The Best Energy Efficient Space Heaters In 2022


Normal temperature is hard to achieve with the rapid climatic change being experienced right now. Space heaters have become an integral part of our lives to contain extreme temperatures in our buildings. You need the best energy efficient space heaters in 2022 for optimum functionality.

The market offers many differentiated space heaters, some of which are inefficient. That is why you need a clear guide that will land you the most energy-efficient space heater. We compared prices, capacity, and energy consumption levels of the market’s available space heaters. We got the best ones for your use.

Below are the best energy efficient space heaters to choose from.


Best Energy Efficient Space Heaters

1. Tenergy Ceramic Heater

Tenergy Ceramic Heater


Tenergy has an auto shut off feature that allows you to save energy once the temperatures are normal. The portable heater has an adjustable thermostat that makes it the best bedroom heater. Other than your room, tenergy can be effectively used in offices.

In terms of size, it is considerably small. That is why it is easily portable. Therefore, moving around with this heater is easy. Besides, it saves space.

You also want a heater that heats fast. Tenergy does. Its impact is felt instantly after switching it on. Despite its small size, the ceramic heater is so powerful and effective.

Sometimes, you will need to adjust the device’s heating. The adjustable thermostat allows that. It has a 900W to 1500 W range for you to choose the most suitable temperature.

Room heating is essential but may offer health hazards. Other than saving energy, the auto shut off feature is a safety protection mechanism. The heater goes off once the internal temperatures reach hit 82 degrees Celsius. This averts any potential accidents.

2. Dyson AM09 Fan Heater

Dyson AM09 Fan Heater


Mostly white in color, the Dyson AM09 fan heater adds beauty to your room. Its small size makes it portable and saves you space. This is both convenient and efficient.

The Dyson heater works both ways, heating and cooling your room in equal measure. Its speed in heating is enviable in addition to a powerful cooling ability.

The heater uses air multiplier technology to work. The Amp is 153 mm wide while the base 204 mm, both in terms of diameter. This allows the heater to rest well on a flat surface without the need for support.

The energy-efficient heater allows you to set your preferred energy levels between 0 and 37 degrees. The manufacturer of this special heater had safety in mind. How? You may ask. The heater has an automatic cut out to protect you from any hazards likely to occur thanks to overheating.

The Dyson AM09 heater is meant for you if interior décor is your thing. The efficient space heater has no noticeable heating elements. Unlike other conspicuous heaters, it fits in well with other accessories.

Many space heaters come with their own shortcomings. One is poor air circulation. Yes, your room will be heated, but, you will feel chocked all through. Besides, some give out a burning smell.

The Dyson AM09 does not interfere with air circulation. Neither does it mess up with smell or make noise. When in use, you will only feel the temperatures rise or fall to your liking.

Sometimes, you need only specific parts of the house to get heated. The jet focus feature allows you to achieve that effortlessly. Not only that, it comes with remote control for adjustments in the comfort of your lounge.

Most conventional heaters come with blades and visible heating elements. The effect of that is more energy consumption, noise pollution, air interference, and other safety hazards. The fact that Dyson AM09 is built without all these means it is safer and energy-efficient.

The price is also affordable and comes with exciting offers you do not want to miss. Definitely one of the best energy efficient space heaters on the market.

3. DeLonghi Safeheat Digital Ceramic Heater

DeLonghi Safeheat Digital Ceramic Heater


This is a money and energy-saving heater. The purchase price is affordable, and it consumes less energy during use. The ceramic heater does it work with speed and safety.

Mostly black in color, the heater looks like a speaker from a distance. Its appearance makes it a must-have as it complements your house’s interior décor.

As one of the best energy-efficient space heaters in 2022, Delonghi has two control features that make it special. Other than the remote control, this heater has a digital control panel for easy selection and setting adjustments.

Some heaters are hard to use. This means you need a guide to help you navigate through the settings. The Delonghi safeheat digital ceramic heater is user-friendly and does not require any expertise. This heater gives you different heating options, including; anti-freeze, ventilation mode, and the most common one-heating. Choosing either of the three is simple. All you need is press a button.

There are three options when it comes to heating. The auto option allows the heater to establish the right temperatures to operate based on the room’s current condition. This heater makes adjustments automatically.

The other two heating options are max and min. For max, the heater warms the room fast. On the other hand, min significantly reduces energy consumption and minimizes noise.

For various reasons, the heater may fall. To prevent any further hazards, the heater goes off thanks to its tip-over switch. This is an important safety feature that protects everybody in your room against potential dangers.

4. Sure Heat Blue Flame Space Heater

Sure Heat Blue Flame Space Heater


Arguably one of the most efficient space heaters in 2022, the sure heat blue heater, has a 99% efficiency rate. This machine uses natural gas as its fuel source. Sometimes, it sources energy from liquid propane.

This combination makes it affordable and sustainable. Besides, it is energy-friendly and adhering to safety standards.

The most amazing part is its capacity. This heater can warm air up to 1000 sq. Meters. It is interesting how it does so. First, Sure Heat Blue Flame heats the air then proceeds to warm the surrounding objects.

Buyers prefer to plug and play devices. This amazing heater is to buy and go. It is easy to install and use. Depending on your reservations, you may choose to mount the heater on the wall or rest it on a raised floor support.

To get your appliance working, assembly is required. Also, you get a one-month warranty. Besides, there are no batteries needed for the heater to work.

5. Cadet Portable Garage Heater

Most Efficient Space Heaters


This heater is meant for shop and garage owners. The Cadet portable garage heater has a high/low switch that allows the user to choose the amount of watt they want the heater to operate. Once the temperatures go up excessively, the automatic shutoff feature comes to play. This minimizes accidents and potential hazards considering garages are high-risk areas.

Although this heater uses a lot of energy, its efficiency remains high considering the output. If you keep in mind garage conditions, you will agree with me a lot of cooling and heating is required.

The cadet portable garage heater has a fan for continued air circulation even as heating takes place. Besides, the heater has mounting features to allow easy setting high up on walls. Not only that. The heater is well designed to support itself in case you don’t like it up mounted.

Most cadet heaters are red in color with black finishing. They are portable and relatively light to carry around. You do not require any batteries for its functionality.

6. Life Smart Infrared Electric Heater

the best space heaters energy efficient


Most heaters provide the warmth you need. Their only shortcoming is the feel of their heat. It is unnatural and unconducive. Life smart infrared electric heater gives a natural and conducive warmth. This brings comfort and ambiance to your room.

You will not need air conditioning all day every day. That is why this heater is built with a 12-hour timer. The start and stop timer allow you to save energy. The heater goes off when not needed.

The remote control is a feature most modern heaters have, and this is no exemption. Furthermore, the heater is well designed to match your house’s interior theme. Not only that, Life smart infrared has a quiet fan that ensures there is air circulation. It does so with minimum sound interruption.

Perhaps you might have noticed a choking feel once some heaters go on. The reason is simple. These heaters circulate air, whether clean or contaminated. The Life smart infrared heater first purifies the air using its air filter feature before circulating it.

It would be unwise to buy a heater that does not reach all corners of your house. The Life Smart infrared heater spreads warmth to every point of your house. On top of that, the heater has three heat categories for you to choose from. All three are environment-friendly.

This energy-efficient heater works without altering humidity levels or even oxygen concentration in the house. You will rarely notice its presence, but you will feel its soft warming effects. Definitely one of the best energy efficient space heaters on the market.

Buying Guide: Settling For The Most Efficient Space Heaters

Settling For The Most Efficient Space Heaters

Input determines output. A lot goes into play between when power enters into a space heater and when the appliance warms or cools the house.

The size of the heater, your source of power, and the intensity applied in heating the air are the major efficiency determinants. Although, energy efficiency does not rely on these three as the only units of measurement.


Size of the Heater

It is common sense that the bigger the heater, the more the energy consumption. It is therefore wise to settle for smaller heaters.

A bigger heater simply means additional features to power. Besides, bigger heaters tend to be more manual. Smaller heaters tend to be more advanced in technology. Therefore, use lesser control with a higher output ratio.


Different heaters have varying degrees of portability. While some heaters can be mounted on walls, others cannot. It is possible to move some heating appliances from one location to another while it is impossible or inconvenient to move others.

Portable heaters are more convenient and energy-efficient. Portability, size, and efficiency go together.
Perhaps you’re wondering what portability has to do with energy efficiency. Well, portable devices tend to be smaller in size. This means lesser energy consumption, although not in all cases.


While efficiency in humans is measured with time, it is the ratio of output to input in machines. When thinking about an energy-efficient heater, consider the output about input.

A heater that uses a lot of energy to give a high output may be more efficient than one that uses less energy to produce less. At all times, ensure you choose the least consuming heater. Although, it is essential to compare the amount consumed to the output to be better advised.

Safety features

A heater, just like any other electrical appliance, is likely to be defective. This is true without taking anything way from the manufactured. After all, any man-made item is imperfect.

Safety features are there to protect you in case of any default. Besides, these features offer protection and ensure you are exposed to the least hazards possible.
The more the safety features, the more suitable the heater is to you. Auto shut off in case of extreme temperatures is one of the important features to look out for.

As much as you would want your heater automatic, having the power to control your device also minimizes the chances of accidents occurring. Remote control and other advanced features are important things to consider.


How much control do you have over your heater? How wide are your options? Settings should give you as many options as possible.

The weather today swings to extremes in minutes, and this may give you problems. You, therefore, want a heater that allows you to adjust fast according to the changes taking place.

Energy-saving features

It is not just about the heater’s efficiency; how much freedom does it give you to save more energy? It is essential to look out for energy-saving features like a thermostat, remote control, timer, ability to program, and many others.

This allows you to get your devices off when you do not need them or when outside your house.

For instance, when living in a many roomed house, how decentralized is the heater. Does it allow you to switch off the heaters in the other rooms? If so, then you may have to buy that heater.

Essential Factors to Keep in Mind

Space size – You cannot buy just any type of heater. The appliance must have the capacity to match the work at hand. Go for more powerful heaters when you have a bigger room to heat.

A big space may require you to buy a heater that allows mounting. Some heaters lack mounting features. Buying such big rooms will disappoint you.

According to our research, your seller will provide you with details of how far your heater will warm the room. Some buyers ignore these details and end up with unmet expectations. We do not want the same to happen to you.

We believe matching your room space with the right heater will achieve your better results.

Options – Well, it is advisable to go shopping with the exact item you want to buy in mind. The only problem is the dynamic marketplace. It is almost impossible to find the exact product as you wanted it. That is why you need to be open-minded.

Now, open-mindedness doesn’t mean buying just anything the market advice. The best thing to do is to know your options. Mastering what options allows you to settle for the right alternatives.

Once you know what suits your space, finding out the alternatives available in the market will save you energy and time.

Evaluate your options and only make a purchase once you’re certain that is the better option. This article has highlighted the best energy efficient space heaters options for you in 2022.

How to Efficiently Use Your Space Heater

How to Efficiently Use Your Space Heater


The first step to a successful appliance application is mastery of the instructions. Once you have the details with you, it is now time to start exploring.

Know what should be done when what happens. Not only that, in case of an accident, what should you do? Who should you call for assistance in case you are in need of assistance?

Most buyers overlook this guide. Remember, different products have different advanced features, which only the guide can explain better.

We believe every provider knows what you need when they write these guides. That is why we advise you not to skip any detail.

Select heating method

Various heaters come with different heating methods. This selection alone has the power to decide the level of energy efficiency your heater achieves.

For instance, imagine having all your rooms heated when you only spend time in a single room. Wouldn’t that be a waste of energy?

Deciding to heat occupied rooms alone and only when necessary will save you thousands of pounds annually you’d have spent paying for electricity bills.

Maximize on heating controls

Heating controls are made to improve your user experience. If well utilized, it will save you energy, time, and money. It will also protect you from potential safety threats. Below are some of the controls you must utilize.

Remote control

Imagine leaving your seat every time to adjust your heater. It is tiring, boring and inconvenient, especially when you are busy doing your things. Remote control comes in handy. It allows you to switch the heater into a setting of your preference.


This is another important feature you could maximize on. With a timer, you can arrange for your heater to go off or turn on at specific times. This will save you a considerable amount of energy.

Thermostatic valves

As much as you would love a centrally controlled heater, a thermostat allows you to decentralize control. This is effective, especially in cases where only a few of your many rooms are often used.

Tips for positioning your products

Heater positioning is critical. It must be conventional. For example, you cannot keep a heater meant to be kept outside in your house. Another example of dispositioning is using a garage heater inside your single room. You will burn yourself.

New purchases come with guides. The best thing to do is to follow the step by step instructions.

Imagine what would happen if you used a kerosene powered heater in the kitchen. There is a risk of a fire break out. It is, therefore, essential to evaluate the likely risks before making the decision to position your heater.

Some heating appliances are not meant for mounting. Having such heaters in workplaces may not be a good idea. It is likely to inconvenience you, other staff, and even cause accidents.

Best Energy Efficient Space Heaters Bottom Line

It is not possible to give you a specific product name because different buyers have varying needs. The best we did was give you a list to choose from based on your particular needs. Ensure you select the energy-efficient heater that’s a perfect fit for your needs. Adjustability, portability, capacity, safety features, and effectiveness should also advise your final decision. You also have a responsibility to control your device’s efficiency level. We encourage you to make use of your heater’s controls to manage power consumption. Durability is also essential but will depend on how well you maintain your space heater.



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