It isn’t very easy to pick a stick vacuum for your floor, but when you need to choose a stick vacuum that will work great on wood floors, it is often even more complicated. Of course, we want to ensure that the stick vacuum we pick will clean well and do a good job on your hardwood floor, without leaving any scratches on them. That can be extremely hard to do without being able to take it home for a test run. But, we want to make this easier for you, so we’ve gathered a list with information to help you find the best stick vacuum for hardwood floors.


Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Best Stick Vacuum For Hardwood Floors


Best Stick Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

  • Even though stick vacuums are a handy option to full-sized vacuums, they will never be able to replace them entirely; and this is exceptionally accurate if you are planning to use them for hardwood floors as well as for carpets. Most of the stick vacuums do an excellent job at quick clean-ups and additional cleaning.
  • Most of the stick vacuums do not come with any attachment heads or special adaptors. They are designed specifically for picking up dirt and dust. It would be best if you don`t have big expectations for any special features. Most of them don’t have any high-end features, because of the fact that they’re only everyday tools created to do daily job.


How to Choose The Best Stick Vacuum For Hardwood Floors


You need to read this part before you purchase your new stick vacuum.

This vacuum is a handy and lighter variant of an upright vacuum. Stick vacuums work extremely well if you use them to clean up any small mess or for other minor cleanings.

If you have hardwood floors at home, there are some things you need to look into when you want to purchase a stick vacuum. You need to ensure yourself that whichever one you pick, it will be able to clean up any mess on your hardwood floor without leaving damage.

  • Wood Floor Type. If floors at your home are from a gentle type of wood or if your wood has a fragile finish, you should be very careful when you`re picking a stick vacuum. One of the biggest problems is scratching, so the best solution is to buy a stick vacuum that provides a bottom with rubber or any softer padding to keep your floors undamaged from metal or hard plastic parts.
  • Deep Grooves. If you have certain grooves or gaps between the boards on your floors, a stick vacuum might not be able to catch all the dirt. A stick vacuum with higher suction power or lifting brushes can help in reaching deeply into the grooves and gaps easily.
  • Weight. The stick vacuum is light by design. However, some tend to be more substantial than others. If you might have to drag your vacuum upstairs, you should consider the overall weight of your stick vacuum.
  • Pet Hair

    Usually gets piled up, and it can clog a vacuum or get stuck to the brush. If you have pets at home, you should consider getting a stick vacuum with a bigger storage compartment. Many versions are designed to have pet owners in mind and are trustworthy and highly effective.

Best Stick Vacuum For Hardwood Floors Reviews


1. BESTEK Bagless  Great Vacuums Corded Stick Vacuum Cleaner

This stick vacuum offers a convenient extension tube designed for cleaning your drapes, corner cobwebs and furniture easily. It is excellent for cleaning up debris and dust without leaving any damage.

An extraordinary feature of this Stick Vacuum is the HEPA-style filtration that it provides. When you clean, the HEPA-style filtration can catch pet dander, microscopic mold spores, dust mites, and more. The air it expels is way more cleaner than the air it sucks in, therefore making it an ideal choice for people that suffer from allergies or asthma.


2. Shark Rocket TruePet with DuoClean

Shark Rocket TruePet with DuoClean


Shark Rocket is good at converting to a handheld for floor-to-ceiling clean-up. With his various attachments and features, you would probably also see on an upright vacuum, for example, TruePet motorized brush for an extendable wand and pet hair designed for cleaning under the furniture and other delicate devices.

This stick vacuum is amazingly adaptable, and it can transition from carpet to hardwood floors without any difficulties. The rubber bumper is protecting your wood floors, furniture legs and baseboards, too. So, getting Shark Rocket will eliminate denting or scratching any of the wood surfaces.

Shark Rocket is so manageable and simple to use, and you will most definitely agree that it is the best stick vacuum for hardwood floors you can find on the market.


3. Dyson V6 MotorHead Cord-free Vacuum

Dyson V6 Motor Head Cord-free Vacuum


You will be so amazed by this vacuum rotating brushes and patented cyclone technology. It provides a suction powerful enough to compete even with the most reliable upright cleaners out there. There are no bags, filters, or cords, so you do not have to wash, empty, or untangle anything. This stick vacuum is amazingly convenient.

It has a very powerful suction that can reach down deep, and it can easily target the dirt and dust that gets trapped in the small crevices. It is even able to reach the corners and edges with no difficulty whatsoever, and it comes with an adjustable crevice tool that is designed to keep every inch of your floors dust-free.