Commonly, there are two major forms of self-cleaning ovens available such as steam and conventional high temperature. So, it is much essential to know which type of oven you have, before you try to use the self-cleaning, you need to know about its procedures.

Even some of the latest models provide each form of cleaning option within a single unit, so you can easily select which method you need to use. It does not matter the type of oven you use, but you must remove the food debris or heavy particles before you begin cleaning.

Today, most of the people are nervous about using a self-cleaning feature due to overheating. Actually, the cleaning should be fully based on your cooking habits. In fact, the splatters and often spillovers are best handled with often cleaning. Here are some basic instructions on how to use a self cleaning oven.

How To Use A Self Cleaning Oven

How To Use A Self Cleaning Oven?

Some basic advice for using the self-cleaning oven in an easy way that includes:

  • Initially, you have to remove the entire pans and foil from inside an oven, before you start cleaning.
  • Normally, you will require to remove the racks totally and then wash it individually. The metal racks will discolor as well as quite tougher to slide if you leave them in. Also, the enamel-coated racks needed to clean along with the rest of the oven.
  • It would help if you also cleaned oil or food particles as you can simply remove. By using a non-scratch spatula and you can rub it off. 
  • Lock the oven door. So, you should require to quicker it with a lever or it might lock automatically. This stops anyone from opening it during a cleaning cycle and then being flaming by heat.
  • Schedule the cleaning by using controls given. The time you select mainly depend on how dirty the oven is. Normally, two hours is more than enough for light cleaning. Three to four hours may be required for a dirty oven cleaning.
  • After then, let the oven cool after finishing the cleaning cycle. Then oven will turn off automatically, once the cleaning cycle is over. But you will not be able to open it until it cools down to normal baking temperatures.
  • Finally, wipe away the ash residues by using a damp cloth. If residue is loose, you can use your vacuum cleaner. 

When it comes to using the steam cleaning cycle, you just pour some water into the bottom of the cool oven. The manual for the owner will guide you perfectly how much to do. You just close the door and press on the clean button.

This cleaning cycle should take around less than an hour. During the cleaning process, you do not open the door even mistakenly. Once the cycle is completed, let the oven cool down thoroughly. After that, loosen the dirt by using a nylon scouring pad or scrub brush. If any, soak up the remaining water by using a cloth or sponge and then let the door open to air dry the oven for a few minutes.

If you want to do self-cleaning the oven continuously, you just wipe up the dirt minimum once per week.