Truly savory and flavorful spices are often hard to find when they get lost in a pantry closet or pushed to the back of an overstuffed cabinet — to the rescue comes the handy spice rack.

How To Organize Spices In Your Kitchen


With so many different types of spice racks from which to choose, it may be hard to decide on exactly the right spice rack. However, if you take into consideration your cabinet space, your spice usage and your personal style preferences, you will easily be able to find a spice rack that fits your needs. In this guide we will give you expert tips how to organize spices in your kitchen.

First, consider where you want to place your spice rack.

  • Spice Drawer Inserts are ideal for those who have like to see all of their spices simultaneously. With a spice drawer insert, you will no longer have to dig through dozens of jars and bottles to find the spice that you are looking for. All of your seasonings will be easily visible and accessible with a simple tug of the drawer.
  • Door Mounted Spice Racks are also a wonderful way to see all of your spices at the same time. Choose from wooden designs or white wire models to complement the style of your cabinetry. Door mounted spice racks are a great way to find extra cabinet space where you thought none existed.
  • Those who have extra cabinet space may want to consider Pivot Spice Racks that are mounted securely into your cabinetry and emerge smoothly for easy access.
  • Lazy Susans are also great places for storing your spices and maximizing the use of your hard to reach corner cabinetry. Simply rotate the trays to find the spice that you need. There will be no more digging through the cabinet to find the jars at the back.
  • If you have extra counter space, free-standing spice racks can be beautiful additions to your kitchen. Make sure to choose racks with stable bases and to place them in places where they will not get banged over easily. Additionally, beware of storing your spices too close to the stove, lest the vapors and steam from your cooking damage the spices’ pungency.

Second, consider your spice usage.

  • Do you use some spices more frequently than others? Are you constantly replacing your spice jars or trying out new spices? If so, consider using spice racks that will allow you to keep the spices in their original jars. In this way, pre-typed labels will not preclude you from adding new spices to your collection, and you will avoid the hassle and mess of constantly refilling the small bottles. Some door mounted spice racks allow you to set the heights of your racks so that you can accommodate jars and bottles of different sizes. Lazy Susans are also perfect for storing larger sized spice containers.
  • How do you pour your spices? Many free-standing spice racks come with bottles that have either screw tops or shakers. Consider your pouring preferences when evaluating spice racks that come with their own jars, and choose accordingly.

Finally, consider your style preferences.

  • Free-standing or wall-mounted spice racks will be visible to everyone who enters your kitchen. When finished in an attractive wood or metallic finish, they can be beautiful additions to any kitchen.
  • If you prefer to keep you countertop clutter-free, cabinet or drawer mounted spice racks may be preferable alternatives. While you can buy a spice rack to complement your cabinetry, the advantage of a hidden spice rack is that you can choose one that offers better convenience and durability as well as style.