A steam cleaner and a wet vac are both fantastic for carpet cleaning. Also, you don’t need to have certain skills to use them. They are relatively easy to use as any ordinary vacuum cleaner. 

When it comes to choosing one among them, it becomes difficult. It will be hard to choose for someone who doesn’t know their purposes.

Therefore, I came with a guide to these cleaners. You will get insight into a steam cleaner, a wet vac, their working, and pros and cons. I will also discuss steam cleaner vs. wet vac – which one is better? 

Were you looking for something like this? Read to the end. 

What is a Carpet Steam Cleaner?

Carpet Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is a machine, which uses tap water to produce steam. This steam is then used to clean the carpet surface. It basically uses vaporized water to free the carpet surface from dirt and debris. 

The dirt and stains, which a regular vacuum cannot remove, can be removed using a steam cleaner. You can clean different types of floors with this cleaner as well. Not only that, if you use the steam cleaner correctly, it can kill all the germs and microorganisms present on the surface. 

It is not a “without cleaning solution method” to clean the carpet. Basically, the cleaner sprays the detergent or cleaning solution on the carpet surface, activated by the steam on the carpet fibers. 

How Does it work?

If you want to deep clean your carpet using a steam cleaner, follow some simple steps to get the desired results. 

Remove the obstacles

With obstacles, I meant the furniture placed on the floor. Remove any chair or table that you think will come in your way while you clean the carpet. 

Run the vacuum

After removing obstacles, run the vacuum throughout the carpet to remove the layer of dirt. This is necessary so that the steam cleaner would focus more on deep cleaning rather than these small dust particles. 

Add water and cleaning solution

The next step will be to bring forward the steam cleaner and fill it with water and a really small cleaning solution. Don’t forget to read the directions about using it. You don’t need to use a lot of cleaning solution as it might damage the machine and your carpet. 

Begin the cleaning process

Don’t forget to read the user’s manual before using the steam cleaner. Read the instructions carefully and start cleaning from the farthest corner of the room away from the door. Eventually, move towards the door. Run the cleaner in straight lines and don’t miss any spot. 

Let it dry 

Don’t forget to open the windows before beginning the cleaning process. If the carpet is small, then move it to an aerated place. Let it dry completely, then place the furniture back on it. 

Pros and Cons


  • Steam cleaning is useful as it slays microorganisms as well, in addition to deep cleansing. 
  • It is really easy to use. 
  • A steam cleaner is convenient for hard to reach areas. 
  • It takes less time than other types of cleaners. 


  • As the steam is really hot, there are chances of getting your carpet burned. 
  • A steam cleaner is costly. 

What is a Wet Vac?

Wet Vac

A wet vac works like any ordinary vacuum cleaner. But in addition to removing dry dirt, a wet vac intakes liquid spills as well. It is really convenient to clean an area with liquid spillage. You can quickly cleanse any wet or damp area with this wet vac. 

It is made of the same three essential parts: a bucket, motor unit, and a hose. Instead of a single bucket like in ordinary vacuum cleaners, this wet vac has a two bucket system. Like any ordinary vacuum, air pressure coming from the hose creates a suction to carry the dry and liquid dirt. The liquid and dry dirt are thrown in separate collecting chambers. 

How Does it Work?

If you want to deep clean the carpet by using a wet vac, know that it is possible. You just need to put a little more effort, but the results will be worth the hassle. 

Clean the mess

Begin with the most obvious yet essential step, remove any sort of furniture or objects from the carpet. This will make the cleaning process easier for you. 

Run the vacuum cleaner

After cleaning the mess, it is important to run the vacuum cleaner to eliminate dirt and debris. This way, the process of deep cleaning will become easier for you. 

Take out the cleaning solution

Bring the cleaning solution out, mix it with water, and apply it all over the carpet. Use only a significant amount of the cleaning solution; otherwise, it will cause aggressive damage to your carpet. 

Scrub the solution 

This is an essential step. As you are not using a shampooer, so you need to scrub the solution on the carpet yourself. 

This step will utilize all your energy as you have to scrub the carpet by using a brush. Make sure to eradicate stains and dirt. 

Use the wet vac

It’s time to use the wet vac. Be careful in this step and make sure that the vacuum sucks the cleaner completely. In case the cleaner is removed thoroughly, it will damage the carpet. Clean an area repeatedly until you are sure that no chemical is left behind. 

After that, let the carpet dry and then place the furniture back on it. 

Pros and Cons


  • It cleans the area really well. 
  • A wet vac is suitable for carpets and floors.
  • Disposing of the drainage is really convenient. 
  • It contains filters that absorb debris and allergens. 


  • It is quite heavy. 
  • A wet vac might start producing a bad smell if the wet mess is not cleaned. 

Carpet Steam Cleaner vs. Wet Vac – Which one is better for carpet cleaning?

Carpet Steam Cleaner vs. Wet Vac - Which one is better for carpet cleaning?

Carpet steam cleaning uses hot water along with a cleaning solution to clean the carpet thoroughly. It cleans almost 90% of the dirt. A steam cleaner also kills bacteria and other microorganisms. 

On the other hand, Wet vac is a kind of vacuum cleaner that carries liquid spillage as well. It can be used to deep cleanse a carpet, but it works more like a carpet shampooer

Which one is better among them should not be the question here. Both of them do the cleaning but at different levels. 

For deep and thorough cleaning, you should go for a steam cleaner. It will make your carpet cleans as new. You should do steam cleaning at least once or twice a year. 

However, you can also clean the carpet using a wet vac. Apply the cleaning solution, scrub it, and clean on the go. Carpet cleaning using a wet vac is excellent if you want to give a quick wash to your carpet every month.  

Steam Cleaner Vs. Wet Vac Conclusion 

A steam cleaner and a wet vac are both incredible cleaners. If we want to choose one among carpet steam cleaner vs. wet vac, you need to consider your carpet’s situation. 

For deep cleaning, go for the carpet steam cleaner. If you want to give a regular wash to your carpet, a wet vac will do the job. 

I hope you found what you were looking for. Thanks for staying with me.

Happy cleaning!