A good air conditioner evermore blooms your comfort in summers. But, is your AC really an unorthodox unit? One of the factors that make AC a right summer partner is that how much numb it is? Moreover, how much noiseless is your window Air conditioner? Whether you are fed up with your previous WAC or looking for the best quietest window air conditioner, your quest for your worry will settle here.


Best Quietest Window Air Conditioner Review


Below is the listing of the top 10 quietest AC units, but for catching these, you should have noticed some worthy insights regarding a perfect summer pick.

It usually said that a noisy Air conditioner might soothe your sweating glands but will drums your earbuds hardly. How to pick a right noiseless window air conditioner?

Let watch out some of the constituents which will encourage you to execute a perfect find:


Facts about noiseless window air conditioner:


Decibels (DBA) is not a primary thing to observe: 


It’s true, and there is an ultimate truth that Decibels (dB) depicts the noise level of a WAC. However, this theory doesn’t fix the problem solely.

Weather conditions, cleaning of your WAC, and such other scenarios are also the exceptions.

It’s more a fact that Air conditioner noise performance remains way conditional. Then again, the room size, location, humid conditions, and your’s surroundings sometimes profoundly reshape the machine’s performance.

One unit that works for you may not exhibit the right execution in any other case. So, just relying on the decibels theory might not be a good notion.


The Installation of WAC is a watchable thing: 


Your AC unit carries a first and soundless compressor, mind it, you’re a blessed person. Yet, not enough if the installation of WAC is not a pretty thing.

Window air conditioners scream louder when they don’t accurately fit in your windows. A sound installation solution conquers the chances of vibration that helps your windmill to perform without any noise.

So, any loose-fitting may trouble your Air conditioner unit and cause it to give a rattling sound. As far as you look for dB numbers, also look at machines with the firmer installation.


Best Quietest Window Air Conditioner

Fan Speed does the trick: 


You know every machine comes with different fan speed levels. Some AC unit proceeds with a two-speed fan, and some possess three-speed fan or higher.

Choosing an air conditioner with a higher fan speed level also brings you closer to your search for the best quietest window AC.

Technically, the two-speed fan gives you only low and high fan speed mode, which sometimes doesn’t execute fruitful results. In contrary to this, three or higher fan speed grants you higher versatility in terms of performance and noise level.


Make your expectation super flexible: 


Note that, you are dealing in a conditional home appliances market. The electronics world, specifically this air conditioning domain, is not apparent.

Whatever the dB Levels and noiseless air conditioner performance a company claims, always give a space to your expectation and machine performance.

These were some checking that you should consider before going into a final deal.


1. Frigidaire FFRE0533Q1 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner


Frigidaire FFRE0533Q1 5,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner


Whether you have separate baby rooms or tiny library room in your house, this is a Suitable Thing in a small budget. This Frigidaire model is one of the best noiseless air conditioner units in the 5000 BTU category.

With two speeds of fans and cooling, this AC unit renders 53 and 57 dB on low and high fan speed, respectively. So as long as you are looking for low dB ratings, this FFRE0533Q1 model contents your expectations.

Plus, the weight is just about 42lbs that make its installation a matter of duck soup. Even, it successfully gets blocked in the window single-handedly. Nonetheless, in many cases, the users allege it gets shipped with some minor dents and damages.

A good summary is, no significant damage has been reported yet. Besides, the customer support fully satisfies you for your purchase in case of any massive shipping damage.

This unit is purposed for 150sqft, but settle your expectations range from 120 to 130sqft. For such an area, you may place it in your small bedrooms, study rooms, libraries, or baby rooms, and it can wield the situation quite awesomely.

With four-way airflow, this targeted area gets cool down without a worry.

When it times to humid weather conditioner, a built-in dehumidifier deals a 1.1 pints/hour of moisture. Nevertheless, there is no way for the drainage of condensate water. The company hasn’t designed drainage holes, and water drips out from inner grills.

Yet it’s not recommended by the company; many users have unearthed a solution to this problem by drilling holes manually.

The remote controller has a quite long-range, and you can customize the AC setting while sitting in another corner of the room.

It’s for sure that this unit has a soundless performance. Along with this, you can also enjoy minimal yearly cost on your electricity bills. While consuming just 3.9 Amps, this ENERGY STAR certified model only adds around 40 bucks on your electricity bills with its 11.2 EER score.

SO if you are really tight on buying and maintenance budget, this Frigidaire 5000 BTU unit does a successful landing for your choice.


  • Weight: 41lbs
  • Dimensions: 15.2 x 16 x 12 inches
  • Wattage: 3.9 Amp, 440 Watts, 115V
  • Filtration: Single Mesh Anti-Bacterial Washable
  • Warranty: 1 Year Full/ 5Year Sealed System
  • The system maintains a least 53 and max 57 dB
  • This model is ultra light-weighted
  • It delivers a strong cooling performance with four-way airflow
  • It offers a low voltage start-up
  • The drainage process is not good

Why should one buy this?

The Frigidaire FFRE0533Q1 5000 BTU model is a modest choice for compact spaces and needs. While you are incredibly tight on budget or want to diminish the billing cost, this model delivers the transcendent cooling features in the smallest budget. Also, if you bear minimal humid conditions, this model does the perfect job.


2. LG LW6017R 6,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner:


LG LW6017R 6,000 BTU Window Air Conditioner


Life becomes so good when you bring “Life’s Good” – that means LG to your home. In this race for best noiseless window AC unit, this LG LW6017R model is one of the most exceptional items in 6000 BTU department.

Being a 6000 BTU unit, it maintains a strict quality on noise level and cooling performance. The maximum noise level reaches to 55 dB in high-speed mode. Except for soft white noise, this unit doesn’t disturb your ears surely.

This LG Model sets its cooling target about 200 to 250sqft with three fan speeds. Luckily, the slowest fan speed also has the Quietest Performance as compared to its rival Emerson EARC6RE1, Frigidaire FGRQ0633U1, and others.

For this specific model, this carries a big GIANT brand name of LG. So the performance and features are the things which you’ll enjoy the most in this machine.

This particular model maintains ENERGY STAR verification and keeps an 11.5 ERR score. Reducing your billing cost to an extended level, this WAC also originates with an intelligent built-in thermostat feature.

The thermostat always works when there is a call to maintain the room temperature that you can set manually.

Along with soberness of thermostat, the energy saver mode acts like a bridge or messenger between the fan and compressor. The energy saver mode pushes the fans to sense the room temperature after every 3 minutes.

In case of any need for cooling, the compressor gets activated and sleeps down after maintaining the room temperature.

This mechanism makes this LG 6000 BTU unit a super power-efficient machine in the market. Similarly, this Power efficiency results in around 40$ as yearly electricity costs.

With such fruitful energy-saving performance, this model also has a responsibility to save yourself from the “Sticky” situation of humid weather. The built-in humidifier combats about 1.8pints of water per hour.

All this condensate remaining drained off continuously through a drain tube that comes along with the package.

With more turn-ons, this model is one of the lightest in its league featuring 39.6 lbs of weight. Yet, this weight seems logical as chassis doesn’t look sturdy and being molded with a thin metal sheet.

With an intent to provide fresh air to you and your family, this 6000 BTU model has a hallmark to pull outside fresh air into your room. Still, there is no option to turn this feature off when there is no necessity to utilize this thing. Thus, sometimes it becomes an irritating scenario.


  • Weight: 39.6 lbs
  • Wattage: 115V, 520 Watts, 4.9 Amps. 11.5 ERR
  • Filtration: Single Mesh Anti-Bacterial Filter
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • The energy efficiency is up to the mark with its energy saver mode and thermostat highlights.
  • The cooling performance is also a delight to enjoy
  • The low fan speed is the most soundless version of the air conditioner in the market.
  • The design is simple, straightforward and decent
  • It comes with easy installation
  • The fan is not durable and becomes faulty in some cases.
  • The chassis doesn’t look sturdy.

Why should one buy this?

This LG LW6017R1 model is a treat for the users who are looking for a noiseless and energy-efficient machine for regular use. It can make your summer days and nights blissful with its soundless cooling performance. This machine relaxes you from the over electricity billing.

3. Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series 6050 BTU 

Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series 6050

The 6000 BTU mostly purveys to the low to mid-range spaces. In shorter words, you can say this type of power motor cools down the areas from 150 to 250Sqft. Anyway, we have this HAIER Serenity series model ESAQ406P that is 6050 BTU Model.

For this particular model, it is known for the “Most lowest Decibel Rating” model, attaining just 43dbs. Factually, the whole serenity series has a lot of stylish and best quietest window air conditioner models. Yet, as a 6050 model, it attains a compressor blanket that drops down its noise level.

This Compressor blanket is like a noise shield that curbs the compressor to sound louder. Thus, this mechanism allows this specific model to accomplish the lowest noise level. There is also Ultra Quiet mode that enables this WAC to produce the lowest possible noise.

This Haier model features four modes of working, including fan, cooling, dehumidify, and AUTO. In this auto-mode, the machine produces the lowest noise with optimum performance. Notwithstanding, this Auto mode is not a crispy, crunchy element when it comes to its performance.

The cooling range is subjected around 150 to 250sqft, which it handles beautifully with its cross-flow fan and dual motor design. Additionally, in dehumidify mode, it plucks around 1.8pint/ hours of water.

The remotely is smartly designed with the innovation of Magnaclick with Braille. Magnaclik gives you the freedom to place your remote control on the AC unit while Braille is for visually impaired users. The Braille allows such specially recognized users to remind the controls for easy accessibility of AC functions.

As a 6k BTU unit, it feels it weighs a little higher as it crosses the 50lbs (55Lbs actually) mark. Somehow, with such weight, the installation looks a super fine and easy job for a single person.

As a most noiseless window air conditioner, this device also saves your day at electricity consumption. 

Maintaining 11.2 ERR score, it’s an ENERGY STAR certified machine that adds around 40 bucks as annually billing cost. Besides, an energy saver mode pleases your wallet in every weather condition.


  • Weight: 55LBS
  • Wattage: 540 Watts, 5 Amps, 115V, 11.2 ERR
  • Filtration: Single Mesh Washable Filter
  • Warranty: One Year Limited
  • It comes with full functionalities of Sleep mode, 24-hour timer, Filter Cleaning alert, etc.
  • This model genuinely wins the lowest performance noise
  • The remote control is also awesomely designed for visually impaired customers
  • The system is energy efficient
  • The auto mode performance is ordinary

Why should one buy this?

This Haier Serenity ESAQ406P model is especially for those who passionately looks for a quiet window air conditioner for medium size rooms. This model also arrives in an 8000 BTU model that has a minimum 47 dB Noise level and also maintains the lowest noise level in 8000 BTU category. For the users, to whom the noise level bothers the most, this Haier model is the OBVIOUS selection.

4. Frigidaire FFRE0833S1 8,000 BTU

Frigidaire FFRE0833S1 8,000 BTU


Who doesn’t know about Frigidaire? Surely, everyone would know this brand as it has a huge fan base and market share in the house appliance arena.

Well, this time, the Frigidaire 8000 BTU FFRE0833S1 has made to our listing. This model has been listed as an AMAZON CHOICE model and has gathered bulks and bulks of positive reviews.

For this 8000 Model, plenty of cool features are waiting for you, but above all you, you can experience about 55 dB of the noise level. As a bigger unit, this noise level is pretty justifiable.

This model reaches with three fan speeds in which the low fan is the quietest one. For mid to high speed, you might see a climb in sound level, but luckily it doesn’t deliver that rattling noises.

Are you concerned about your night AC experience? Don’t forget this Frigidaire model also features a sleep mode that adjusts the fan noise to a pleasant sound level.

The cooling performance has been marketed for a range of 350sqft. Still, set your expectations slightly low for dependable cooling delivery. By means of “Slightly,” the target is about 300 to 320sqft.

The dehumidifier and the drainage like things have a notable working, and you won’t face any bug in this area. The dehumidifier does a 1.7pints/hour of the water-extracting job while the condensate water gets drained very well.

In contrary to many of its league competitors, this model is moderately cheap. Yet for such low price cost, this WAC model doesn’t own a built-in heater.

So if you’re thinking of opting for this machine as a FOUR season home appliance, this might somewhat miss your target.

Furthermore, in some cases, the users report about minor damages and dents they face when the unit gets shipped. Nevertheless, customer service always helps to compensate for losses.

Frigidaire FFRE0833S1 freshens the environment and helps you to breathe healthy air. With its Anti-Bacterial Mesh filtration, the pollen and impurities don’t reach to you at any cost.

You might be thinking that these all features will cost you some extra maintenance and billing cost?

Lucky you! This machine is an ENERGYSTAR verified and stars a 12.0 ERR rate. Besides, the build quality will impress you by giving a consistent performance from seasons to seasons without damage.


  • Weight: 52lbs
  • Wattage: 5.9 Amps, 665 Watts, 115V, 12.0 ERR
  • Filtration: Anti-Bacterial Mesh Filter
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited, 5 Year Seal System
  • The System is a comparatively low price
  • The noise level is quite bearable
  • As an 8000 model, it doesn’t raise your electricity bills that much
  • The cooling performance is reliable for 300 to 330sqft
  • It comes with a temperature sensing remote controller
  • This model is light weighted when it relates to compressor power
  • The eco-mode is not adequate.
  • The packaging is not sturdy, so that it might get affected by dents and damages during the shipping process.

Why should one buy this?

Usually, the 8000 model costs you more. When it comes to pricing, you might look at its price several times. For a relatively limited budget but demand for a big machine, this Frigidaire FFRE0833S1 can compose your smile even more prominent.

5. Frigidaire FFRH0822R1 8000 BTU 

Frigidaire FFRH0822R1 8000 BTU

One thing you love about Frigidaire is it provides you a load of variety and options. One model, you may not like by this brand, it will always have its alternative or counter. For our prior Frigidaire model, here is another Frigidaire pick in the same 8000 BTU category.

In a ratio of the previous machine, this model is slightly quieter. With max 57 dB of noise level, you will love this machine running voicelessly even on high fan speed.

Here, taking it into your notice, both system carries the same fan speed variations.

This model is more cumbersome, weighty (80lbs), and also becomes a little hefty to your pocket. As far as you are a performance hunter, this model doesn’t permit you to look anywhere else to search for better performance.

Also, when we talk about the little hefty price tag, this model features a 7000 BTU heat pump that makes your winter cozy with its 3500 BTU supplementary heating capacity.

Yet, this termed as “Supplementary,” and you must know what thing it is.

Similarly, justifying the price bracket, you got an Energy efficiency trust by ENERGY STAR. This model enjoys the ENERGY STAR energy efficiency (9.6 ERR) and also got Safety Certifications.

The cooling display is about 350sqft, and meanwhile, most of the users find it extremely accurate. It efficiently does the cooling job with its eight-way strong airflow (Max 259).

In case of any power outage, don’t hassle to re-customize the Air conditioner settings. This model manages it all, remember the settings, and make a restart according to them.

For a continuous chilling throw, the cleaning-filter alert system clinks you every time with an on-board light notification when there is a need for filter cleaning.

So timely unclogging and cleaning of filters says hello to higher performance and longer AC lifespan.

Additionally, with such cool features, the dehumidifier is also a key here that makes this machine a four-mode working model; Fan, Cooling, Heating, Dehumidifier.

The dehumidifier digs around 1.5pint/hour of water, making it 36pint/day.


  • Weight: 80lbs
  • Wattage: 815 Watts, 115V, 7.0 Amps, 9.8 ERR
  • Filtration: Single Anti-Bacterial Mesh Filter
  • Warranty: 1 Year, 5 Year
  • The unit has an excellent airflow design that furnishes a robust cooling performance
  • The AC unit offers you noiseless performance.
  • The heating mode becomes handy in winters
  • It comes with auto-restart, thermostat, and auto modes.
  • The heating unit is not useful for extreme winters.
  • It slightly raises electricity billing.

Why should one buy this?

This model has a strong reputation for its accuracy and extended cooling range. Although it’s a little bulky and hefty, its iconic quiet and stable performance covers it all. The users who are ultimately keen to spend their summers and winters without jumping from one AC unit to others, this is your right trade.

6. Friedrich Chill Series CP10G10B 10000 BTU WAC:

Friedrich Chill Series CP10G10B 10000 BTU WAC


While you look from 8000 to 14000 BTU or even higher models, one name probably you’ll hear whenever it comes to performance, flexibility, and durability. Without a doubt, I am pointing you towards the Friedrich chill series, which proposes a variety of AC units from 8000 to 23000 BTU range.

For now, we have taken a very famous Friedrich chill CP10G10B 1000 BTU model to our listing.

A window air condition always remains a crucial investment for summers. Meanwhile, you are watching this summer for durable performance with excellent dehumidification power; this model is a ready-to-pick thing.

This specific chill series model throws four-way auto directional louvers airflow with a maximum power of 300cfm. Thus, you can make a judgment this unit is more than enough for 450sqft room.

The dehumidifier mode can ply ultra-sticky and moisture conditions while combating 3 pints/hour of water.

As this model originated from china, so the exact decibel rating is not available. However, the company declares, it’s an Ultra QUIET model and remains sound to your ears.

As per customer reviews and some verified cases, you can expect the dB rating ranging from 55 to 60. Admittedly, it’s a minimal matrix for such big 10000 BTU unit.

This WAC arises with a unique power code feature. The fact is, window air conditioner sometimes doesn’t become the Right Thing with the mounting of your plug. This power cord feature allows you to plug-in your cord at the side where your socket is mounted.

Consequently, whether the scenario is for the right or left side, the power cord neutralizes the situation very well.

People get afraid of electricity billing of bigger units as they consume more energy. Have a little faith in this machine as 12.0 ERR is the score for this ENERGYSTAR verified model.

Likewise, you will experience a MONEY SAVER mode, which further optimizes its energy consumption without taking a jibe on performance.

Such features just only add approximately 70$ for annual billing costs, which is around 6$ per month. Ah! Not bad at all.

This model is a bit fatty in weight, but the assembly and installation are pretty handy. The slide-out chassis makes it sure you fit in and expels out the unit from your window like taking candy from a baby.


  • Weight: 81lbs
  • Wattage: 8.5 Amps, 820 Watts, 115V, 12.2 ERR
  • Filtration: Single Microbial Washable Filters
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • As a bigger unit, the noise level is an exotic thing in this machine
  • The dehumidifier has firm combating power against humidity
  • It comes with all the features of the thermostat, auto restart, sleep mode, and 24-hour timer.
  • The installation and assembly are easy.
  • This machine renders multiple energy-saving and eco-friendly features.
  • The system is weighty
  • The remote controller lacks the backlit, so it becomes difficult to use it in a dark situation.

Why should one buy this?

From cooling performance to dehumidification and from noise level to energy efficiency, this strong and sturdy model proffers all the features with great care.

Anyone who looks for premium summer and humidity solution, this Friedrich CP10G10B 10000 BTU model, is a blindly trusted machine. The availability of higher BTU power also extends its cooling reach for maximum space areas.

7. Emerson EARC10RE1 Quiet Kool 10,000 BTU WAC:

Emerson EARC10RE1 Quiet Kool 10,000 BTU WAC


The next finding in the 10,000 BTU category is the well-known Emerson. Specifically, when you look for the window air conditioners that tender less noise, this Emerson EARC10RE1 is another prime option to choose from.

The company has tried to solve the NOISE problem of windows AC mainly. With that said and to this model, it seems Emerson has become successful by providing this machine.

The dB rating is 59 and taking such a big unit category into your notice; this is undoubtedly a good number. The fan has three variations of speed, yet the lowest fan speed truly depicts this Quiet Kool feature.

Thus far, the medium and high-speed fan speed are pretty numb, but that Quiet Kool term seems not shaking good hands with reality. Factually and it’s for sure, the machine is comparably much quieter than its competitors.

This AC unit is a medium-range player for spaces between 350 to 450 sqft. Emerson has shown much intelligence and cleverness in the design section by giving 8-way airflow for supreme cooling reach.

The air grills are divided into two sections, and each section accommodates a max of 4 directional airways. With such air throwing performance, the built-in dehumidifier dries the sticky situation by digging 1.8pints/hour of water.

But looking at the drainage level, you have to little accord with it. The company manufactured drainage path faces difficulties to spill out the condensate water, so you have to find another way to do it.

The looks are decent and straightforward; yet, you can face a large LED and display panel on the front for easy visibility of temperature controls in the night.

Lastly, the math about energy efficiency is pretty naive here. This ENERGY STAR certified air conditioner model due to its fine engineering and ECO mode cheers you on your billing cost.

The ERR score is around 12.1 ERR, and it entirely releases the pain of over-billing. Approximately 75 bucks are its annual operating costs, which clearly won’t hurt your pocket.


  • Weight: 63.9lbs
  • Wattage: 4.6 Amps, 115V, ERR 12.1
  • Filtration: Single Washable
  • Warranty: 1 Year Labor, 2 Years Parts, 5 Years Sealed System
  • You won’t have to worry about energy consumption as it has good energy efficiency reputation
  • The fan mode has three variation
  • The airflow has a variety of 8 directions
  • This model is available in relatively inexpensive price tag
  • The drainage system is a little heck, but you can manage it through a minor tilt of machine.

Why should one buy this?

This machine is a medium price range model. The 10000 BTU league is usually termed as an executive league and carries high price models. Yet this Emerson EPAC10RE1 model offers its services for the consumers who carry a relatively limited budget in their pocket.

Energy efficiency and noiseless performance are the most impressive and notable thing in this machine.

8. LG LW1216ER 12000 BTU

LG LW1216ER 12000 BTU


LG has always remained one of the most trusted air conditioner brands in the AC market. This way, we have a low-cost LG 12000 BTU unit. 

This LW1216ER model carries lots of appreciation for its reliable servicing in a limit budget. Meanwhile, the noise level is about 60 dB, and for these numbers, it doesn’t produce any rattling sound

You will enjoy extended flexibility in every feature of its model. This model comes with three modes of performance, including Fan-only, compressor, and dehumidifier mode. 

Both fan-only and cooling mode owns three-speed of the fan. So which fan and cooling speed suits your mood, let tune your AC accordingly. In addition to this, the indoor fan speed with four directional airflows also has a Turbo Mode, but it gets activated on a cost of little extra noise.

The cooling target of this machine is about 550sqft, and it holds this area with premium care. The airflow has quite average power, so it may not cool down such a big space with quick turnaround time. 

The dehumidifier removes the moisture and stickiness at the rate of 3.8pints/hour. Also, the drainage doesn’t issue the performance of this air conditioner.

LG always makes the most straightforward and decent models. Somehow, the quality doesn’t seem a top-notch thing. As far as this model concerns, it looks decent and intelligently designs. Yet, in many cases, users claim about the faultiness of a fan or compressor. 

Despite this, the customer support diligently rescues you every time.

As this is a 12000 BTU unit, you might be thinking that it will brutally burst your electricity units. Remarkably, this is an ENERGY STAR certified model, and it perfectly knows how to maintain its reputation. 

With 12.0 ERR score, it saves you from spending 100 bucks as electricity cost. The annual electricity cost is around 80$, and hopefully, it won’t crush your wallet. 

The window assembly kit is a bit confusing as the instruction manual lacks some useful information. However, with slide-in and out chassis, it gets mounted through your wall like a cream. 


  • Weight: 81Lbs
  • Wattage: 990 Watts, 9.3 Amps, 115V, 12.0 ERR
  • Filtration: Single Mesh Washable
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor
  • The compressor and even the fan-only mode has a three-speed variation
  • The dehumidifier does a good job
  • Noise level is pretty low
  • It comes with auto-restart, Energy saver Mode, Remote with Touch controls, and Temperature controller.
  • The airflow power is quite average
  • The built quality is not as sturdy as it is advertised.

Why should one buy this?

Unquestionably, the 500 sqft area needs a ruthless machine that effectively cools down the thing. The bigger unit also cost higher. This model has a legacy of LG and appears with a reasonable price tag. 

With such a price tag, it satisfies the users who look bigger units with every feature but in a reasonable amount.

9. Whirlpool Energy Star 12,000 BTU WAC:

Whirlpool Energy Star 12,000 BTU WAC


Whirlpool has always been known as the Supreme Class. In this 12000 BTU category, whirlpool competes for the race quite nicely.

Straightly coming to noise level, this machine produces less noise on low fan speed. However, on the medium or high speed, you might face a little white noise. Yet, it’s totally okay to sleep with this unit in a medium size bedroom.

For small sizes room, like 200 to 250 sqft, definitely, you may notice much noise due to its bigger compressor. So the right room area is the key to minimum noise experience.

Along such performance, this unit, like its other competitors hold 12.1 ERR score. Moreover, are you looking to reduce more energy consumption?

There is an ECO mode in which the unit adjust its temperature and fan setting according to room warmth and balance the indoor temperature to the best level.

Anyway, to be very transparent, the dehumidifier has an average capacity in comparison to its competitor. Shortly, In light of the previous LG1216ER model, it slightly lags in combating the humidity.

You may face this unit slightly struggling in most humid weather like the Miami and Florida.

The cooling area set up for this machine is about 550sqft, and with 270cfm of airflow, it cools down such area with ease. The eight-way air deflection allows the fresh air to reach every corner, even every inch of your room.

Yet, don’t expect this machine to kills down the heat quickly. Hold your horses and let give this machine it’s time to work for you.

Anyway, inquiring more about its feature – you can trace down sleep mode, 24-hour timer, an AUTO mode, and auto restart mode in its feature list.


  • Weight: 72.8lbs
  • Wattage: 115V, 12.1 ERR, Approximately 900+ Watts
  • Filtration: Single Washable Filter
  • Warranty: Not Mentioned
  • It throws cold air to a maximum reach with its eight directional airflow
  • The system produces light compressor sound
  • The build quality is brilliant, and it lasts long for multiple seasons
  • The dehumidifier has average moisture combating ability.

Why should one buy this?

Whirlpool always has the Name to build sturdy products. You can ask any old whirlpool use about quality, and the answer will be a BIG YES. For this particular model, this can spend long ages with you performing the same variety and quiet working.

10. MIDEA MAW12R1BWT Window Air Conditioner, 12000 BTU:



The air conditioner’s market is way volatile, and finding an accurate machine for your summer needs is a difficult job indeed. MIDEA is one of the largest manufacturers of air conditioners. Plus, to end your search for a 12000 BTU unit, we have this MIDEA machine with a model number MAW12R1BWT.

The noise level of this machine lies under 60db’s. The maximum fan speed produces around 60.5 decibels of noise while the medium and low speed holds more impressive numbers.

Except for some white noise from the compressor, there is no case of any rattling or grinding volume. Nonetheless, in extreme humid and warm conditions, you have to adjust yourself for high fan speed noise.

Further, let it make very sure that you use it for the right domain area (550sqft). Smaller areas will have noise issues, while bigger spaces won’t let you enjoy chilling performance.

This model is a 3-in-1 package as it has the ability to run on fan-only, compressor, and dehumidify mode. Well, what is the dehumidification ability of this machine? The answer is 2.54pints/hour, and these numbers are unfortunately average for such BTU league unit.

But on an excellent note, the drainage system is bestowed with a self-evaporative feature. Hence you don’t have to smash your head with continuous drainage tube pipe or water buckets placement.

Additionally and sadly, this machine is also in the list of the packaging damage model. In many cases, users have lamented the damage and dents caused in the shipping process.

But, this isn’t a technical fault of this machine, but it might let you have an unhappy reaction, though.

The energy efficiency is also an ingredient in this machine’s recipe. So, ENERGYSTAR has recognized this machine and awarded a 12.1 ERR score for its performance.

Besides, the ECO mode also save your bucks on the electricity billing side. Let embrace this machine and foresee approximately 90$ as yearly billing cost.

Along with three modes of working, you will also have a sleep, follow me, and timer mode.

MIDEA has engineered this summer toy in a way to render you fabulous comfort and ease while installing through the wall. The weight of this big boy is around 75lbs, and it’s a comparatively less load from its competitors.


  • Weight: 75lbs
  • Wattage: 1000 Watts, 8.7Amps 115V, 12.0 ERR
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty
  • The unit has a self-evaporative feature
  • It performs with less noise
  • This unit also has a “Follow-Me” Feature
  • Technically, it’s not the system’s fault, but this unit faces excessive reports of shipping damages. Yet, you can get a free replacement.

Why should one buy this?

The performance of this MAW12R1BWT model is as good as a Premium model has. Yet, the self-evaporative feature is a prime option in this machine, which relieves from the worries of water drainage. This unit is a real fix for such a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

How loud is a window AC unit?

The WAC that holds a range of 50 – 60dB ratings considers as low noise window air conditioners.

Are portable air conditioners quieter than window units?

The general thought is NO. Well, when it comes to a specific model, some portable air conditioner machines can beat windows air units too.

Why is my window air conditioner making a loud humming noise?

Humming or Buzzing sound are not considered as a Serious issue. It might seldom happen due to some minor electrical problems. Although, if they left unchecked, you might face a rigorous maintenance issue.

What does a bad AC compressor sound like?

Due to a bad compressor, you may face a Rattling, Vibrating, or Grinding sound.

Why does my window AC sound like water?

It just because of the windows drainage problem that is not emptying water properly. It usually happens when condensate water left inside the window air conditioner and reaches above the limit.

The Bottom Line:

Admittedly, finding the best quietest window air conditioner is like finding a needle in the deep ocean. Though here is the complete list at which you can look around and determine a machine purposely.

Primarily, these are top noiseless window air conditioners with different features and fixtures. Along with a purpose voiceless performance, you can also watch out for different working matrices.

In 5000 BTU Category: In this section, we have place only just One Amazon Choice Unit – Frigidaire FFRE0533Q1

6000 BTU Category: Haier ESAQ406P Serenity Series

In 8000 BTU Category: Frigidaire FFRH0822R1

10000 BTU Category: Friedrich CP12G10B

In 12000 BTU Category: LG LW1216ER 12000 BTU

These picks are based explicitly on Noise Performance. You can connect your priorities accordingly and can fancy a different unit from this list.