Echo cs-490 vs Husqvarna 445 is a very common matter to consider among advanced handymen and women, who know their way around chainsaws and power tools very expertly. Both these machines share some similarities, yet each piece presents a unique set of attributes that differs one from the other.

In this article, I will walk you through each of the differences and state my preferred chainsaw at the end of the post.

Echo cs-490 vs Husqvarna 445: The Similarities

Designated consumer group

Both the Echo cs-490 and the Husqvarna 445 are better suited to professionals who already have loads of experience dealing with powerful chainsaws. Additionally, these machines are mostly used for cutting down big trees, rather than engaging in small home-based DIY projects.

Bar length

The compatible bar length of these two chainsaws are 16 inches. Yet, the echo cs-490 can also work well with 18 and 20-inch bars while Husqvarna’s model can only go with the 18-inch one.

Start-up support system

Both the Echo and the Husqvarna brands are well-known for their effective start-up support systems. The former utilizes a reduced effort starter while the latter comes with a smart start technology.

Despite their similarities, the following features clearly distinguish two sides in the echo cs-490 vs Husqvarna predicament.

Engine Power and Air Filtration System

The echo cs-490 enjoys a 50.2 cc-power rating that generates roughly 3.14 horsepower. The 2-stroke engine also helps with producing an impressive and constant performance. 

Echo cs-490 utilizes a G-Force engine air Pre Cleaner, which is considered one of the most efficient filtering systems. This filtrating structure allows for a longer span between maintenance sessions.  

The Husqvarna 445, similar to many other products of the same brand, comes with the infamous X-Torq engine. The power rating is 45.7 cc and generates approximately 2.8 horsepower. 

The filtration system incorporated into the Husqvarna 450 is a centrifugal air cleaning system that injects air to push away the engine’s debris and dust. 

All in all, if you are into more powerful chainsaws, choosing the echo cs-490 is obvious. The filtration system on this machine is also superior.


The echo cs-490 is the bigger chainsaw, with specific dimensions at 37 x 10.43 x 13.49 inches. The Husqvarna model’s equivalent numbers are 20 x 10 x 12.5 inches.

The echo product is also heavier. It weighs 18.7 pounds, roughly 9 pounds more than the Husqvarna 445.

To summarize, the Husqvarna is lighter and more comfortable to handle.

Vibration And Noise Level

The Husqvarna 445 is incorporated with the LowVib system, a self-developed vibration-reducing mechanism by the Husqvarna brand. This addition allows users to avoid harmful impacts on their arms after long hours of working with this chainsaw. 

However, this device’s biggest drawback is the excessive noise level, reaching 103 dB at full throttle. Working with this powerful tool for an extended period without proper hearing protection can lead to severe damage.

The echo cs-490 is quite agreeable regarding the vibration level. With the calculated rate at 5.4 and 5.6 on the front and rear handle, it is quite comfortable working with this saw during long projects. 

Nevertheless, working with the echo cs-490 is not exactly a peaceful experience. The sound power level of this chainsaw is at 111.5 dB.

It can easily be seen that the Husqvarna is the more comfortable saw to work with, in terms of both noise and vibration rate.

A Quick Rundown of Echo cs-490

The Echo cs-490

What I like about this chainsaw:

  • The most powerful engine in the Echo chainsaw line of products
  • Perfectly suitable for heavy duties
  • Convenient start-up system and superior air filtration system

What I dislike about this product:

  • It is pretty annoying to restart the saw after a short break

A Quick Rundown of Husqvarna 445

The Husqvarna 445

What I like about this chainsaw:

  • Compact size.
  • Excellent vibration reducing system.
  • CARB compliance

What I dislike about this chainsaw:

  • It is deafening at full throttle. 
  • Underpowered, especially if you have to deal with hardwood.

My Final Verdict

The Echo cs-490 vs Husqvarna 445 battle is indeed a tough one to fathom. While the echo cs-490 is definitely more robust and resilient, my guts tell me to stick with the Husqvarna 445 as this is a more compact and less fuel-consuming option. Furthermore, the reducing vibration system on this model is spectacular. It allows me to work long hours without much fatigue. 

However, the final decision is still up to you. Thus, go with “the one” that meets your requirements and demands. Good luck with your purchase!