You could get a concentrated light at your test table with the aid of a study lamp. When you are studying, this makes things simpler. A study lamp is built to provide such a desk or working space with good visibility.

In your study room, workplace, or even public libraries, it can be helpful. In addition to providing illumination, these study lamps develop an aura that prevents the eyes from being strained or anxious.

Before purchasing a study lamp, here are some considerations that you must remember.

1. Light Types:

In research lamps, there are four kinds of lights commonly utilized: LED, Photochromic, Incandescent, and Halogen. As they are power saving, modern research lamps use LED lights. They have a long lifespan, and they don’t overheat at all. In LED lamps, the color temperature can also be changed.

2. Color Temperature:

It is a visible warmth or light coolness indicator and is calculated in kelvin (K). Thereby 2200-2700K is known as a quite warm white, 4000-5500K is known as a cool white. As it is more powerful and produces less pressure on the eyes, you can purchase a study lamp with 4000K or more.

Some extra variables that also play a significant role in deciding the output of the study lamp are the color rendering dataset, source of power, and content. Here is a guide to purchasing that describes all these variables.

We have chosen some of the finest table lamps on the market for analysis. Let’s get those tested!

3. Brightness:

The light’s intensity is observed in lumens. A lamp that offers a light intensity of 50-75 lumens creates a relaxed reading environment. In this range, thus you can choose a lamp.

Here is the list of best table lamp for study-

1. Wipro Garnet 6W LED Table lamp

Wipro Garnet 6W LED Table lamp

For over 75 years currently, WIPRO has been providing us each day with many unforgettable items. Wipro’s Garnet table lamp is lavish and can adjust the color of light coming out of it.

This demonstrates that you could still switch from clear daylight to moderate white or a bright white light with just a touch of a button, for your convenience, i.e., 3 flickering choices. The lamp can show shades distinctly and without visual distortions with a CRI of more than 80.

The Garnet lamp is eco friendly, operating on around 6 watts of electricity. It has incorporated LED bulbs in its claws and an amazingly versatile stem. The grimace and gentle light is the illumination from the bulb. It can have a light power of up to 200 lumens. Enough to light up a large desk for the most part.

The lamp is extremely lighter, powered by a simple touch-based button, but does not take a lot of workspaces. It is suitable for occupations and individuals of a larger creation as well. The only downside to this model indicates that a battery portability option does not come with it.

The Wipro Garnet 6 Watts LED Table Lamp provides a single year warranty from the supplier for any destruction related to the product or component.

  • 3 Flickering choices for changing color that go pleasing to the eye
  • Uses up less space for tables
  • Eats power of just 6 watts
  • CRI> 80; illumination of color is therefore simple.
  • Power Button Dependent on Contact
  • Flexible architecture Versatile design
  • Free Glare and Pleasant Light
  • Seller’s Guarantee for 1 year
  • The system is not rechargeable, and a power source needs to be used.


2. OPPLE Reading Rechargeable Desk Lamp

OPPLE Reading Rechargeable Desk Lamp

Opple is a small Brand, but it is best in its performance. This table lamp is equipped specifically to protect your eye health and maximize comfort levels. It is excellent for learners and working men who would like to work throughout the day without disrupting anyone in the place.

There are 3 stages of lighting in this LED lamp: solid, bright and gentle. The radiation reflected from this lamp is as normal as possible, so your eyes won’t be harmed. It is explicitly designed to provide standardized and flicker-free illumination.

It arrives with an adjustable, customizable and versatile twisted tube at the rotational movement. So you can switch it in the way that is right for your needs. For stability, the light is mounted on super anti-slip silicone sheets. It also ships with a clamp carrier that, according to your choice, can be positioned over the table or set at a point.

This lamp comes with a USB port and a battery charger. It can be driven by a cell phone connector, a USB drive and a laptop. The manufacturer offers a two-year warranty.

  • Tunable and versatile
  • Silicone Anti-slip Cushion
  • 3 stages of light intensity
  • User-friendly with clip center and stand
  • Performance in Europe
  • Rotated 360-degree nozzle
  • Flexible and foldable
  • Develop of Touch Screen
  • 2-Year warranty 
  • For some individuals, the intensity is not satisfactory. 


3. Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desk Light

Philips 61013 Air 5-Watt LED Desk Light

As Philips has always remained in the lighting industry for decades, it is not something unknown, to be precise, around 127 years. Philips’s 6103 LED Desk lamp uses up very little as 5 watts of power and generates as much as 250 lumens of light. Fifty lumens greater than the LED lamp from Wipro Garnet.

All of Philips’ goods use a matte reflector in their lamps to save around 80 percent more than just an ordinary light bulb. Despite constant light exposure, these are effective in decreasing the glare, eye tiredness and any eye strain.

As being one of the highest-rated tables,

The Plane Table Lamp is the best table lamp for study and includes an LED bulb as the light source so that this lamp is capable of giving you awesome daylight. It also uses a power outlet instead of a battery pack source to stay illuminated, nearly equal to the Wipro Garnet. This is therefore optimal for working environments and study tables in hostels, etc.

The Plane Desk Lamp is clearly designed with elegance and unique color, with an, attach flexibility. It’s not always capable of being as fl, i.e.

  • 250 lumens of more intense light.
  • Very little power usage of only 5 watts or so.
  • Ideal table buddy for workstations and desks for analysis
  • It gives pleasant daylight out
  • In order to minimize glare, tiredness and eye strain, it has a matt reflector.
  • Sticks with a product manufacturer’s warranty for 2 years.
  • Not as versatile as most lamps are
  • It isn’t based on batteries.


4. Lovelyhome LED Book Lights clip based lamp

Lovelyhome LED Book Lights clip based lamp

 The Lovely Home LED lamp, a photo book light cum table lamp, is an absolute increment in portable lamps’ ergonomic principles.

The lamp’s clip-based nature is excellent when carrying a book, laptop, pad, table and almost all of the fine to moderate surfaces. This basic accessibility aspect makes learners, teachers, book bugs, and travelers a gadget worth getting.

Light in weight, the system is incredibly mobile and depends on power. For charging the device, a small USB port is accessible at the end of the device’s bottom side.

The power of the Li-polymer battery is 600mAh. Charging this for 120 minutes will imply a working capacity of around forty hours. There is overcharge security present in the system that prevents the battery from overcharging and discharging. Energy-efficient, then.

There are 9 single bright LED bulbs positioned parallel to each other in a horizontal position, based on the unit’s aesthetics. 

Together 135 lumens of light have been created by the largest lumens of light. Enough to get all the work done in a private space stem of the lamp is versatile and can move about in a clockwise direction based on the demands.

This lamp comes in 3 possibilities for light intensity. The lowest possible use of 5 LEDs for cold white light is mild, 4 LEDs for warm yellow light are mild and 9 LEDs for combining light intensity are high. With the support of the touch-based power switch at the lamp’s base, the intensity of the device can be handled and switched on.

The truth that there is no maker’s warranty for the device is a significant downside to this device. We also thought that the product’s price is greater than it must be, considering the lack of warranty.

  • Simplistic architecture and trendy
  • Little over-dependent on touch
  • Strong Power of Battery
  • 3 Types for Brightness
  • Orientation ergonomics
  • Ultra Lightweight and Compact Quickly
  • The clip makes the computer easier to use anywhere.
  • Absence of warranty of some sort


5. SaleOn™ LED Touch On/Off Switch Desk Lamp

SaleOn™ LED Touch On/Off Switch Desk Lamp

The SaleOn LED desk lamp is one of the previous lights powered by a battery in the list, has every function of the lamps listed above and a few more.

The SaleOn lamp is thin, lightweight and lightweight, perfect for students and bachelors who have to live in a restricted room. 

It usually takes 2 – 3 hours for the system to be fully charged used for a significant amount of hours. You can also charge the lamp and continue using the lamp.

As for ergonomic principles, the lamp’s stem is completely flexible and can bend around and maintain the shape in any direction necessary. This allows the light’s omni directional cues pretty helpful.

The choice of a light reflector is suitable for reducing or increasing the intensity of the light. To change the dim display, simply pressing and holding the touch-based power switch.

The light from the system is clean, stable and simple for the eyes to move with energy-efficient dissipation.

The drawback to this incredible product is the absence of a replacement policy. However, considering the product’s price range, it is not shocking. But, yes, the consistency of the item is stronger than anticipated.

  • The base and the light tip versatility
  • Tiny, lightweight, and easy to handle
  • Battery powered
  • The light is quick to get from the lamp to the eyes.
  • The flickering of light according to interest.
  • Increasing prices in Economics.
  • Has no guarantees
  • The battery’s operational life could be improved.


6. DP Portable Rechargeable LED Emergency Light

DP Portable Rechargeable LED Emergency Light

The portable LED light from DP is suitable for use as both remediations of heavy and a reading/working light. If it is not in use, it can be folded into a box-shaped mold on its own.

The system works both with an AC power source and also from a charger, suitable for work, office and study tables. The device’s plastic quality of construction is nice and durable for its price.

Light in weight, the material is easily foldable and safely stored, as previously mentioned. The system contains 20 separate LED lights that are combined with the parallel aim of providing sufficient illumination. There are 2 parameters in the brightness configuration on the unit and it can be adjusted to either low or bright.

The stem connecting the light bulb and the base will flip upright and unfold. With the aid of a screw-based lock mechanism embedded in the lamp, it may remain at any of the desirable horizontal heights.

The device’s battery capacity is really not that big. One can expect 1 hour of powerful artificial light for a complete charge. But given the design is designed, one should not complain.

As is the case for most battery-powered lamps, this one does not come with any kind of product guarantee from the manufacturing company.

  • Unique design
  • Screw-based height adjustment and angle of light.
  • Strong construction efficiency
  • Raising prices in economic terms
  • Bad lifetime of batteries
  • Non-existence of a time of Guarantee


Buying Guide: How to Pick a Perfect Study Lamp


1. Form of Lighting:

In research lamps, a wide variety of wavelengths of light are used. Each of these tools has its own collection of benefits and drawbacks.

The correct form of the table lamp is the one that highlights the research area so that without attempting to put extra pressure on your eyes, you can concentrate on learning or your work.

For supplying clean and vivid illumination, both LED and halogen bulbs are well recognized. After a while, however, halogen bulbs get extremely hot.

Enhanced color correction features incandescent light bulbs. These lamps are also known for offering consistent levels of light. The downside of incandescent bulbs is that, as compared to other types of bulbs, their lifetime is limited. Only for about 1,000 hours will they provide illumination.

These bulbs can, however, be a great alternative to use for environmental lighting purposes. You would have to pick other kinds of bulbs for general lighting. Hence if you stop buying research lamps with incandescent bulbs, it is easier.

You can find LED lights in most of the modern research lamps. As opposed to fluorescent or incandescent lamps, LED lights are fully energy-efficient and it results in a lifespan that is taking long. 

LED lights also allow you to change the color temperature, which helps to ease the eyes’ strain. These LED lights often do not heat up when you are using them, so they do not need to be replaced regularly.

Fluorescent lamps, that is, CFL bulbs, also provide high-contrasting illumination that sounds remarkably similar to natural daylight. But there’s no dimmer characteristic on these bulbs. Since CFL bulbs use mercury vapor to light up the place, it may not be good for health. You must also properly dispose of these bulbs.


2 Index for Color Rendering:

With the assistance of index color rendering, i.e., CRI, you will get an approximation of the way true-to-life colors appear under a specific light source. Testing this criterion for research lamps is crucial, as it is necessary to see the contrast when working or learning.

The highest CRI that is probable is around 100. This illustrates the optimal conditions for sunshine. With this machine, we can compare all the other artificial light sources.

There are opportunities that the low CRI lighting may lead to some unnatural colors being made. Therefore you can presume that it is due to the low CRI when you find something wrong with a light source.

You can never use lamps with a CRI below 60. The greater the CRI is, the smaller the lighting would be. The CRI should be in the 80s as a guide for accomplishing all the simple tasks.

Generally, high LED lamps have a CRI in the 80s.

3. Colocation:

If there is some unique location where you intend to keep the lamp, make sure that the lamp model that you pick is perfectly fixed in that place. The Important point is that the appropriate place will give an amazing result. 

The following are some indicators that you need to consider before choosing the positioning of the study lamp:

You must maintain the study lamp on your left side and vise – versa if you are a right-handed individual. This will be efficient in preventing the appearance of shadows generally cast around the table of the study.

Obviously, it depends on your requirements, and a distance must be maintained of around 15 inches to 36 inches between the area of work taking place and the table lamp. Some study lamp designs even feature adjustable arms so that the height can be changed accordingly.


4. Source of Power:

Are you searching for a cordless research lamp, or are you satisfied with a corded lamp?

Several LED versions of lamps commercially available come fitted with battery-powered USB ports for cordless study lamps.

A few rechargeable battery models of study lamps can be found, too. You can pick the power source you want and then purchase a study lamp accordingly.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

1. What am I meant to look for with a table lamp?

Firstly, consider your needs and the size of your desk. Use another size clip, organizer desk, or lightweight lamp for smaller desks. 

Try hose clamp, piano type, or other broader coverage formats for larger tables. Often you just need enough to light a book, but you decide to take a heavy piece just because it was cheap. 

This results in impractical ergonomic principles, covering too much of the desk and sometimes consuming more fuel.

2. Will warm or cool white/yellow light make the eyes safer?

Honestly, warm white has a more soothing effect than cool white light on your skin. In dining rooms, relaxing rooms and Television areas where sitting and spending time is favored, people usually enjoy soft light. But warm white is a great option.

3. How many watts is a table lamp supposed to have?

The visual strength of your eye decreases as you grow. And under a 40 or 50-watt lamp, you can learn when you’re just 10 years or so. But you do get older as you rise. You need to have more lighting, or you are missing crucial information. By 60, you need to have a power bulb of at least 100 watts to make visual sense of things.

The Conclusion:

The Wipro Garnet 6W LED Table Lamp won our ranking of becoming the top of the best research table lamps with the superior build quality, compact package, attractive design, extremely simple to use application and one-year company’s warranty from Wipro. 

While these were our picks, we look forward to knowing what your picks were. Have you got any ideas or queries? If so, in the comment section below, feel free to write to us.