Hardwood floors look gorgeously stunning in any house, but not when they are dingy or dull. It’s essential for you, my house owner, to prevent your precious floors from being quality-plunged by taking in how to wax hardwood floors! Trust us; this easy instruction will help you restore your original floors right away!

When should you wax hardwood floors?

It’s a regular thing that your hardwood floors receive scratches every day due to the traffic it receives. Over time, such environmental factors like dust and air make it impossible for the floor to keep its original shape. 

In case you find detectable scratches on the floor, and when you realize that the floor hasn’t been shining as the way it used to be, it’s the wake-up call that the floors need refurbishment, specifically waxing.

How often should you wax your hardwood floors?

How often should you wax your hardwood floors

The answer to this question relies on how frequent and how serious your hardwood floor is being used. 

In case your hardwood floors receive a lot of traffic during a day, such as many people walking by or being left scratches due to dragging things, applying wax to the floor every six months is the best solution to keep the floor always shining. However, if the floor is not usually suffering from much traffic, consider applying wax to the floor every twelve or eighteen months due to your needs and preference. 

Hardwood floors demand to wax even if you can’t detect any scratch on it. It is advisable to wax your hardwood floors at least once in 36 months. Waxing your floor regularly will preserve it from outer affecting risks and highlight and maintain its shining over time. 

What is the best wax to use on hardwood floors?

There are various kinds of floor waxes on the market. However, only a few of them are compatible with hardwood floors. A wrong purchase can cost your precious floors, that is why you should keep your eyes open while shopping for hardwood floors and only look into these wax categories: 

  • Solid paste wax: Solid paste wax is ideal for the natural look of genuine hardwood floors. It is an appropriate option for how to wax wood floors by hand. This kind of wax provides more wax compared to solvent, making the application only requires manual hand actions along with a few layers as the wax’s texture is quite thick already. What’s more, the wax takes little time to dry while sticking to the surface effectively. 
  • Liquid wax: Another familiar name for this wax is oil wax. Compared to solid paste wax, it is simpler to apply liquid wax as you don’t need to rub the floor a lot and invest your energy in the application. Fluid wax further comes in three alternatives to suit singular inclinations; reflexive, semi-lustrous, and matte completion. On the other hand, it will take more time to build multiple coats due to its liquidy and let them dry completely.

Step-by-step on how to wax hardwood floors naturally

In our opinion, waxing hardwood floors is not a professional task at all. Trust us; you can be your house-waxer provided that you follow our below instructions carefully and dedicatedly. Quit the thought of getting someone to wax your house and let’s get down to the business

The tools you need to prep for floor waxing

You will need these tools to help your waxing process come in handy

  • Wax: Wax is a prerequisite in waxing your hardwood floors. We have listed the available options above, and it’s entirely up to you to purchase the wax that is the most compatible with your hardwood floors and your preference in waxing the complexion. 
  • Gloves: They are indispensable to shield your hands from synthetic concoctions in the wax glue once you know how to wax hardwood floors by hand. 
  • Face mask: A mask will refrain you from inhaling the exhaust discharged while waxing. 
  • Knee pads: Waxing floors require you to kneel a bit, so having a couple of pads to cover your knee is essential to prevent any scratches.
  • Putty knife: If you are going to apply solid paste waste, it’s ideal to have a putty knife. This tool can benefit your process a lot. 
  • Cloths: Cloth supports solid paste wax’s application best.
  • Wipe mop: If you use liquid wax over the paste, make sure to bring along a wipe mop. 
  • Polishing pads: Polishing is a significant advance to add sheen to your wax layer, making buffing pads indispensable in your waxing tool collection.  

Step 1: Prepare your hardwood floor

  • Do not leave anything in the area where you intend to wax. Evacuate all the furniture to some other spot and ensure the wax-targeted area is empty.
  • Remove the previous wax layer using a towel with wax stripping operator or mineral spirits and rubbing out the old wax layer.  
  • Use a vacuum cleaner and get rid of all leftover dust and residue on the surface. 

Step 2: Wax your hardwood floor

Solid paste waxing instruction

  • Apply a little wax paste to a fabric cloth.
  • While waxing, make sure to keep track of the grain of wood on the surface to let your waxing become evenly spread and not create lumps. 
  • Let the wax dry according to the guidelines depicted on the wax bundle. 
  • Once the first layer has dried, use the buffer to polishing the floor.
  • Let the subsequent layer dry. 
  • Buff your hardwood floor again for drawing out its sparkle

Fluid wax instruction

  •  Spot a terry-material with a thin layer of liquid wax. 
  •  While waxing, make sure to keep track of the grain of wood on the surface to let your waxing become evenly spread and not create lumps. 
  • When you have waxed the entire surface, let the wax dry according to the time referenced on its bundle. 
  •  Let the wax dry according to the guidelines depicted on the wax bundle. 
  • Once the first layer has dried, use the buffer to polishing the floor.
  • Let the subsequent layer dry. 

You can repeat the buffing process multiple times since waxing with fluid wax requires more effort for the floor to be completely shining.  

And there you go, your hardwood floor is ready to rock the new look! 

How can I prolong the new-waxed hardwood floors’ shine?

How can I prolong the new-waxed hardwood floors' shine

After successfully waxing your area, we bet that your friend coming to your house will be shocked, asking, “How do you wax wood floors?” We hope that those compliments will be your motive to keep your new waxed floor clean and bright. The answer to how do you wax hardwood floors has been resolved. What about the ways of maintaining its shining beauty?

  • Refrain from over-waxing floors as it can result in wax build-up.
  • Use a dry mop and wax regularly to keep dust under control. 
  • Lay carpets at the foot of entryways close to prevent soil from following in. 
  • Lift rather than drag furniture over the waxed hardwood floors.


And that’s everything you need to know about how to wax hardwood floors. To keep your floors always looking stunning, it’s odd for the owner like you to draw in some actions. But in the end, your hard work will pay off as you can witness the like-new shine and bright hardwood floors.

If you have any concerns about how to wax hardwood floors, don’t hesitate to comment. We would love to hear your waxing story and see you on our next waxing-related article!