A track saw is a powerful tool that accurately cuts wooden boards of various types. This tool can make long and straight-line cuts. It is more efficient than your regular circular saw. And it is safer than a table saw.

For DIY, this kind of saw is a perfect choice. A few years back, people would buy table saws for every wood cutting project. As the trend of DIY increased, most people moved their interest towards a safer track saw.
A track saw works on a simple mechanism. You take a wood board and attack the track on it. After that, you place the circular saw within the track—the saw cuts in a straight line. You don’t have to worry about keeping the saw in a straight line.

You can tell how much more comfortable and safer it is to operate a track saw from this. Its demand is relatively high in the market. You will find track saws from various brands. The best track saw will give you better features and higher quality compared to others.

In the track saw reviews down here, you will look at the best ones available in the market. There are many things one should know before buying this tool. After reading about their features, you can pick the one you think is the best track saw.


Which is the best track saw?

Which is the best track saw

The best track saw comes with unique features that you don’t find in any other product. You can find multiple products in the market that can be a nominee for this title. But there is only one product that stands before the rest and claims this tag.

Makita SP6000J1 is the best track saw in the market. You can learn its elite features from its review down here. This product comes from the big-name brand Makita. This brand is one of the top manufacturers when it comes to power tools.

How to shop for the best track saw?

When you talk about track saws, you first have to consider which type to buy. Like other power tools, a track saw come in two variants. One of its types is corded, and the other one is cordless. Both of these variants have their pros and cons.


Cordless or Corded

If you want to buy a heavy-duty track saw, you should go with the corded ones. In this type, you get high power motors and a longer product lifetime. But these track saws fall behind when it comes to portability.
When you talk about track saws comparison, cordless ones lose out in terms of power and endurance. But these types of saws are portable and easier to use. You can use them anywhere without looking for a power source.


Motor Power

The best track saw system features a high-powered motor. Motor power decides the speed of the saw. It also determines its capacity to force through thick boards. People whose projects involve hardboards should buy the table saws that come with a powerful motor.

Motor power is not an issue in corded track saws. However, a battery-powered track saw can create a problem in this matter. Buy the cordless ones that support higher voltage batteries.


Variable Speed

Any best track saw will come with a speed setter. There are various types of wood that you can cut using a track saw. But the density of every type varies. Although a blade on max speed can help you with everything, sometimes you need lesser speed to make accurate cuts.


Blade Size and Track Length

Depending on your project, this is the first thing that you should consider while buying a track saw. Common track saws come with a 6 ½-inch size blade. The cut depth is about 2-inch with this blade size. If you require more in-depth cuts, buy the ones with bigger blades.

In a track saw kit, you will find various features that differ from other products. Track length is one of these features. Varying track lengths is not a demerit; manufacturers do that on purpose. For a 2ft wide board, you don’t need a 4ft wide track.


Personal Safety

Safety features in a power tool are an essential part. Track saws are safe to use compared to other types of saws. Your hand remains pretty far from the saw blade in a track saw. You don’t have to guide the saw using your fingers as well. It is best to buy this tool for home and safe use.


Our Top Picks for the Best Track Saw

In this list, you will find every product that rules the market as one of the best track saws. Every entry in this list comes with its unique features. From here, you will learn about the overall best track saw. You will also read about the ones that come at the most reasonable cost.


Best Corded Track Saws


1. Makita SP6000J1

Makita SP6000J1


Whether you talk about cost or quality, this product outclasses all other products. Buying a big power tool like a track saw costs a lot of money. But you will waste your earnings if you end up buying a low-quality product.

Makita is a big name when it comes to power tools. All of their products represent high quality and durability. Makita Sp6000j1 is their key product when it comes to track saws. They placed every possible feature in it and gave you the highest-quality product.


Precision cutting is the key feature of this product. For that purpose, you get a 12amp motor. This brushless motor produces enough power to cut through the most rigid types of wooden boards. It comes with an elite variable speed feature. You can adjust it between 2000rpm to 5200rpm.
In this product, you get a 55-inch track rail that comes with a 6 ½-inch saw blade. At 90 degrees, you can make a deep cut of 2 3/16-inch. When you operate it at 45 degrees, the max depth you get is 1 1/9-inch.

Pros and Cons

The pros of this product are its large cutting capacity that comes with zero tear-out. Besides that, it is very light in weight and easy to operate. As for its cons, this product doesn’t work well with wet boards.


2. Shop Fox W1835

Shop Fox W1835 Best Track Saw Reviews


This plunge track saw comes at a lower cost and gives you many elite features. When you look at this product’s quality, you can only name it as the best value track saw. That is also the reason for it being one of the best in the market.


There is a 9amp motor that comes with this track saw. Some people might say that the motor lacks power. But this saw tops the speed at 5500rpm, comparable to some of the high-powered products in the market.

Its key features are its double handles and dust protection. You will find a 1 1/2-inch port that takes in dust and debris. This feature increases the longevity of the product. It is the best track saw for any project.

Pros and Cons

Due to the presence of two handles, operating this saw is much more comfortable. Its stone guard gives the perfect insulation. This product is the best for people who are picky about guided rails. You get a rail adjustment feature in its track saw kit. The only thing this product falls behind in is dealing with large timber and its weight.


3. DeWalt DWS520CK

DeWalt DWS520CK


No matter what type of power tool you want to buy, DeWalt products are always an eyecatcher. It is a big brand that represents the absolute quality of its products. It is the same for the track saws from this manufacturer. DeWalt DWS520CK is the best pick if you want the most prolonged and most accurate cuts.


The key feature of this product is its long guide rail. The length of its rail is 102-inch. Most other products only come with guide rails that are half in length compared to this one. Another prominent feature is its 48-tooth blade.

This blade is about 6 ½-inch in size and can cut through the depth of 2-1/8-inch. A 12amp power motor supports this blade that provides smooth cutting. You don’t have to worry about staying on the right course with its highly guided track.

Pros and Cons

The only thing that this product lacks is a great dust protection mechanism. Besides that, every feature of this track saw is top-class. From its no-tear out function and mirrored clean finish, every feature represents high quality. It is very portable, as well.

4. WEN CT 1065

WEN CT 1065


For people who want splinter-free cuts, this product is the best pick. It is a cheap track saw that comes at a reasonable price. Its features are one of the best in the market. WEN CT 1065 rules out a table saw with its easy to use and safe mechanism.


This track saw features a 10amp powerful motor. It is ideal for any wood material you want to with. It offers you a sidewinded track saw. The blade size is 6.5 inch that can make splinter-free cuts about 2-1/3-inch deep.
It excels at making plunge cuts at longboards. This saw supports a track rail of 100cm in length. It is compatible with other WEN products and makes your money count. This product weighs lesser than many of its competitors.

Pros and Cons

Its key feature is its variable speed control and lighter body that anyone can work with efficiently. It can deal with hardboards and is quite durable. It is portable and easy to store. The only thing that you can call its con is its shallow manual for users.


5. DeWalt DWS520K

DeWalt DWS520K


DeWalt manufactures a large number of high-quality power tools. It is common for more than one of its products to appear on the top-rated list. DeWalt DWS520K is another best track saw by this brand. This product gives you the best experience of using a track saw.


You see a 12amp motor in this product. The 6.5-inch blade offers you clean in-depth cuts. It comes with a variable speed adjuster, and you can range the speed from 1750rpm to 4000rpm. You also get a bevel capacity of 47 degrees.

It is a lightweight tool. The track saw only weighs about 11 pounds. And this makes it one of the lightest track saws in the market. With all its brilliant functions, it is an affordable track saw.

Pros and Cons

The best thing about this tool is its double-edged track. With its help, you can cut forward and backward with accurate precision. The only thing this product lacks is its speed. Best track saw gives you the speed of 5000rpm while you only get 4000rpm in this one.



1. Makita XPS02ZU

Makita XPS02ZU


When you are looking for a cordless track saw, Makita XPS02ZU is the first product you should browse. With the elite quality features, this product is one of the best track saws that run on batteries.


Motor power is the only flaw in cordless power tools. Makita fixed that problem with this product. And this saw runs on dual batteries with x2 LXT tech and gives a massive power-up to the motor. The max speed of this tool tops at 300rpm.

It supports a 6-1/2-inch circular saw with AWS. One of its unique features is that it supports Bluetooth connection. And this adds up in its mobility and efficiency. You can power-on and off this saw using your phone.

Pros and Cons

Its long battery life is its key feature. You can cut 125 sheets with the size of 4×8 and ½ plywood. As the battery drains, you don’t see any fall in motor power. You can also buy a vacuum and dust exhaust for this saw. The only bad thing is that it is costly.


2. FESTOOL 201394 TSC

FESTOOL 201394 TSC Best Track Saw Reviews


When it comes to track saws, FESTOOL is the brand to pick. They might not be able to compare with other big brands. But their tracks saws stand above the other brands. Their fine-quality products give you a good experience and last for a long time.


This product operates with a 48-tooth blade. The cuts you make with this saw are laser-straight and clean. Because of its high speed when it comes to speed among cordless track saws, this product aces every competitor.
It’s motor, and durable battery gives you the speed of 5200rpm. Its tech helps you maintain this speed even at a low battery. You can buy it for house use. But it will truly shine when used at job-site or by professionals.

Pros and Cons

The thing that creates a problem with this product is its dust protection. You have to give it a thorough cleaning once in a while. Its micro-adjustable depth indicator is the best one you can find in any track saw.


3. DeWalt DCS520T1

DeWalt DCS520T1


This product is like other DeWalt track saws. The only thing that differs is that it is cordless. They did an excellent job by making a more mobile product than corded track saws and doesn’t lack any key features.


It comes with a standard DeWalt 6-1/2-inch circular saw blade. You can make straight, splinter-free cuts without any tear-out using this saw. It is best when dealing with close to wall cuts. With its mobility, you can use it with much ease.

It supports an elite anti-kickback feature. It offers a long battery life and comes with a powerful motor. You get a speed of 4000rpm while working with this power tool. Its weight is relatively less as well, compared to other track saws.

Pros and Cons

The best thing about this product is its tool guard. Many products lack this one thing. Its internal guard deals with 90 percent dust right away. This tool might give you a headache in case its plastic components give out.



Best Track Saw conclusion

So that concludes our review of the best track saws. If you are planning to buy one, make sure to pick the one that fulfills your needs. The above-listed products are the best ones in the market. If you pick one of them, you don’t have to worry about spending your money on low-quality products. We recommend you ones mentioned down here.


Best Overall

Among corded track saws, Makita SP6000J1 is the best pick. This product will not disappoint you no matter what type of project you want to complete with it. When we talk about cordless track saws, FESTOOL 201394 is the best choice.


Best for The Money

There is not much of a price difference when it comes to cordless track saws. So, you can only pick the one that gives you the best features. At the same time, Shop Fox W1835 is the best one to go with if you are looking for a reasonable purchase.