Water is not only needed for a drink but also cooking bathing, and it also contracts with other things daily. But it does not mean that you use the low quality of water. As we know that our body requires a large amount of water to perform essential activities so, it is crucial to use safe and high-quality water. Because of that we want to make this easier for you, so we’ve gathered a list with information to help you find the best whole house water filter for well water.

The water you use at your homes needs to be free from all kinds of impurities as much as possible. The main challenge that comes during the purification of water comes is that it doesn’t filter all impurities. Hence, your body leads to different infections that gradually lead to many health disorders like cancer.

Why is there a need to purify well water?

People always prefer to use well water for drinking. However, most of the wells are not regulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and they don’t have any kind of safety concerns. It is one of the major problems because unfiltered water leads to many other challenges.

However, a whole house water filter system that is a point-of-entry (POE) water filtration system. It is perfect for cleaning the water entering your home before it gets distributed to the homes or outlets like faucets and showers.

A sound filtration system improves the smell and taste of water and also make it safe for consumption as it removes many of the harmful contaminants.  Moreover, filtered water reduces hardness that it allows you to get fewer stains on and surfaces, soft laundry, and healthy skin. Your teeth and hair also look healthy and attractive.

What happened when well water is not filtered?

It is crucial to know that unfiltered well water can have a host of issues. This water may affect a drinker’s health as it includes disease-carrying pathogens, sediment, and dirt contaminations. Moreover, the presence of rust or heavy metals is also bad for health.

As it is clear that unfiltered well water has unsightly color, pungent odor, and bad taste, that leads to many problems.

Best Whole House Water Filter For Well Water System

Have you ever thought that how pure is the well water of your home? Is it able to drink, cook, or for laundry? It is astounding to know that the most transparent water in our house also contains a large number of harmful chemicals, sediments, heavy metals, and disease-causing microorganisms that damage the pipeline as well as your health.

Are you also suffering from suck kind of issues? If yes, don’t worry because we are here to introduce some simple and affordable water filter systems according to your needs. These systems allow you to get worry-free water.

However, all the models for well water are entirely different as compared to the filters that are designed for city water. People also get confused at the time of purchasing.

The only problem is that there are so many whole house filters out there for you to choose from. You never want to waste your hard-earned money, making a wrong buying decision. So, which one is best suited for your needs?

To get know-how about the best water filter, let’s compare some top systems and review all the basics of how they work and what are the fantastic features of these systems.

Best Whole House Water Filter For Well Water Reviews

Best Well Water Filtration System

1. Springwell Whole House Filtration System

Best Whole House Water Filter Reviews

If we discuss whole house water filtrations systems, Springwell is the best choice, which offers maybe the best-priced and highest-rated systems. The main reason for the popularity of this Springwell Whole House Filtration System is that it has the capacity of 1,000,000 gallon system, KDF media, four stages of filtration, and premium coconut carbon.

Main Properties

This water filtration system allows you to get a large number of advantages. One of them is its stainless steel body that wrapped the cartridge.

It also ensures the longevity of the unit. There is no need to worry about corrosion or rust after the installation of the group. High-quality catalytic coconut shell is used for the purification of water and excellent taste.

Maybe the most significant benefits of the Springwell system is, innovative technology is used to filter maximum contaminants from the water by improving contact time with the media.

The most important thing that is notable, they offer a six months satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all pieces and parts of the system. It is exciting that Springwell arrives with a straightforward installation kit and a guide manual on installing.

What does this filter remove?

A high-quality cartridge filter is used that allows you to get rid of maximum contaminants in your water. It is essential to know that chlorine is the worst contaminant present in water. Springwell filtration system can remove up to 99.6% of chlorine and allow it capable of drinking and bathing.

Furthermore, the odor and the taste of the water will also be improved. It is important to tell you that thorough filtration is aided by the fact that is, a filter is a 5-micron one. It means that nothing can pass through it.

However, bear in mind that 5-micron filters are pretty much. There are also some abbreviations that you never want in your water are THM and MTBE. Both are chemical compounds mainly uses as solvents.

It is essential to point out that some of the other good whole house filters do not focus on removing these particular contaminants.

It can remove harmful chemicals like lead chlorine and heavy metals. Moreover, this will also remove contaminants like pesticides, haloacetic acids, chloramine, VOCs, taste, bad odor. It also controls the growth of many harmful bacteria.

Pros & Cons

  • It has the ability to filters up to one million gallons without any loss in pressure
  • Made in USA
  • It removes bacteria, chemicals, and heavy metals
  • It has a stainless steel body that will last a long time
  • Complete set of everything you need for the installation will be in there
  • You will get chlorine-free fresh water at home for all purposes
  • No electricity needed
  • 5-micron filter
  • Lifetime Warranty and six months money-back guarantee
  • If you’re not a do it yourself kind of person, you`ll need a plumber.
  • It is not a great solution for condos or apartments.
  • Not available with a replacement filter.
  • It is not the cheapest unit available in the market.
  • The body is heavy to lift as it is made of steel.

2. FilterSmart Whole House Water Filter FS1000

FilterSmart Whole House Water Filter FS1000

Another whole home filter that combines longevity and effectiveness. This system allows you to filter 1,000,000 gallons of water during its lifespan. It is interesting to know that top-class coconut activated carbon filter is used, which lies inside the tanks.

However, Jacobi processes the carbon that ensures a symbol of quality. This system also features sediment pre-filter that will also allow you to remove all the large debris and particles from the water before going through the coconut filter.

This pre-filter needs to be changed every 8 to 10 months. Tank size depends on the set you want to pick, and the standard selection is the one that reaches one to three bathrooms. However, FilterSmart allows you to wrap 4-6 baths if you have a bigger filter.

FilterSmart filters all the chloramine and chlorine in the water to make is more pure to drink. Furthermore, this filter also can remove pesticides, herbicides, and VOCs. Enjoy healthy hair and healthy skin, along with a shiny surface.

  • There is no need to maintain the system
  • It will remove odors and smell from water
  • Bypass valve for easier installation is available
  • Longevity and lifetime warranty
  • It doesn’t remove fluoride
  • The installation kit doesn’t include little things like extra fittings and a plastic wrench.

3. AquaOx Whole House Water Filter

AquaOx Whole House Water Filter

If your choice is to go with the AquaOx filter, you`ll spend a sizeable sum of money. This product is worth your money because you will get some very powerful tool.

Firstly, there is no spending a dime for the replacement of cartridges and new filters. It is essential to know that this system has a backwashing mechanism. It renews the filtration that lets the unit to work in optimum condition.

The most exciting thing about the AquaOx water filter is the 7-stage filtration that guarantees purified water. It allows you to get water free from pesticides, heavy metals and sediments. You can get drinking water fresher and softer from your tap that directly affects your health in the best possible way.

The Fleck Digital head is the best addition to this unit as it permits you to customize how it works. If we talk about the size, you have two alternatives: XL and regular. The latter gives you a GPM of 37 and allows you to cover a big house with four bathrooms.

However, one thing that this system will not remove from your water is fluoride. It also comes with a 7-year warranty.

Main properties:

Like all other filtration systems, this system also focuses on providing your house with filtered water. The manufacturer takes pride in the most is its 7-stage filtration that occurs in this tank. Let’s check it out step by step:

A pre-sediment filter – It is the first stage of filtration that allows you to get rid of the larger particles and solids like dirt.

KDF 55 – Stage two mainly focuses on filtering out heavy metals like lead and mercury. Moreover, it will additionally prevent many bacteria that divide into the water.

KDF 85 – Stage three is devoted explicitly to getting rid of Hydrogen sulfide.

The Garnet stage – This stage will assist the pre-sediment filter and remove different types of solids.

Catalytic adsorptive carbon – The real magic happens at this step. At this step, the water will be free of chloramine and Chlorine. Moreover, some VOCs will also be eliminated in this step.

Activated coconut shell carbon – Very well-known stage in the whole house water filtration system. It is added to additional remover solvents, VOCs and chlorine.

Filter-AG – It is the last stage of the filtration that enhances the water pressure that you get from the tap.

One of the most important benefits of this water filtration system will maintain itself. The Vortech plates that are part of this system will aid with the sanitizing backwash. Corrosion in the tank will be brought down to minimum levels. In this way, you will enjoy filtered water for a long time.


There are two options of the product, XL and the regular one:

Regular – Proper size it can cover 2-3 bathrooms within one property. It also gives you a GPM flow of 15.

XL – It is the larger tank that allows you to more than four bathrooms and will provide you with a GPM flow of above 35.

What does this filter remove?

The 7-stage cleaning process is the out-class function that is performed by this filter. If you take a closer look at it, you will find out that the AquaOx whole house filter allows you to get rid of most metals in your water like pesky VOCs.

In short, your water will be free from all types of sediments and solids because of the pre-sediment filter. As we know that Chlorine and chloramines are known as the two worst contaminants that you can face, but these filtering systems will allow you to get rid of it. However, it cannot remove fluoride.

  • 7-stage filtration is the best advantage of this filter system because no other product allows this in one tank
  • No maintenance is required, that means there is no need to buy new filters.
  • It comes in 2 sizes. You can easily pick the most convenient option according to your needs and desire.
  • The manufacturer promises that this system can filter up to 2 million gallons of water.
  • It does not remove fluoride
  • It does not increase the alkalinity of your water
  • Requires access to an electrical outlet

4. iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage

iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage

iSpring is another excellent whole house filtering system that is able to remove up to 95% of the contaminants. The pollutants include sediment, Chlorine, rust, pesticides, herbicides, and some other chemicals.

Main Advantages

One of the main benefits of using this whole water filtration system is its 100,000-gallon activated carbon filter. This filter has excellent filtering capacity, and it will remove maximum contaminants from your water for a long time.

Another benefit is the number one output and input ports that the system uses. These two ports permit up to 15 gallons of water to pass through the system. It means that 15 gallons of water can be filtered every minute.
The process of filtration takes place into three significant steps and. Let’s check out the description of these steps.

1st Stage Filter:

The 1st filter is specified to 5 microns. It is specifically designed to remove the larger particles of sediment from your water. But it does not limit to silt, sand, and rust as well as anything else. The second benefit of this 1st stage of filtration is the removal of larger particles with prolongs the life of the remaining filters.

2nd Stage Filter:

The 2nd stage filter consists of a CTO carbon block filter. The internals side of which is produced from the carbon contained within coconut shells. These shells are for maximum filtration efficiency.

3rd Stage Filter:

The 3rd stage comprises the repetition process initiated by the 2nd stage filter. All the remaining contaminants that weren’t caught in step 2 will be removed during this final stage.

Reduces sediment, Chlorine, rust, pesticides, herbicides, industrial solvents, VOCs, and various other contaminants.

  • 3-stage filtration
  • High flow rate: 15 gallons/56 liters per minute
  • If will also ensure proper water pressure after the installation of the system.
  • Extended filter life
  • Home or commercial use
  • NSF certified filters
  • This system uses big ports that are responsible for a great volume of water to pass through the filters each minute.
  • May Leak Without Teflon Tape

5. Aquasana 10-Year, 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Water Filter

Aquasana 10-Year, 1,000,000 Gallon Whole House Water Filter

Aquasana is known as an advantageous water filtration system. It allows a 1,000,000 gallon water filter that means it is a low-maintenance unit. Aquasana comes with the pro-grade install kit.

This kit comprises a post-filter, a prefilter, brass fittings, and all the supports and shut-off valves that are important for the installation.

The main benefit of picking this product is the increased durability of the water softener cylinder. However, this cylinder has a filtering capacity of 1,000,000 gallons; it can be last for ten or more years. However, it depends on your water consumption.

Salt-free softener

A salt-based softener is an effective way to soften your water because it can be quite expensive. Moreover, it also adds some salty taste to your water.

If minerals are building up in your pipeline and dishes and you want to get rid of it, a salt-free softener is your best bet.

The softener plays an essential part in reducing the building up corrosion in your plumbing. However, little maintenance is required to do so.

Destroys 99.99% of microorganisms

It is essential to know that municipal water is treated with filters and chemicals that kill most of the organisms. There are Chlorine resistant cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia that leads to many health risks to you and your family. However, in many cases, tap water is already safe to consume.

On the other hand, well water travels to your house with all the worms, germs, and viruses in it. A good filter can remove some of the more significant sediments and organisms.

After the filtration process, the water will be free of all kinds of microorganisms, germs, residues. However, this filter can remove 99% of organisms like viruses and bacteria in which E.coli is very common.

  • Low maintenance is required
  • High-quality filters are used in this system. You can notice the apparent difference in your drinking water’s taste and smell.
  • Pex crimper is needed for the installation that is done by a professional plumber.

6. Pelican PSE2000-Pro 20

Pelican PSE2000-Pro 20

Another best system that successfully handles the impurities comes from Pelican. It is the combination of two effective methods that allow you to get complete water purification. Pelican PSE200 is known as a great system with proven effectiveness that removes 100% of the Chlorine and contaminants found in water.


If you are going to install this filter system, there is no need as much space as for the previous one. This filter is very compact that comprises only two stainless steel tanks and a small UV media.

However, it is a more lightweight unit that is easy to set up and install. The entire unit weighs only 32 lbs that makes the installation much more accessible. 7
Both parts of the system, like softener and filtration tanks, are made of stainless steel that is more durable and not prone to rusting.

Performance and Specifications

When we talk about the purification of groundwater, Pelican manages to keep up with the task due to a series of specifications. One of them is a particular design to ensure the best results. However, it is essential to know that it can handle 600,000 gallons of water over five years of operating. Its prefilter must be replaced after every 6 to 9 months to make sure that it will still retain large sediment.

Another impressive feature is its flow rate that delivers 10 gallons per minute so that your water pressure will not decrease after the installation. It is also crucial to know that you should not use hot water that exceeds 120 degrees F.

The PSE2000 is powerful enough to handle up to 3 bathrooms. It is a more effective model than Pelican PSE1800.

Furthermore, it can fight against chloramines that are a dangerous compound found in water. Chloramines are more harmful than Chlorine itself.

Moreover, the combination of filter and prefilter destroys bacteria, sediment, and heavy metals like mercury and lead. Likewise, pesticides and herbicides, resistant germs, and viruses can also be eliminated.

Moreover, it includes one main cartridge because it features the 6-stage filtration process. This process involves a great blend of activated carbon and bacteriostatic copper-zinc oxidation media. This combination ensures water filtration for drinking and cooking.

Destroys 99.99% of microorganisms

Pelican has designed the soft-salted water that is beneficial for overall health, hair, and teeth. According to the manufacturer, it is claimed that 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and cyst can be destroyed. Removal of minerals from the water without the usage of chemicals is safe for drinking. It also maximizes the quality of the water that is beneficial for overall health.

However, it is crucial to know that this filtration system is very energy efficient, and there is no need for electricity to operate this filtration system. The addition of Pelican UV max sterilization kills all the germs and bacteria from the water.

You will be able to drink water with maximum satisfaction. Moreover, it comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty on all major and minor components.

  • Six stage filtration process
  • Destruction of 99.9% of sediments and germs
  • Allows you to get soft water-free from impurities
  • Only three months of the money-back guarantee
  • Hot water with a temperature of more than 120 degrees F is not allowed.

7. Crystal Quest Eagle

Crystal Quest Eagle

Another best choice for filtration of well water is Crystal Quest Eagle. This system is paired with an efficient softener and a UV sterilizer. This filtration system guarantees maximum efficiency and allows the water to remove all unwanted material in a short time.


When we talk about the design, it is the embodiment of versatility because of two finish choices that comprise stainless steel or fiberglass. Both are effective and resistant to rust and wear. However, the softener tank is available in two different sizes, and it directly depends on the amount of resin. The weight of the unit is not specified, but we can say that this filtration system is light weighted.

Performance and Specifications

It is crucial to know that the manufacturers haven’t mentioned the amount of time that needs to pass from the post-filters. There are two types of backwash available, manual or automatic. These involve pushing the water backward through the media.

Furthermore, the complexity of the process of purification enhances the quality of this product. The tank of the filtration contains a blend of substances along with the prefilter, and the post-filters can create a 15-stage purification process.

It is fascinating to know that these filtration systems can remove up to 99.99% of the Chlorine and impurities.
Then the water flows through the sediment prefilter; after that, it rushes to the second and third stages through a bed of calcium carbonate. It alkalizes the water to improve the quality of water. Then water moves to the fourth and fifth stages through a coconut shell that is granulated with activates carbon.

After the process of Stage 9, it is an ion-exchange resin that removes heavy metals from the water. Hence, Stage 10 is a bed of gravel that enhances the taste of the water. 11th and 12th stages involve two magnets that increase the water solubility by creating a magnetic field. Additionally, Stage 13 represents the Eaglesorb Anti-scale media tank.

In stage 14th, the water passes from the stable carbon cartridge, and finally, stage 15, allows the water to pass through ultrafiltration. Now the water is free from all kinds of pesticides, germs, sediments, and hardness.

  • 15-stage filtration that allows the water to get rid of all sediments, chemicals, and germs.
  • Light-weighted
  • No hard and fast rules are required for installation
  • The manufacturer does not mention gallon size
  • A little bit expensive due to the 15-stage filtration process.

Best Whole House Water Filter For Well Water Considerations

Best Whole House Water Filter For Well Water

Power Consumption Rate

First of all, it is very crucial to consider that there is no need for electricity for the water filtration system unless equipped with a UV purifier. You can easily place these units near a power source. The expected energy is no more than that of a regular light bulb.

Water Flow

For homes, a 7 gallon per minute rate is the minimum rate than recommended. However, in large houses, it may be double. Reduction in water pressure is one of the common complaints of the user.

That’s why it is essential to buy the filtration system that can store the maximum amount of water pressure. The diameter of the pipe is also a necessary consideration for the unit.

Keep in mind that the Inlet and outlet pipe should have a one-inch diameter. Smaller tubes can allow more water flow but could damage filters easily. However, if you need a higher current, it’s best to choose.

A large micron sediment filter aids a lot in improving the flow of water by removing large particles. These sediments can clog the smaller micron filters and reduce water pressure.

Filter Size

Size is the primary concern, especially in the average number of gallons. It works on the rule of direct proportional as more abundant the capacity, the longer the unit will last. It is crucial to notice that an average family of four consumes between 100,000 and 120,000 gallons annually.

Filter Longevity

There are a lot of factors that affect filter longevity, including how dirty your water is. But in general, systems that have good sediment filters allow you to get well-filtered water. The larger screens have more surface area and more capability to trap the contaminants.
However, always change the filters as recommended for optimal performance. Although they are expensive but you can also select according to your budget.

Micron Filtration Rating

The micron filtration rating is also essential because it tells you about the smallest particles a filter can remove. There are a series of screens for whole-home systems with different ranges of particles from high to low.
A 5-micron filter can remove sediments like sand and rust effectively while there is a need for a 1-micron filter for bacteria. However, if you want better protection against microorganisms, then you should choose a model with an ultraviolet sterilization unit.

Final Thoughts

The water filters discussed in this review are for a range of needs. So, it is crucial to test your water first to know which features apply to your requirement. Never drop your money on a filter that allows less gallon capacity. Here is also the description of 15 stage filtration systems that will enable you to get purified water that is free from all sediments, germs, and bacteria.

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