwheel) rotates the pressurized water, which increases the force. Finally, the showerhead spreads the water evenly, making people feel fresh and pleasant.

    Three ways to save water

    This three-function sprinkler lets you determine how much time you want to save and when to rest. Choose from three water-saving adventures that save water and energy without sacrificing comfort: combined spray, full spray, and turbo spray. Fully adjustable spray angle can be adjusted according to your height and body position.

    FloWise 3 is easy to use and has a unique auto-return quality that returns to a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute whenever you turn off the shower. Usually, this means that you will always save up to 40% more water than a traditional 2.5 gallons/ minute showerhead.

    About American Standard Brands

    The American Standard brand offers you the features and style of each product. Attractive design, unique performance of eliminating leaks, reducing installation time, saving cash, and increasing strength and reliability, American Standard products have become the Improve your residence.

    • Angle Adjustable
    • Amazing water-saving technology
    • Auto return option


      • Energize showers with proprietary turbine technology while saving water
      • Three spraying functions: turbine, full spray or combination
      • Auto return function reverts to 1.5 GPM flow
      • Water-saving rate up to 40%
      • Angle adjustable shower
      • Turbine shower at 1.5 GPM Max. Flow rate
      • Full spray at 2.0 GPM Max. flow rate
      • Combination spray at 2.0 GPM Max. Flow Rate
      • Auto return feature defaults at 1.5 GPM

      4. Niagara Earth Massage

      Niagara Earth Massage


      Compared with the “low-flow” shower heads commonly found in the traditional market, Niagara’s earth shower heads can save up to 75% of water, thereby saving money. Although the Earth shower head ensures a significant reduction in water consumption, the patented pressure compensation technology still ensures a strong and stable flow regardless of the available water pressure.

      The shower head has a 9-pin adjustable turbo massage function, which can be easily compacted by a gentle needle spray into a powerful nozzle. Because the water flow isn’t aerated, the warmth of the nozzle is reduced-the loss converted to the most energy-saving effect.

      The Niagara Earth Massage shower head has a patented internal pressure compensator and a 9-jet turbo massage that produces a highly effective spray even in reduced water pressure. Three adjustable preferences on the head and traditional chrome finishes fulfill the requirements of a variety of modern showers, with numerous spray styles to choose from.

      The spray head is designed to restrict the circulation to 1.25 GPM, which means you can save up to 30% of your water bill in contrast to conventional showers, while still giving a stable water output. The non-aerated spray keeps water warm because it flows in mind, which also saves energy expenses.

      High impact ABS thermoplastics have been used in shower heads for durability and corrosion resistance. It produces a smooth, airless spray that helps the injector clean itself, reducing maintenance costs and preventing mineral deposits. The head is easy to mount on any standard shower accessory and requires no tools.

      • Strong 9-jet turbo massage
      • Flexible spray pattern
      • Save up to 30% in energy and water costs
      • Made of durable ABS thermoplastic
      • Easy to clean and require low maintenance
      • Flow limiter Can’t be eliminated


      • Corrosion-resistant, high-impact ABS thermoplastic body
      • Adaptive 9-jet turbo massage
      • Consistent flow rate, Irrespective of water pressure
      • Self-cleaning, non-aerated spray, making it maintenance-free
      • 1.25 GPM saves you up to 30 percent more energy and water

      Best Low Flow Showerhead

      5. High Sierra’s All Metal

      Best Low Flow Showerhead


      The 1.8 GPM flow is designed to improve spray function in higher shower settings. High Sierra says that many low-flow sprinklers (even their spectacular 1.5 GPM models) lose more intensity and heat, and the higher they are placed on the shower wall. The model is designed to compensate for this effect! Its increased water flow and speed keep water droplets heating all the way to the floor.

      30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee If you are not satisfied with HighSierraShowerhead® for any reason, you can return it for a refund or exchange. You only need to return the product to us in a new condition within 30 days from the date the product is shipped, and we will refund the full purchase price minus shipping costs, which is non-refundable.

      From The Manufacturer

      HighSierraShowerheads® reserves the right to determine whether a full or partial refund or exchange should be made based on the conditions of the return. Two-year warranty HighSierra shower head® guarantees that every new shower head manufactured is free of defective materials and workmanship.

      HighSierraShowerheads® agrees to correct any such defects or replace the equipment, as long as we deliver the equipment to us intact and all shipping costs have been prepaid to us, counting from the date of sale for two years. Original purchaser.

      Although we like the high ceramic showers we’ve seen so far, some people may prefer something a little more compact. In general, the stream provided by these heads is sufficient for most users, but if you use a high-pressure system, you may be a little disappointed with the results.

      As you can imagine, the construction of this bathroom is incredible. This model is made of 100% metal parts rather than plastic parts that can drop or break when under pressure. This means you can use it for years to come without worrying about the flow or the magnitude of the flow.

      Compared to high-pressure showers, this unit can save up to 28% of the total water. So when you start paying attention to your utility bill, you will appreciate what this model has to offer. Also, considering how much you can install in your bathroom, upgrading to a better shower has never been easier.

      • 100% metal structure
      • Powerful and reliable flow
      • Quick and easy installation
      • 1.8 gallons per minute
      • Save up to 28% of water
      • Various surface treatments
      • Compact design fits any shower
      • The stream is narrower than other models
      • Big drops may be too splashy for some users


      • The new 1.8 gallons/ minute spray provides more satisfactory large droplet spray than original 1.5 gallons/ minute model.
      • The patented nozzle does not clog.
      • Sturdy metal construction with beautiful polished chrome finish.
      • Save 25% or more water and energy to heat water.
      • Water-sensitive certification.
      • Made in the USA with foreign and domestic parts. Strong and sturdy!

      6. KOHLER K-14519-CP

      KOHLER K-14519-CP Bancroft 2.0 GPM Single-Function Showerhead


      Conservation does not need to mean sacrifice. The Bancroft traditionally-styled 2.0 GPM showerhead uses Katalyst air induction technologies to provide an invigorating spray experience while saving up to 20% water intake.

      Kohler’s K14519 is a shower head with a full protection spray, producing a water jet at a flow rate of 2 gallons per second. The spray face was created using nozzle geometry that provides concentrated coverage of water droplets.

      What stands out about this product is that it unites the use of catalyst air-induction technology, which provides water spray, which saves up to 20% on water content.

      The reason is that the technology injects 2.2 gallons of air into 2.5 gallons of water a second, leaving you with big drops that feel like more water. Hot water is the result of these large drops of water, which can be up to half a degree to make your bathing experience more comfortable.

      This gives you two color options so you can fit close to your toilet decoration. Other features include a round face, MasterClean Spray Encounter, which is easy to clean and resistant to accumulation in water, which is tough.


      • 2.0 GPM flow rate, 20% water conservation vs traditional 2.5 GPM showerheads.
      • Catalyst air-induction technology maximizes air/water mix for a powerful, even flow.
      • Spray face features nozzle geometry that provides more concentrated coverage of large water droplets.
      • Master Clean spray face resists the construction of harsh water and is easy to clean.
      • Showers and paralysis not included.

      7. Niagara N2915CH

      Niagara N2915CH 1.5 GPM Chrome Shower Head


      The shower head has a 9-pin adjustable turbo massage function. Because of this, it can be easily rotated from a gentle needle spray to a powerful nozzle. Because the water stream is not aerated, the temperature loss of the sprinkler head is less-thereby maximizing energy savings.

      The shower head has a 9-pin adjustable turbo massage function, which can be easily rotated from a gentle needle spray to a powerful nozzle. Because the water stream is not aerated, the temperature loss of the sprinkler head is less-thereby, maximizing energy savings.

      From the manufacturer

      Pro series chrome 1.5 GPM turbo massage shower head with a brass ball joint and 9 massage jets. Save up to 40% on energy and water. Compare with Niagara 1.5 GPM Earth Chrome Massage Shower Heads N2915N and N2915CH. Turbo massage 1.5 GPM chrome shower head. NIAGRA massage shower head 1.5GPM chromium. On-site repairs, repair parts, repair pipelines.

      For more than 30 years, Niagara Protected Earth nozzles have been known for their performance and affordability. Equipped with a patented internal pressure compensator and provides consistent water flow regardless of the available water pressure. This is an important feature because Niagara protection sprinklers are water-saving sprinklers because they reduce total water use, which saves water and energy for the home.

      Niagara protection products are favored by professionals and consumers for their ability to save energy and water without sacrificing quality. For these reasons, millions of Niagara protection nozzles are sold every year.


      • Saves up to 40% water compared to traditional low-flow showerheads on the market.
      • Ensures strong and stable flow regardless of available water pressure.
      • Made in China.
      • Turbo massage 1.5 GPM chrome shower head.
      • NIAGRA Massage Nozzle 1.5GPM.
      • CHROME, home repairs, repair parts, fixed pipes.

      What is a low flow shower head?

      Low-flow shower heads are very different from ordinary pressure-operated shower heads. Usually, an ordinary or normal shower head uses 2.5 GPM of water, which is not the case with the low flow shower head. If we take this aspect of the thing, the difference is already clear. We can therefore easily understand this one is more economical than the other from a general point of view.

      As its name suggests, the low flow shower head is “low flow,” i.e., limits your consumption through the dosage or the force of the water jet. Unlike normal shower heads that have excessive consumption, the one that catches our attention is less wasteful. It reduces your water consumption by decreasing it to 2.0 or even 1.5 GPM. So with the same performance, you save because there is a lower bill than you will pay.

      We will better explain to you the advantages of this tool. They are also at the cutting edge of technology because they have a good ” Air Fusion ”. Air fusion allows you to have large droplets of water without increasing your bill, and you have the same feeling when you shower.

      How to use a shower head?

      The shower head is both aesthetic and practical in the bathroom. But you still need to know how to handle it with care. And if you don’t know how to do it, we give you some tips in this article.

      Identify a suitable height

      Before installing your equipment, you will need to identify the height at which it will be placed. Since the people in your household use the shower, you must position it at a height that offers a good compromise between young and old so that everyone can find the comfort they are looking for.

      Install the shower head

      The installation of this material is an easy process for individuals who have knowledge of DIY, which is not always the case for everyone. So, to start, you will need to cover the bottom of the shower with a protective cloth.

      Make sure the water is turned off before performing any operations. If you find it difficult to tighten the knob, place a cloth over the hose so as not to damage the hose. Then you just need to turn clockwise to complete the process.

      Replace and clean ingredients

      When replacing your shower head, you can use a damp cloth over the pipe threads to get rid of dirt and other debris. You can also use Teflon to strengthen the equipment’s water tightness. And if you notice that the rubber washer inside the fitting loses performance, you can change it. However, be sure to hand in a component with the same measurements as the previous one.

      Choose the type of spray

      If you are using a multijet model, make sure to activate the mode that meets your expectations when you shower. The goal is to acquire maximum satisfaction during your stay in the bathroom and to find the feeling of comfort you are looking for at the time.

      Maintain your equipment

      The maintenance of a shower head does not require any particular knowledge in the field. Indeed, a simple rinsing with water of its external coating makes it possible to restore its state to new.

      Immerse your device in the liquid for 10 to 15 minutes. The purpose of this action is to remove tartar or debris that would stick to the holes and prevent the proper functioning of your equipment.

      The benefits of the Best Low flow Shower Head

      Even if you will see that at the end of the month, or by taking stock of your expenses at the end of the year, the first advantage of using this equipment is the money it saves you. Isn’t showering with your comfort while putting aside a few rooms wonderful? The rate of reduction of water consumption with this tool varies between 36 and 40%.

      It is important to insist on the billing aspect. In reality, by using the low-flow showerhead, you significantly reduce your consumption. Less water used means less water to heat up, which will boost the overall bill for the house. What more?

      Another advantage of this material is that it also has an environmental side. In fact, when you use less energy to heat water, you emit fewer greenhouse gases. Thus, the dispersion of CO2 in nature decreases at the same time. In the midst of global warming, it is a way of contributing to the fight against the emission of gases harmful to the environment. When we know that all actions are important in helping to make our environment healthy, this gesture is beneficial.

      Best Low Flow Shower Head Conclusion

      The use of this precious revolutionary tool in the world means that you have opted to control the flow of water that comes out when you shower. Not only do you have reduced consumption of water, but you keep the same taste when swimming.

      So if you are worried about the cleanliness of your body for your shower head at low flow because of the expression “LOW FLOW”, you do not have to worry. It is for the reduction of water consumption quite simply. By using this equipment, you take pleasure in showering, you save, and you are also eco-citizens.




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