Floor cleaning is almost the same regardless of the surface material. Vacuuming, mopping, and wet wiping are suitable for all floor surfaces. Tiles, stone, and plastic floors are more resistant to wet. You can occasionally wipe them with a damp but dry finish. Only use the actual wet wipe when cleaning wet washrooms.  

Floor waxes prevent soiling and facilitate the removal of dirt. At the same time, they improve the appearance of the floor. Different floor materials have different substances, so read the packaging exactly where the product is intended.  

Here are the tips to keep your floor clean for a longer time: 

  • Wipe shoes before entering the home.  
  • Leave the footwear in the hallway.  
  • Put a doormat in front of the front door.  
  • Attach the felt pieces under the legs of the furniture.  
  • Protect floors with carpets where wear is heavy.  
  • Do not pull furniture and other items along the floor.  
  • Clean the wheels of items that occasionally move on wheels, such as chairs and toys.  
  • Switch between carpets and furniture in order. It allows the floor to change color evenly.  
  • Remove stains fresh.  
  • Avoid cleaning too wet.  
  • Do not spray water on the floor.  
  • Wipe off spilt liquids on the floor and melted snow from the shoes immediately.  
  • Do not stand wet items directly on the floor.  
  • Clean regularly. Debris and sand wear the floor surface.  
  • Use suitable cleaning and care agents.  
  • Do not add too many cleaning agents.  
  • Do not use abrasive substances or tools.  


Instructions for choosing a floor cleaner: 

  • Look at attaching a towel or mop. Is the mop easy to remove and install?  
  • Check that the mop’s base touches the floor when reaching out in tight spaces with the mop. This can scratch the floor.  
  • Does the washer bend below the low levels?  
  • The articulation facilitates the movement of the floor washer between and under the furniture.  
  • Check arm length. The telescopic arm can be used to adjust the length of the arm according to the user. It is suitable for the arm to reach the user’s chin.  
  • Try what the stem feels like in your hand.  
  • Evaluate the drying speed of the mop. A slow-drying mop or towel will soon start to smell stale.  
  • Disposable cleaning wipes are convenient to use but add waste and become expensive for continuous use.  
  • The versatility of the washer is an advantage.  

Keep the floor washer clean: 

  • Always service the floor washer after cleaning. This guarantees a good result.  
  • Rinse well and air dry.  
  • Wash the mop, sponge, or cloth from time to time in the washing machine. Most are machine washable at 60 degrees.  
  • The care instructions tell you, among other things, at what temperature the cleaning agent should be washed, whether bleaching or rinsing agents can be used and whether a towel or mop should be washed in a wash bag.  


A clean home starts with a Smart Mop. Simply Natural’s Flat Mop is designed to make cleaning more comfortable; it has a microfiber mop and comes with a 360-swivel handle so you can easily mop around and even under the furniture. Unlike the traditional mops, you don’t have to carry around water buckets for this flat mop as there are separate floors for clean water and wastewater.